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Published: September 28, 2019

There are many reasons why one person might decide to embark on a fitness journey. From a fitter and more toned body to improved health, the truth is that a good workout routine can have amazing effects on our overall quality of life. That’s why whether you decide to embark on your journey alone or do it with the help of a fitness trainer Dubai based, you should do your best to coordinate your routine with the results you want to achieve. And the first step to doing that is defining what are the most important fitness goals for you. We’ll bring you a list of the 10 most common and best reasons why people take up fitness. You’ll tell us whether you are among them.

Most important fitness goals – the countdown

Just know that these goals are here for your convenience. They serve as a pathway to a better life – a life of health and endurance. And these are the goals that both male and female fitness trainers abide by, so why shouldn’t you?

A person making a list of the most important fitness goals.
Setting goals is something we do throughout life – so why shouldn’t it be the same when it comes to fitness?

1. Be in it for the long run

Fitness should be a lifetime commitment. A lot of people spend hours at the gym, mixing in an aerobic exercise routine with powerlifting. And that’s all good – as long as it doesn’t lead to burnout. Fitness shouldn’t be something you do to get your summer body ready – it’s a lifestyle you should commit to every day of your life.

2. Have a good nutrition plan

Being on a healthy diet should not be only one of the most important fitness goals – it should be one of the most important life goals. While your diet will mainly depend on the reason why you are working out, both female and male fitness trainers will recommend the same – incorporate more fruits, vegetables, and protein into your diet. Good diet leads to decreased risks for a lot of different diseases, so it’s a must in your day to day life.

3. Being consistent should be one of your most important fitness goals

It’s easy to start going to the gym, but it’s not so easy to continue doing it for a long period of time. That’s why one of the most important fitness goals is to simply show up for your workouts. You can alter your routine with time and add or extract different exercises, but you just have to keep going. If it helps, working out as a couple or with a friend seems to be an efficient way to keep up your motivation. So why not try it the next time you hit the gym?

A calendar.
Try to commit to your fitness journey all year round.

4. Monitoring your vital statistics is one of the most important fitness goals

Blood pressure, cholesterol, resting heartbeat, and blood sugar are aspects of your health that should constantly be in check. As we get older, the numbers for these vital functions start to deteriorate. And in a lot of cases, they are good indicators when a more threatening disease is sneaking upon us. That’s why you should make it your goal to keep these stats in check – no matter how young you think you are at the moment.

5. Be patient

This one turns out to be particularly difficult for people all around the world. Being patient and waiting to see good results seems like something that’s so easy to do. Yet, a lot of people have a problem doing it. For that reason, once you take up fitness, one of your main goals should be to just remain patient. Don’t expect to see results overnight – good things take time. Just imagine what you will look like and feel like six months from now and that should be reason enough to keep working hard.

6. One of the most important goals is to actually set realistic goals

Sure, we would all love to have a body that could grace the covers of different fitness magazines. But that’s not really a realistic goal, now is it? That’s why we here at DubaiPT always help our clients set realistic goals, as well as set a time limit during which that goal should be achieved. Once you manage to do it, you should proceed to set another small goal. The sky is the limit.

7. Do something you are not comfortable with from time to time

Make no mistake – we are by no means suggesting that you should force yourself to do something you absolutely hate. But it’s a fact that you should get out of your comfort zone from time to time. Whether that means you’ll have to start going to the gym when you have a phobia of other people looking at you while you workout or it means taking up a sport you thought you are too old for, it’s always a good idea to push your own boundaries. You’ll be thanking yourself after a while.

A white alarm clock.
Always set long term and short term goals.

8. It’s more important to focus on health rather than looks

Ah, the question as old as time – am I working out to look better or feel better? The answer is simple – while you should care about what you look like, the main reason why you decide to workout should be to improve and maintain your health. And we are not referring just to physical health – there are a lot of mental health benefits of working out that will make your life much better. Once the mind and body are in sync, there isn’t anything you can’t achieve.

9. Improving your immune system should be among the most important fitness goals

Improving your immune system should, without a doubt, be one of your most important fitness goals. Our immune system helps us fight different diseases and serves as a shield from different bacteria. The good news? Studies show that regular physical exercise actually boosts our immune systems. Do you really need any additional reason to become a regular at the gym?

10. Working on your flexibility and balance is always a good idea

Finally, we came to the last, but certainly not least goal on our list of the most important fitness goals. It’s a known fact that as we get older, we start to lose our flexibility and balance. Later on, that leads to a lot of complications, like broken bones, joint injuries, and muscle tears. Why would you deal with all of that when there’s a way to avoid it? With the right exercises, you can successfully target these two aspects that are so important for a healthy life. And if long and quality life isn’t motivation enough for you to start working out ASAP, we don’t know what is.

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