10 metabolism-boosting foods

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Published: February 17, 2020

There are certain types of food that contain specific nutrients that boost the body’s metabolism. By eating these types of food, people are able to shed excess weight and reduce the risk of obesity and related health issues. In case you are not familiar with any of these, we are going to present to you 10 metabolism-boosting foods.

The first on the list are eggs

One of the best options for boosting your metabolism are foods rich in protein. For this reason, eggs are an ideal choice for people who would like to achieve this goal. According to some researches, people who consumed 29% of their daily calories as protein had a higher metabolic rate in comparison to those who consumed as much as 11% of total calories from protein.

Another of the 10 metabolism-boosting foods are flaxseeds

People usually consume flaxseed for their health benefits. As a matter of fact, flaxseeds contain not only protein but also vitamins and other key nutrients. To be more precise, these can help you treat or protect you against autoimmune diseases, arthritis, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular disease, and many others. Of course, if you add the best morning exercise to boost your metabolism, it will be a win-win situation.

Flaxseeds is one of the top 10 metabolism-boosting foods

You should also consume more lentils

Another functional food that can help you boost your metabolism are lentils. According to several types of research, eating lentils and other legumes like peas and beans can play a vital role in preventing and treating metabolic syndrome. They are rich in protein and have good amounts of fiber that feed beneficial bacteria in the gut. You can also do some exercises to lose belly fat and you will reach your goal in no time.

Chili peppers are great for your metabolism

You have maybe already heard that meals with fresh or dried chili peppers are one of the top 10 metabolism-boosting foods. This is certainly true and it also has another benefit- weight management. To be more precise, a compound in peppers, called capsaicin, helps the body to burn approximately 50 extra calories per day. By consuming chili peppers and including aerobic exercise, you will get in shape and boost metabolic rate.

Ginger should also be part of your daily meals

Ginger is beneficial to your body in many ways. For example, it can increase your body temperature and metabolic rate and help you control your appetite. According to a review of studies from 2018, ginger has a great effect on weight loss and on increasing HDL, or, ‘good’ cholesterol.

Ginger - among 10 metabolism-boosting foods
Consummation of ginger has many benefits for your body

In addition to this, it also has anti-inflammatory properties. So, if you would like to boost your immune system alongside your metabolism, make sure you include consuming ginger on a daily basis.

Green tea is also among 10 metabolism-boosting foods

In recent years, green tea has received plenty of attention. The reasons for this are several. For example, the consummation of green tea can be very helpful when it comes to anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer effects, antioxidant properties, antimicrobial activity and it also has benefits for hearth and oral health. There was a study in 2013 which included 63 people with type 2 diabetes. They were drinking 4 cups of tea daily and the results were that their body weight reduced as well as their waist size, body mass index, and systolic body pressure.

Drinking coffee can also help your metabolism

Thanks to its caffeine content, coffee can stimulate metabolism. However, increased metabolism is only one of its benefits. Namely, caffeine intake has a stimulating effect on energy expenditure. Of course, this does not mean that you should drink too much of it since this can have some contraindications. Also, decaffeinated coffee does not have the same metabolism-boosting effects. So, if you want to achieve this, make sure you do not drink decaffeinated coffee or to add cream or sugar. This will only increase its calorie content and will not be that beneficial.

Eating Brazil nuts is great for your health

This is one of the 10 metabolism-boosting foods that are rich with selenium. This mineral is essential for metabolism, reproduction and immune function. Also, Brazil nuts contain protein and healthful fats that make people feel fuller. However, as with all the other foods aforementioned, you should avoid eating too many Brazil nuts. Eat only a few of them on a daily basis.

Broccoli – amount 10 metabolism-boosting foods

Broccoli is great for your metabolism because it contains a substance named glucoraphanin. This is a substance that lowers blood fat levels and reduces the risk of many age-related diseases.

broccoli  great food for boosting your mehabolism
Eating broccoli is also great for boosting your metabolism

Of course, in addition to this, broccoli can ‘retune’ metabolism. For this reason, it is a good idea to grow broccoli on your own and you will always have it at hand.

Include dark, leafy green vegetables into your meals

Thanks to their iron content, vegetables such as spinach and kale may boost your metabolism. In order for your body to absorb iron better, it is advisable to pair leafy green vegetables with a source of vitamin C. In addition to this, you should know that vegetables of this kind also provide good amounts of magnesium. This is yet another mineral that supports metabolic function and is important for over 300 other processes in our body.

Here you have had a chance to see the list of 10 metabolism-boosting foods. Now, the only thing you should do is to try to consume as many of them as you can. Of course, in addition to this, you should drink enough water, be active and get enough sleep.

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