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The biggest task with every workout and diet is to create a plan. But an even bigger task is to stick to that plan. No plan will have any specific value if you skip on it. The smaller the timeframe for a certain plan – the stricter the plan is. So, for instance, if you are doing a 2-week diet and exercise plan – you can’t skip a single piece of it. The moment you start skipping elements in an already short plan, you might as well drop the whole thing.

The reason why small timeframe plans are so strict is exactly because of their size. Their size makes it imperative to listen to each and every little element. I mean, face it, it is only for 2 weeks, and it doesn’t matter how much you dislike it. This is to achieve a short term goal. It can be to detox your system, it can be a rough workout ground formation or it could simply be a change of pace in your regular routine. Either way, if you really wish to achieve results in this short burst of change – you need to stick to your diet and weight loss exercise plan to the letter.

scale with an apple
Having a proper plan and sticking to it is the first step on the road to success!

Two-week diet and exercise plan – the rules

Usually, there are no such things as cheat days in these plans. This is also one of the rare occasions where the diet and the exercises are equally important, especially for exercises to lose belly fat. In most cases, skipping a workout won’t leave such an impact, but messing up your diet can have very bad consequences. In this particular scenario, the plan needs to be followed to the letter on both ends. No cheating, and no skipping. Look at it as just a 2-week long obligation that you can’t wiggle your way out from. You wanted this, so make sure you are consistent and diligent.

If you convince yourself just how short two weeks are, you won’t have any issues sticking to it. Whatever you are forbidden from eating, you can live without it for two weeks. Plus, after two weeks your body will get used to not, for example, eating chocolate. Hence you will have an easier time not eating it at all in the future. Even if you are exercising for the first time. We are not saying this will be easy. Sugar addiction is on par with heroin addiction, so we acknowledge the difficulty. But we also acknowledge your willpower so you should be more than fine!

No sugar

The most important bit of your diet in this two-week program is that there can be no sugar. None whatsoever. No fruits, no sugars, no candy, not even one teaspoon in your coffee. Absolute zero. What you are trying to do is burn all the sugar in your muscle fiber so that your body starts relying on fats to gain energy. The issue with reducing sugar, but not removing it is the fact that sugar remains in your muscle fiber. Even if its 0.01%, it will still be there.

As long as there is even the slightest portion of sugar in your fiber, your body will rely on this sugar for energy. If the levels of sugar are extremely low, your body will still count on it for fuel. This means that you will be sleepy and slow, and you will feel tired all the time. But if you remove the sugar completely, and then burn it out with workout, your body will stop relying on it. At this stage, your body will start using proteins and fats, and your energy levels will spike to be much higher.

strawberry on a plate
We all love some sugar with our dessert. But there is no sugar in this plan!

Go crazy with proteins

You are allowed to take in as many proteins as you can. This is one of the many workout and diet tips any personal fitness trainer in Dubai would share with you. Of course, make sure you keep the calories in check, and strictly harvesting proteins. The best source would be meat and eggs. Cheese and dairy products are also good, but you need to pay attention to the number of calories you put in, based on your workout routine.

Go even crazier with fats on this diet and exercise plan

This may sound a bit dodgy, but you are allowed to eat as much fatty food as you’d like. What we are trying to achieve is to get your body to start using fats for energy. If this happens, you will enter a state of ketosis and you will start using all that fat as energy. The amount of fat you will lose will spike exponentially, regardless of how many fats you are putting in yourself. Again, still, make sure to keep your calories in check. And try to eat healthy fats, and healthy proteins that don’t have 1000 calories per meal (unless you are trying to be Iceland’s next strongman).

bacon, eggs, meat and tomatoes
Foods with plenty of fat are recommended with this diet plan!

Strong cardio

The best workout to accompany this 2-week diet and exercise plan is to do heavy cardio. This means at least 1 hour of cardio per day. This will do everything to abolish every last bit of sugar in your body, and start burning fats at a crazy fast rate. You can add a workout to this cardio, but at least one hour per day will start making good results after two weeks. Cardio can be a bicycle, it can be a treadmill. The good way to do it is to elevate the treadmill as if you are walking 12% uphill and do a fast walking speed (usually no more than 6 on most treadmills). You don’t want to run, you want to walk really fast and do it uphill.

The workout you wish to add to this routine will be light weights with many repetitions. You are burning sugars, so do everything to achieve this goal.


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