10 tips on how to recover from a sports injury faster

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Published: March 14, 2020

Have you gotten injured and want to recover quickly? There is nothing to worry about since we are going to help you! Here are some pieces of advice on how to recover from a sports injury faster!

Consume food rich in protein

When you are injured, one of the best things you could do is precisely this. Since muscles are made of protein, this is something that will be of great help to you. By eating food rich in protein, your body will build more muscle tissue. In addition to this, it is also a good idea to consume more fruit. They will supply your body with the needed nutrients and you will recover from a sports injury quickly.

Use green tea ointment

A home remedy that can speed healing is green tea extract. As a matter of fact, this is something that is proven through science. The wounds that were treated with vaseline and green tea managed to heal in only 14 days.

Green tea
An ointment made of green tea is of great help when you want to recover from a sports injury faster

However, the wounds treated only with vaseline needed more time to heal, that is, 20 days. All you should do is simply to apply a small amount of green tea extract while treating the wound each day. The results will speak for themselves.

Hydration will help you recover from a sports injury much faster

We all know that hydration is key to almost everything about the body- from exercise to surviving an illness. However, when you get injured, it is possible that you will easily forget to hydrate yourself. So, the best solution is to replace your sports drinks with water and fresh juices. As you start recovering, you can think about hiring personal trainer Dubai at home. You will get in shape and return to your routine in no time.

Protection and braces

Avoid making the biggest mistake of all which is re-injuring yourself. You may get impatient and try to push yourself harder in order for your injury to heal more quickly. You probably already know that this is not going to help you. This is especially important with back injuries. If you have a back injury, you should think about doing some of the best back pain exercises. However, if your arms or legs are in question, you should think about getting braces. Wear them when you are moving around and you will see the difference soon enough.

Cardio can be of great help

After you have rested for some time, it is time to start getting back in shape. If your doctor has told you this, there is no reason for you to keep resting. Since you are still recovering, it is advisable to do some exercises about 45 minutes three days a week.

Swimming can help you heal faster

You can either do the exercises at home or you can go for swimming. You will get to boost your immune system and reduce inflammation throughout the body.

It is also important to sleep enough

If you want to heal faster, you should know that sleeping is more important than good nutrition. Sleeping good not only releases oxygen which breaks up lactic acid in your muscles but it also conserves your body’s energy. As a matter of fact, according to research, people with injuries who slept 7-9 hours a day recovered significantly faster than those who were sleeping less. So, do not stay awake if you are sleepy. Feel free even to take a nap in the afternoon- it will be of great help.

Take temperature into consideration

This is of great importance, especially when injuries that happen below surface-level are in question, such as sprains, deep bruises, strains, etc. If it happens that your injury is swelling, the good old ice pack is a great solution. Repeat this regularly and add compression and elevation. After that, treat your wound with heat. Not only will your internal tissue relax, but also your blood flow will be better and you will heal faster.

Keep your skin moistured

Yet another way in which you will recover from a sports injury faster is treating your skin accordingly. If your surface wounds involve cuts and scrapes, you should not let them dry out.

Moisturizing your skin is a must

In case you do not do this, it is likely that your skin will painfully crack around the edges. So, what you need to do is to use some lotion or ointment and apply it to any part of your wound that seems dry.

Stay loose and limber

Yet another thing you should take into consideration is to stay loose and to stretch properly while you heal. In case you avoid doing this, you will surely have a much longer recovery process. In addition to this, it is also possible that your new tissue will be too short or connected to tight muscles. On the other hand, if you heal loose and limber, your new tissue will be ready to use much faster.

Do not mess with your injury too much

Constant attention to your injury is not going to help it heal faster. Quite the opposite- it will do you more harm. What you should do is wrap it up and try to distract yourself for the next few days. So, what you should do is find something that amuses you and dedicate to it.

As you have had a chance to see, there are many ways in which you can recover from a sports injury quickly. Take all of them into consideration and, if it is possible, apply each. You will see the results in no time!

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