10 things you should never do in the gym

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Published: September 28, 2021

When you go to the gym, working out is not the only thing you should focus on. Paying attention to other people and being considerate to them makes a large part of gym etiquette. Since you attend gym a few times a week, you should try not to make a bad impression on other people there. After all, you are all sharing the equipment and using the same space for a workout. Professional trainers at DubaiPT offer tips on the 10 things you should never do in the gym. This is a guide on how to be mindful of other people when working out.

Things you should never do in the gym

Being tactless in a social environment like the gym is not acceptable by the people you share your training equipment with. Some improprieties may cause you to disrupt others or affect your health negatively. However, with proper guidance, you can learn how to fully adapt to the circumstances in your workout surroundings. There are a few things to keep in mind while training at the gym:

  • keep the equipment clean
  • do not hoard the equipment
  • mind your attitude and attire
  • use the equipment properly
  • be tactical to other people training

Dubai Personal Trainers offer a short guide through the unacceptable behavior at the gym.

Forgetting to clean your equipment

Wiping your equipment after you finish using it is of great importance to collective hygiene. There are clothes and sprays in every gym, so feel free to use them and wipe your weights after you complete your workout. This is especially important when doing fat-burning workouts, during which you are using kettlebells and dumbbells. Leaving traces of sweat on equipment is a habit that might jeopardize the health of the people around you. Also, always put your own towel over the mat to keep the mat as clean as possible.

Hoarding the equipment

You want to do exercise with weights of various sizes and different props and you collected all of them in a pile around you? This behavior is considered to be unthoughtful. Therefore, avoid hoarding a lot of equipment at the same time and let others have a chance to use them as well. Piling up equipment is inconsiderate towards other people who are training. Also, avoid borrowing equipment without asking. It is important to be mindful in a gym toward others, especially when it comes to group activities such as Crossfit training.

three colorful kettlebells
Avoid hoarding the equipment

Not think about your dress code

While working out, you should be wearing comfortable clothes. But being way too comfortable can be disrespectful to the people surrounding you. No matter how hot it is or how sweaty you got, remember to keep your shirt on. Even if you have just finished high-intensity cardio exercises, do not take your shirt off. Also, remember to shower in your flip-flops, for your own health and safety. A lot of people shower in the gym bathroom, and no matter how clean it is, bacteria find their way in a crowded place.

Improper use of gym equipment

To avoid hurting yourself or breaking a piece of equipment, treadmill, or any other training machine, try to use it properly. Read the manual or ask a member of a gym staff how to use the equipment. Use it for the purpose it was designed for, not for some other type of exercise. Perhaps someone else is waiting their turn to use the machine correctly, and it wouldn’t be fair to be using it in the wrong way. There are also online instructions on how to use gym equipment. Read the manual before going to the gym, or consult one of the professional trainers.

Being inconsiderate to others who are working out

If you are not close to the people working out around you in a gym, try not to offer them unsolicited advice about their workout. This is something you can do with friends, but not with strangers. It feels awkward and they might feel offended. However, if you notice that someone might get hurt, you should warn them or give them a heads-up. For instance, if someone is doing their hiit workout wrong, you can politely tell them how to do it properly in order not to sprain their ankle or hurt themselves in some other way.

two people working out
Do not offer unsolicited advice

Stepping out of your workout area

Also, be sure to always stay inside of a workout area. Avoid training in walkways, aisles, exits, hallways, or wherever you might be in someone’s way.

Failing to keep your distance

It is also important to keep a proper physical distance from other people who are training. Give everyone enough of their personal space so they can jump and stretch without hitting each other. This is especially important when it comes to aerobic exercise. Any activity that involves a lot of movement requires that trainees have enough space around them to avoid getting hurt.

Hovering over the equipment

Waiting impatiently by the treadmill for the others to finish so you can hop on, will make the person currently using the machine very uncomfortable. Instead, wait for your turn inconspicuously and patiently.

Spending your time on the phone

If you spend time on the phone between your workout sessions, that might imply that you are not working hard enough. This might distract you from making progress, as your training needs to be intense to bring results. Constant texting while working out is one of the things you should never do in the gym. If you want to have a successful fat loss workout, no distractions are welcome.

a person at the gym browsing through their phone
Avoid excessive use of phone

Not returning the equipment to their spot

Leaving weights and resistance bands all over the place is irritating and unthoughtful. Instead, leave them where you originally found them, so the others may find them afterward. Placing the equipment in their designated spot will facilitate everyone’s workout. With the assistance of professional Dubai Personal Trainers, it is easy to learn the top things you should never do in the gym.

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