10 Secrets of healthy aging

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Published: November 19, 2019

There are good news and bad news. The bad ones are that we are all going to age. Our bodies will lose some of their vitality over the years. Our skin will wrinkle, our bones will weaken, etc… There is, however, good news. We are all going age! Yes, all of us. And you will not be near the first and (hopefully) not even close to the last person that will go through this process called the golden ages or the third age. This means that, over the untold centuries, there were secrets of healthy aging that were developed and kept. Because so many people went through the process, there is now so much information on how to do it properly. So, let’s begin

Let us reveal the secrets of a healthy aging

Most people will say that there is not much to the secrets of healthy aging. Just hire a male or female physical trainer and get to work. Eat healthily, and you will live to see a hundred! But they are wrong.

Let us reveal the secrets of healthy aging
No fountain of youth, we are afraid, but the golden age awaits you

Since people have long ago lost hope of finding the fountain of youth, they were busy perfecting the ways to age gracefully and healthy. Let us list them for you.


1. Travel more – This is one of the secrets of healthy aging you’ll like the most

When one grows older, life should get slower. Unfortunately, not everybody can adapt to the lack of things to do. If you are one such person, you are in luck as we have a perfect thing for you. You should try traveling! There are many good reasons why you should do this, and we pointed out the three most important ones.

Travel more
Use to golden age to travel the world
  • Benefits of new experiences. One of the most important secrets of healthy aging you will learn is that the third age is not the time to sit around doing nothing. You should try to get new experiences. Seeing what tourism in Kuwait options is there to you is a good first step.
  • Healthier environments. Traveling is also a great way to move, at least temporarily, to healthier environments. It will help you stay healthy even at a late age. Be it fresh mountain air or the calm seas of tropical islands, you need it and have earned it!
  • Simply – relax. And best of all, it allows you to relax. To get away from the hassles of everyday life. Self-care is very important at a late age, and you should try your best to stay relaxed.

2. Keep your muscles strong

Vegetables and fruits! This is what you need. You need potassium to keep your muscle mass ready for boxing classes Dubai for gentlemen. And, if you are not a fan of such sports and don’t have that much muscle anyway, you should still definitely do it. Around 4 pounds of muscle mass will be lost each decade after your 65th birthday. Don let that happen.

3. Vitamin B

As you age, your brain is in danger of many things. Having B12 in your system will be one of your best bets to defend it. As you grow older, your body will have a harder time absorbing it, so you will need to eat a lot more seafood.

4. Socializing and interacting with outer people is an important secret of healthy aging

Do not be alone! This is one of the great dangers of late age. Isolation.  Therefore, you should do anything in your power to avoid this. Go out to the places where seniors in your community meet. Be it chess matches in the park or book clubs or such things.

Have company!

Whatever it is. While exercises like arm workouts for women are obviously very important, this is of great importance as well. Studies have proven that you need friends your age to help you stay happy and healthy.

5. Vitamin D

Again, no fountain of youth was ever found, but vitamin D is close. It comes from fish, eggs, milk, and (surprisingly) sunlight. So eat those things and head out once in a while!

6. Reduce red meat

Red meat is never good for you, but its bad effects are especially bad when you enter your late years. We know that adjusting your diet is not easy, but one of the great secrets of healthy aging still takes some sacrifice. So be sure to cut it out!

7. Meditate more

You should definitely take more “me time“. Meditation is a great way to achieve this. Be sure to find good meditation for you. Furthermore, Yoga trainers in Dubai are of great use when you are trying to find a way to feel better in your body and mind!

8. Regular workouts are one of the top secrets of healthy aging

Simple as that. It doesn’t matter what, not really. While there are some exercises that are better for you than others, what matters is that you are doing some physical activity that will keep your body engaged. If, however, you are searching for a specific workout we recommend, cycling has proven to be good for the elderly!

9. Read more

You can use B12 to keep your brain intact, but the mind tends to dull out if you don’t use it too often. This is especially true when you get older.

Reading is among top secrets of healthy aging
A lot of beautiful books are waiting for you

Be sure to read as much as possible. It will be a whetstone for your mind (as one of the characters of Winds of Ice and Fire by George R.R. Martin points out… maybe you should read that – if you have the stomach for it).

Final tip – stay positive!

One final of all the secrets of healthy aging is this – stay positive. And no, this is not something we just made up. There are relevant scientific studies that point to a positive outlook producing a better quality of life, therefore resulting in longer and healthier lives.

So avoid bad thoughts and actions. Let go of the things you find to be toxic for you. You have reached the age where things that bother you should simply not be present anymore, and if they are, you should move on and ignore them. Leading positive late years will make all of your hard work throughout your life worth it!

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