5 benefits of High-intensity interval training

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Published: August 20, 2021

You’ve probably heard of the HIIT program. Even if you haven’t, this type of exercise will change your life for the better. First of all, high-intensity interval training is something people do when they want to accomplish more things at once. There are many exercises that could are multipurpose but this one definitely stands out. Moreover, if you want to look fit not only this summer but all year long, you need to get familiar with the concept of High-intensity interval training. That’s why DubaiPT is here for. Stay with us to get fit and healthy.

What is High-intensity interval training?

We don’t like to call high-intensity interval training just that. To us, it’s more than that. It’s a strategy. High-intensity interval training, or to better call it HIIT, is dominantly a combination of cardiovascular exercises that has multiple purposes. Primarily, it consists of a short period of intense training with less intense recovery periods. Ultimately, it goes on until a person is too exhausted to continue. After getting in shape, the recovery process takes less time. Although you should practice anaerobic exercise, it’s important to include aerobic exercise in the HIIT process as well.

Rope exercises in the gym
Make sure you start exercising with the help of your coach.

To continue, there is no universal rule that claims how long a session of HIIT should last. That is an individual matter. Still, every HIIT lasts under half an hour after which a short pause starts. To reiterate, the session lasts depending on a person’s fitness level. However, if we look back to the original HIIT, they were different. For instance, it was designed for each exercise to last up until 20 seconds, while the resting period lasts for approximately 10 seconds. Also, you should know that the HIIT intensity directly varies on the session duration.

After all, HIIT workout enables athletes to get in excellent shape while also improving their health. In case you want to lose fat, this is a great way to do it. It will help you reduce body fat in a relatively short period of time. Additionally, researches have shown that high-intensity interval training works as a great mind stimulator. It helps people stay highly motivated in achieving their goals.

How to excel at High-intensity interval training?

To be honest, when performing this exercise you should know that you are supposed to do it until failure. This means you should work until you drop. However, that is not something bad. That’s just how this procedure works. Therefore, we are helping you get mentally prepared for this. Firstly, this exercise means you should do high-intensity exercises. Then, separate it by medium intensity exercises for recovery. Afterward comes the cool-down period. You should do the high-intensity part with the most efficiency. The second part you can do with 50% of strength.

If you want to achieve the maximum results, you should repeat the cycle at least three times with 20 seconds per session. Even though it seems easy, you will see that it takes a lot of strength to do it. People dominantly exercise on cycling ergometer. However, other exercises that include rowing ergometer, running, stair climbing, and uphill walking are also highly effective. You can add a fat loss workout to get the ultimate results!

The importance of HIIT

When talking about the importance of high-intensity interval training, know that there are plenty. This means that if you want to get the maximum outcome, this type of workout is the best. The importance of HIIT lies in:

  • Metabolic effects – This means that HIIT leads to weight loss and reduction of body fat. Additionally, medical researches have shown that this exercise is more effective than other types of workouts.
  • Affects brain positively – After a while, you will see that your memory gets better as well as your brain activity overall. Compared to other exercises, this provides the best effects on the brain both short and long-term.
  • Cardiovascular effects – It’s not strange to mention that high-intensity interval training has a positive effect on health. You could see the changes the best in your cardiovascular system. You see, people who are between 18-45 years old, have a better cardiovascular system than those who don’t train like this.
Woman lifting weights
High-intensity interval training isn’t only about cardio.

Still, you should be aware of the negative aspects of high-intensity interval training. It could affect you in some bad ways. For instance, don’t overtrain your body. If you really want long-term results, make sure you take some breaks. This especially refers to situations where you are just getting started.

5 benefits of High-intensity interval training

If you’re here to learn the benefits of HIIT, we are there to help you. After all, it took us all this time to write down all the positive aspects of high-intensity interval training. Here are the 5 benefits of HIIT that will definitely motivate you to work:

  1. You can burn a lot of calories in a short period of time
  2. This is the fastest way to lose fat
  3. Metabolic rate rises right after the training
  4. You will also gain some muscles
  5. The shape you will get in will be incredible

Even though the pandemic influenced everyday life in Dubai and beyond, the best way to get back on track is through this type of training. High-intensity interval training is definitely something you will grow to love not only because you will benefit from it but also because you will feel good after it. Many people can confirm that HIIT changed their lives for the better.

Man working out with dumbbells
Don’t overtrain because you could do more harm than good.

Get ready to be fit all year long

We did our best to name all the benefits of high-intensity interval training. You will see for yourself how better you will feel after starting with this regime. Moreover, you should know that that there is no need to start exercising if you only want to lose weight. Consider health benefits all the time. If you need any additional information about this, make sure you contact us.


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