10 health benefits of playing water polo

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Published: January 5, 2020

In this day and age, we have such a wide array of sports you can do. Given how much the health and fitness industry has grown, you can basically choose to do any physical activity and sport. This will greatly depend on what type of results you wish to achieve. It depends whether you wish to become an athlete, or just to have a healthy lifestyle. Still, there are some sports that are able to create amazing results, as well as allow for a simple healthy lifestyle. Some can do it all. This is why we will be discussing the health benefits of playing water polo.

man playing water polo
The number of health benefits this sport has is amazing.

This sport is, bar none, one of the most complete sports out there. It is extremely healthy, it gets the blood flowing, it’s amazing for your back and it gets every single muscle in your body moving and working. Furthermore, it is very fun and addictive, and almost all the people I know that have tried it confirm this statement. Once you start doing water polo – you do not want to stop. It was and remains one of the best fat burning workouts for men, which makes it attractive to many beginners.

The many health benefits of playing water polo

You must have heard just how healthy is to go swimming. This is, probably, the best possible workout, bar none. It engages the entirety of your body, and all parts of your bodywork equally. This is one of the most important health benefits of playing water polo, and swimming in general. However, it is important to note that, compared to swimming, you do much more in water polo. It trains your mind, eye-hand coordination, and upper body strength even further. You are not only swimming when playing water polo. You are hurling the ball, you are doing swimming sprints and you are wrestling in the water.

group of men playing water polo
Water polo is much more than swimming. You have ball throwing, wrestling, sprinting, and much more.

This is something that is not that easy to do. But the benefits of engaging in this type of physical activity are exponential. And the more you are in the sport – the benefits grow and become even more visible and noticeable.

Water sports are generally amazing for your body

Any swimming activity is great for you, as often as you can do it. Every single muscle in your body is working, almost equally, allowing you to grow and spread equally all over. Your back will be stronger. The health benefits of playing water polo are extremely important for those who normally have back problems. It will reinforce the muscles in your back, making sure you are in less pain. This can be noticed very soon after you start this sport.

One of the most important health benefits of playing water polo is that it will protect your spine

If you have any type of spine injury, water polo will help with that. There is no work out better for your spine problem than that in a pool. Of course, you might have to tone it down a bit with the water wrestling. But this is something you have to share with other members of the team in the pool, just to let them know to go a bit easier on you in this segment. On another note, you could always be the goal man.

This will induce far less water wrestling, and you will still have all the benefits of this water sport.

It will be ever so kind to your joints

If you have joint pain or previous joint injuries – the pool is the place for you. Another thing you can do is water aerobics Dubai, but this is if your joint pain is simply too overwhelming to immediately start playing water polo. Otherwise, you will not only avoid joint pain, but you will also start building muscles around the joints, making it easier to go day by day. This is near the top of the list of health benefits of playing water polo.

Your hand-eye coordination will be amazing

Water polo is a lot about coordination, self-awareness, and speed. But, one of the very important skills that you are able to build in the pool is hand-eye coordination. Watching water polo is one thing, but playing it is a totally different ball game. Even though it doesn’t seem this way, it is one of the most difficult sports out there. Being able to aim the ball, get the momentum to throw it and keep yourself above the water surface is an amazing feat. You will learn a lot about this once you start playing it.

It’s great for shoulder injuries

Given the complexity of a shoulder injury, you might not be able to immediately start playing water polo. But this will be the objective you are going towards. The first thing you should start with is swimming, and gradually make your way towards water polo. This type of training is also to be one of the best arm workouts for women. But, it’s no different for men either. Just be able to understand the complexity of your injury in order not to make it worse.

woman swimming
With some shoulder injuries, it is better to first start with swimming.

Among the important health benefits of playing Waterpolo is that it will force a good diet

Believe it or not, there is no workout in the world that opens up a good appetite like swimming and water polo. This is both good and bad. It is your responsibility to, when this appetite opens, eat healthy foods and not junk food. For me, water polo has always been motivating me to do better when it comes to food. This is because you can often soon see the results of this sport. Train hard, eat well!

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