10 simple tips to stay healthy & fit in 2021

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Published: January 24, 2021

Holidays are over. That means it’s time to start thinking about health and fitness once again. The year 2020 was very out of the ordinary for all of us. Because of that, many people didn’t have the opportunity to train or eat the way they used to. Unfortunately, that means that many of us just aren’t as healthy and as fit as we used to be. Luckily, combating all the inactivity and emotional snacking isn’t as hard as it sounds. If you organize your days well and put in a little extra effort you can get back into shape. However, these tips can be useful even to those who managed to stay on top of their game in 2020 and are looking to stay healthy & fit in 2021, too. Hiring a great DubaiPT to whip you in shape is definitely one option, however, there are many small changes you can make yourself.

Decide to get or stay healthy & fit in 2021

Before making any changes you have to be sure that’s what you want. Lazying around and munching on pizza is much easier than running and drinking a lot of water for sure. That said if you’re unsure that you’re ready, making changes can be hard. Just think how tempting it can be to say no to Chinese takeout and movies with your partner. Even if it’s only been a few weeks around the holidays, getting back to your healthy routine can be hard. Because of that, the first thing you have to do is have a little chat with yourself. You’re doing this for your health and your body. Don’t feel sorry for yourself, these healthy habits will pay off down the road.

A woman doing crunches.
Getting and staying fit and healthy during a pandemic can be hard, however, it’s doable!

1. Get moving

As a human, you should always be moving to stay healthy. Unfortunately, with pandemic on top of modern-day jobs, being active has been particularly hard lately. However, you can make yourself more active even if you can’t go to the gym right now. Here are a few easy ways how you can be more active:

  • Get a standing desk if you work from home
  • Do more housework
  • Walk around your house or apartment while talking on the phone or listening to a podcast
  • Do Zumba, yoga, or any other workout you enjoy alongside a YouTuber you like
  • Go running in nature
  • Jump rope in your home or a park
  • Learn a new form of dance on your own from YouTube
  • Enroll in an online exercise class

2. Get your family and pets involved in your plan to be healthy and fit in 2021

It’s easy to slack off if the rest of your household is not on board with your health plan. That’s why you should get your whole family in on it. There are ways to even make exercise fun for kids. Get dancing around the room or go on a hike with your whole family and your pet. As long as you all enjoy it you’ll be able to stick to it. There are also ways to make healthy food absolutely delicious! Help your partner understand why this is important to you. That way you can combine your forces and get kids involved. Doing things together is so much more fun!

3. Adjust your diet to your activity level

One of the main reasons why people gain weight is because they keep the same caloric intake even after they stop being active as much. There are two ways to stop the weight gain in this case. One is to become more active and the other is to come up with a low activity diet plan. This, of course, doesn’t mean that you have to starve yourself. What more, starving can seriously backfire. You just have to calculate how much you’re burning off and then calculate how much you should be eating. If you put some time in to plan healthy meals you’ll be able to both lose weight and enjoy your food.

4. Experiment to find what works for you

You should always be learning about yourself. And since we’re locked in a lot more than ever before, 2021 is the perfect time to learn about ourselves. Experiment with food, hobbies, and workouts. You can try keto, salsa dancing, female and male fitness trainers. You never know what might work for your fitness and your health in 2021. One of these might be your new favorite. Experiment!

5. Be mindful of what liquids you’re taking in

Iced tea, soda, milkshakes, and sweet milky coffees are so yummy! Unfortunately, they’re not very healthy and can be very calorically dense. Even though these are great in moderation you should stay away from them on daily basis. Opt for pure or flavored water, tea, or sparkling water with fruit instead. Coffee is also a great option, however, too much caffeine can be harmful as well.

A hand holding a glass of water with lemons and cucumbers.
Try cutting back on unhealthy drinks and drinking more water and tea!

6. Take care of your posture

Since the beginning of the pandemic, a lot of us have been sitting a lot more. Especially since we’ve been working from home. That means that we’ll be sporting a serious nerd neck and back pain in no time. Luckily there are many ways to mitigate the effects of work-induced neck and back pain. There are easy exercises you could and should do daily to avoid getting back and neck pain.

7. Spend more time in nature

Being around people is still not advisable. However, going on a hike in nature where it’s just you, maybe your family, and a lot of trees, sun, and fresh air is a great way to get your oxygen and vitamin D fix. On top of that, moving in fresh air is a great way to get your circulation going.

8. Make sure that you’re sleeping enough

This might seem silly, but you can’t be healthy and fit if you’re not sleeping enough. Not only is your brain slower if you’re not rested enough, but your metabolism, too! If you wish to get or stay in shape you should be sleeping enough. However, every person is different and 7 hours might be enough for you while someone else might need 9 to feel well-rested and refreshed. Listen to your body and try to adopt good sleep hygiene as well.

9. Take care of your mental health

The mind is easy to overlook when talking about health and fitness. However, it is an absolutely integral part of health and fitness. Working on your mental health can be a game-changer. We all know how easy it is to slip into unhealthy habits when you’re not feeling okay. That’s why you should put mental health high on your priority list and dedicate as much time as needed to it.

A woman relaxing in a field.
Taking care of your mental health is a precursor to being physically fit and healthy!

10. No matter how committed you are to staying healthy and fit in 2021 you should also give yourself time to unwind and indulge

Once you get going it’s easy to overdo health and fitness. I’ll cut a bit more food over here. I’ll go for another run. And before you know it you’re undereating, obsessively counting calories, and feeling horrible if you skip a workout. In order for that not to happen, you should give yourself enough breaks and time to unwind. Having goals and sticking to healthy habits is great, but obsessing over them can be very unhealthy. Make sure to be lenient with yourself and enjoy some cake and lazy evenings here and there, too.

You can get or stay healthy & fit in 2021 if you put your mind to it

Finding male or female fitness trainers in Dubai, whichever you prefer, is a great way to get or stay healthy & fit in 2021. However, only you can decide to change yourself. Even by implementing the smallest changes, you’ll be able to see huge improvements to your health and fitness. Follow these simple tips to healthy living and you’ll feel, healthy, refreshed, and fit in no time!


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