10 best shoulder exercises for definition

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Published: May 20, 2020

Are you looking into some amazing arm and shoulder workouts? Want to learn about the best shoulder exercises for the definition? You are in luck because DubaiPT is here for you with this! Today, we take a look at the 10 best exercises you can do to boost your arm and shoulder definition!

1. Seated dumbbell press is an easy starter exercise

Seated dumbbell press is a good exercise because you do not need too much to do it properly. All you really need is a barbell and a pair of dumbbells! Of course, you will need a surface to sit on – preferably a bench. Sitting down will help you isolate the shoulder motion and only work on these.

You do not need much equipment for good exercise!

What’s more, this exercise is great because it will give you the freedom to handle a lot of weight, but also work with dumbbells. You get a full range of motion – from low to high, because your feet are not working here, but your deltoids. This is what makes seated dumbbell press one of the best arm workouts for women!

2. From there, move on to the barbell standing press

This is a staple exercise, as well as one of the best shoulder exercises for definition. You will learn it in many boxing classes Dubai for gentlemen – and anywhere you go looking to get your muscles defined. It targets your shoulders primarily but also works your whole body.

If you want to build mass, this is your exercise, too! It will strengthen your core muscles and build up your strength. You will also need to work on your stability until you achieve the perfect form. This is one it is one of the first exercises you need to look into. After it – everything else will be easy!

3. Lateral raise is one of the best shoulder exercises for definition

This is the one exercise that will cause challenges. If you do it slowly, then it is going to hurt. However, it is through this hurt that you will be building your shoulder definition. This exercise will help you isolate the medial part of your deltoid with ease, and this is what makes is one of the best! However, it’s important to keep in mind that you should probably use a lighter weight and higher reps when doing them. It will be tough – but the payoff will be amazing!

4. Arnold press has a fun name – and is a great exercise!

This type of press got its name after Mr. Schwarzenegger, and it will hit you hard when you rotate at the end of one of the best shoulder exercises for definition. However, if you want to be defined as the actor-turned-governor, then you have to do it! What this exercise is, basically, is a regular press you know and love, with a little adjustment to target your anterior deltoids in just the right way.

Schwarzenegger star
He’s got a star and an exercise with his name!

5. Let the bent-over reverse fly hurt you well!

The bent-over reverse fly is another lateral raise variant that made our best shoulder exercises for the definition! The reason is simple – just like all of our amazing bench press workouts, it will make you work for your definition – but repay you a lot! It will get you working on both your shoulders and your back muscles.

When you want to target the posterior deltoid, then this is for you! If you want to work on your movements instead of being stable, then you can place the bench at 45 degrees, and then do the movement while you are face down on it. This will build your shoulders in no time!

6. The half-kneeling arch row is for your glutes and abs

You start this exercise with your left knee on the ground and working with a light resistance band. This way, you are not only going to be building your definition but also engaging your glutes and abs. From there, you straighten your right arm and look at it, while keeping your right arm straight and back muscles tight.

Then, bring your left hand close to your right elbow while pulling the band apart with your right hand. It is as if you are pulling a bow – from which the exercise got its name! This works your back and shoulders as you squeeze them and bend your elbow.

7. The upright row is another one of the best shoulder exercises for definition

The upright row will also help you build mass with ease. If you want to work your deltoids, then you get your elbows higher than your hand while doing the upright row. However, this is not the only thing you will work on – the exercise also targets your traps. Moves similar to this will benefit from heavier fare than the raises. Thus, you will get fewer reps and bigger weight – working out the delts.

8. Front raises are for those who feel short-changed in the front

A front raise is an exercise you want to do when you want to target your front deltoids hard. Usually, you are already doing exercises for them, while ignoring or focusing less on the lateral and posterior ones. But if you think that you need to hit your anterior deltoids, then this is the perfect choice for you! And once more, you will want low weights with high reps to get the maximum!

9. Incline bench combo L-to-lateral raise brings dumbbells back into the fold

Similar to what you did in the bent-over reverse fly, you will want to lie down on an incline bench set to a 45-degree angle. Then, you will want to tighten your core, glutes and your shoulder blades, while raising both arms out to the sides quickly. Then, lower them down and repeat, pausing at the top of the motion. To end, lift the arms in an L shape – one to the top and one to the side, and repeat once more.

a girl on a bench
Benches will always be our great friends for exercise!

10. Kettlebell single-arm press is the last of our best shoulder exercises for definition

To end this, you stand with your feet shoulder-width apart with a kettlebell in your arms. Keep it in front of your shoulder with your palm in. Make sure your elbow is tucked, while the weight is resting on the top of your forearm. Pressing it straight up and rotating your arm, you will get your palm to face forward. By doing this a number of times, you will be working for your muscles group and get a good shoulder definition.

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