10 Surprising household items you can use to workout

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Published: August 13, 2019

Look, we get it. Yes, working out is important, but sometimes, people simply don’t have time to go to the gym or run a few circles around the block or a nearest sports center. Furthermore, we live in a busy time and if you want to be productive you need the ability not only to work from home but also, at least occasionally, workout from home. This is why we made this list of household items you can use to workout.

Like, at this very moment you are literary sitting at one, and we guarantee you are quite seriously surrounded by the other. Don’t believe us? Well, better read more!

Surprising household items you can use to workout?

Many wish to workout from home, and can you blame them? With the heat of the outside and hours lost to working and traveling to and from the gym, why not try to make the very best workout possible at home? Most often, it is about resources. You simply don’t have all the pretty toys you need at home. There are no weights, bars, mats, etc… Therefore,  if you are gonna spend money to buy that stuff, better just go to the gym and forget about household items you can use to workout…

Surprising household items you can use to workout
Don’t have these? We have some items you can use instead!

Wrong! Not only you can have a rad workout at home by following some of the best workout apps, but you can also do it without buying any new equipment. Why should you? You are basically surrounded by them! All you have to do is find out what ordinary home items are secretly dual/usable as workout equipment and you will be on your way to working out from your home with full effectiveness of a professional workout!

These things are:

  1. Accessible to everyone who is in need of household items you can use to workout
  2. Cheap if you lack them
  3. Safe if used correctly

1. Chair

Many articles on proper workout regiments will urge you to “get up from that chair right this moment and start your exercises”. And, in all honesty, we support messages that encourage healthy living. But in this case, we offer more. Don’t just get up from the chair – workout on! Chairs can be used as workout equipment! Furthermore, they can also be presumably used to relax afterward. So hire your freelance personal trainer Dubai and be ready to work out on some chairs!

Just pick a stable one and go at it!

They can be used as a platform to rest upon as you practice your decreases. Furthermore, decline pushups can be done by having the legs on the chair and you being on the ground. Just, for safety purposes, don’t make workout equipment out of a swivel or obviously unstable chair. It will not end well…

2. Books

Ancient Greek gymnasiums were places for practicing minds an bodies in equal measure. Therefore, philosophers, the educated, were actually pretty fit. We don’t often picture Plato or Aristotel as particularly fit but in reality, their home workout was pretty effective. Furthermore, many philosophers had military carriers, making their good physical condition even more apparent.

They are good for more than just reading…

And, maybe they also used the wet stone of the mind to help their workouts. Heavy books are excellent weights! Therefore use them! Furthermore, they are good reading material for relaxing after…

3. Backpack

If you are in habit of studying habits of successful athletes, you will find that challenging themselves in innovative ways is always part of the story.

Fill it up and will be a good weight!

Therefore, pick up your old backpack and fill it with something. It can be anything, as long as it will weight it down. And voila! Now you have weight you can lift and curl your biceps with!

4. Couch

A couch is an obvious place to lay down and relax. But, you will not relax in it today!

First, use it to workout, and then to rest!

Furthermore, you will do the opposite! As same with the chair, use it as a low-height platform for decreases and declines!

5. Water gallons

If you have a couple of water gallons during a few particularly hot days, you now also have weights.

water gallons
These things are heavy, use that!

Use them to help develop your arm muscles! And don’t forget to recycle the plastic gallons after you are done!

6. Stairs

Stairs are excellent when you don’t want to skip leg day. And, most likely, you will have them in your building/home.

They are good for outside as they are for inside workout

Run up and down and do all kind of stretches. possibilities are basically endless. And, if you feel like going outside, well, Dubai has no shortage of these. Just be sure to stay hydrated!

7. Towels

Something everybody has! This household item can be used to help you stretch and pull up in many exercises.

Towels can be used as well!

Just hang it around any hook or a door nob of a hopefully locked door and do your thing!

8. Heavy chain

If you have a garage, chances are you have one of these hanging around waiting for nothing good in particular. And these things are heavy!

heavy chain
A chain with no use in your garage? Here is an idea!

So why not use that? You can use it in various ways, from more complicated DIY setups to simple weights…

9. PVC pipes

There are chances that you have those classic PVC pipes around. They are not that heavy but are sturdy, so they are excellent for light exercise. 

pvc pipes
Have some of these layings around? Use them!

Their shape is ideal, and they are quite cheap..

10. An empty wall

And finally, should you by any (not so likely) chance lack any or all of these items, a simple, empty wall will do.

Even an empty wall can be used to help your workout!

Use it to support your weight while you do stand up-push ups. Those are quite hard if you lean forward enough. Just be sure to not fall and hurt yourself.

To sum things up!

There are a plethora of household items you can use to workout. But what is important is to find those who suit the exercises you want to do! Best of luck in that search!

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