10 tips for staying fit while on vacation

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Vacation is a time for relaxation and unwinding. This, however, does not mean you should set aside your usual routine. Many people completely cast aside their habits when on vacation, and physical fitness is among the first things to go. This comes as no surprise and is a very common occurrence. Even though vacation is excellent for getting your mind back on track and resetting your system, it can often derail that strict fitness regimen you have been sticking to all year. This is exactly why staying fit while on vacation is important. Certain studies have shown that the average amount of weight gained while on holidays is around one pound. But even then, many people do not even lose that pound, on the contrary, they gain more.

a man and voman staying fit while on vacation
Don’t let vacation break your habits of maintaining a fit figure

Even if you have been religiously exercising and keeping a strict diet throughout the entire year, those two weeks away may haunt you forever. This is why you should look for a good fitness instructor Dubai has to offer when you decide to visit The Emirates. Even the most die-hard fitness enthusiasts find it very difficult to stick with the program when away from home. And yes, they all have the best intentions. Many will pack their workout equipment, but sadly, none of it will even leave the suitcase until they return home. As mentioned before, it is completely normal. We relax while on vacation, that is the whole point of it, but we also lower our guard. We eat and drink more than usual, and this can sometimes be detrimental.

Staying fit while on vacation? It IS possible!

Even though you are far away from home, that does not mean your fitness should suffer. Traveling should not make you abandon your healthy habits. It shouldn´t even make you interrupt them. Sure, you don’t have access to your favorite gym while in Dubai, and the equipment may be different or scarce. Still, you can always make the most of your trip, whether it is a home workout or a stroll through the town. You went on vacation with a reason, either to de-stress or create memories with your loved one that will last forever. Here are our ten tips for staying fit while on vacation and feeling mighty like a Sheikh.

1. Book your hotel with staying fit in mind

The first thing you do when planning a vacation is booking a hotel. This is an excellent start if you want to maintain workout consistency. Look for hotels that have a gym as a part of the facilities, or are located near a gym. This way you will secure yourself the first step to keeping up with your exercise schedule. While you’re at the gym, you might want to consider hiring a kickboxing personal trainer Dubai for an effective and vigorous workout. Bonus points if the gym is a bit further away from the hotel, so you can jog to it as a warm-up.

2. Start your morning with a workout

Let’s be real. You’re on vacation. There are plenty of opportunities for a good excuse to pop up which will lead you to skip a workout session. Tackle this problem by exercising in the morning, before any distractions get the best of you and break your consistency. Roll out of bed and roll into training, go for a run around the neighborhood or hit the hotel gym. Not only will you get this done early on, but you will also prepare your body for a full day of activity.

boat on the river in a orange sunrise
Start your day with a workout and prepare for the adventures that await you

3. Keep your exercises short but consistent

Consistency is key if you wish to keep that fit physique you left the house with. Breaking your usual set routine is the main catalyst for that unsightly holiday belly to appear. The best way to stick to the program is a short but powerful workout each morning without skipping. Your main goal is to relax, so don’t waste daylight with full gym sessions, there are so many sights to explore out there. Squeeze in a 15 to 20 long work out every morning and you’re all done for the day. It’s the least you can do and, after all, it’s better to do at least something than nothing at all.

4. Stay fit by exploring your surroundings on foot

Keep the step count up and keep the calories burning. Walk whenever you can, wherever you can. Head out in the morning and check all of the sights on foot. Walk around your neighborhood on your evening strolls and get to know it. Skip the convenience of a 5-minute taxi drive and opt for a 20-minute walk. Not only will you get your daily exercise, but you will have an opportunity to run into all sorts of people, locations and curiosities you would otherwise miss. Ask your hotel’s concierge for a walking map of the area.

5. Try local delicacies, but don’t overeat

Absorb your surroundings with every sense. Taste is an essential part of every trip, but don’t let it go to your head, or even worse, hips. Order that delicious plate of Manousheh or Shish Tawook, but don’t go overboard. Moderation is key. You can always ask the staff to prepare your chosen dish with a few healthy modifications.

plate of falafel surrounded by spices and dips
Experience the delights of local cuisine, but have moderation in mind

6. Choose healthy food over junk to keep fit on vacation

Fruit is an amazing source of energy and a healthy one at that. It is also readily available wherever you go so it shouldn’t be hard to get a hold of it. If you’re taking a break from sightseeing and need to replenish your energy, walk right past those snacks and ice cream stands and head to the local farmers market for some natural, healthy source of sugar.

7. Avoiding the unnecessary is a great way of staying fit while on vacation

As stated above, try to stay away from foods that are unhealthy or do not benefit you in any notable way. Sure, you can go for some McDonalds here and there but even then, don’t order the coke and fries. Even if you are on vacation, do not relax completely when it comes to health.  Cheat days are ok once in a while but don’t make it into a cheat week.

8. Staying fit while on vacation through improvisation and fun

Even if you don’t have a gym at your direct disposal, there are lots of ways to keep in shape if you get creative. Walk everywhere, utilize parks and beaches and turn them into your gym. Partake in sports, ride bicycles through parks and city blocks, go scuba diving, there are so many possibilities. Exercising outdoors is a fantastic way to stay fit while on vacation, but it doesn’t have to end there. You can get your workout done indoors as well. Use stairs instead of elevators, if you hear music in the hotel lobby, move your body to the beat. Anything you do to keep your heart pumping strong is beneficial.

man staying fit while on vacation playing volleyball on sand
Get your holiday exercise by taking part in various sport activities

9. Airports are a great substitute for walking tracks

We all know how big airport terminals are. When you realize your gate is on the opposite end of the terminal, don’t get frustrated. Instead, put your earphones in and march to the rhythm. It’s not a proper workout, but it helps. Keep your step count up and kill time. You’ll be sitting for quite some time on the airplane, so use your layover time to stretch and get your blood pumping. The less idle you are while waiting for your flight, the less tempted you will be to visit the terminal’s food court.

airport terminal ith palm trees and ornaments
Airport terminals are a great substitute for a treadmill.

10. Get back on track as soon as you return home

The vacation is over, and we now return to our regularly scheduled program. Even tho you’ve done great in staying fit while on vacation, it’s just not the same as your regular workouts. Make up for lost time by waking up earlier and hitting the gym before work, or ease into it by walking around the park during your lunch break at work. Reestablish your consistency and regiment as soon as you can after returning home and you will feel even more fit and energized in no time.

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