5 Delicious foods that will help you fight belly fat

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Published: April 28, 2021

Leading a healthy lifestyle is one of those things that are simple and yet complex at the same time. It entails many things, from exercising at least 3 to 5 times a week to drinking enough water, to having a well-balanced sleeping schedule. These are all things that you have to turn into habits if you are to lead a healthy life and burn that belly fat. However, it is important to be aware that you cannot expect to start doing all of those things overnight. It definitely helps to hire a good power yoga Dubai trainer, but it is you that has to go the distance. Still, every journey starts with a single step, and modifying your diet is a great place to start. That is why we have prepared a list of 5 delicious foods that will help you fight belly fat.

To start off our list, the delicious – Avocado 

Avocados are a great choice because they have a unique taste, but there is more to them than that. They are easily one of the best and most popular things you can eat if you want to lose weight. Their nutrient content is what makes them a great choice for eating before heading out to the gym for that Crossfit training. They have high amounts of potassium and folate, as well as vitamins C and K.

Avocados are easily one of the most delicious foods that will help you fight belly fat
Avocados are a great start towards a healthier diet

They do bring in a high-calorie score, but the unsaturated fats and fiber are a great way to feel full and get energy before and throughout a workout. Eating directly before a workout is a big NO as every good personal coach Dubai would tell you. But if you can organize yourself to eat 1 in between 1 to 3 hours before the gym, you can mix avocado with salads, toast, or even scrambled eggs. These meals would taste great while being healthy and they would give you enough strength for a training session. 

Next up – Chickpeas

Chickpeas are a legume, also called garbanzo beans,  that is a close cousin of many types of beans such as black and pinto beans, as well as kidney beans. They are all rich in fiber and protein, with chickpeas being the leader among them. Besides being quite nutritious and healthy overall, they are great for people trying to lose fat because these two, and especially protein, help regulate appetite as well as improve digestion. Aside from that, chickpeas have a high score in manganese and folate, as well as phosphorus and copper. A really effective way of using them, which is something that any good male fitness trainers will confirm, is to use them instead of other sources of protein. This way you can morph any meal into a plant-based meal. 

The next item on our list of delicious foods that will help you fight belly fat – are apples

Apples, apples, apples. They have been, for a very long time, one of the most popular fruits on the planet, and it is so for more than one reason. They always taste so well, no matter which type of apple you are eating. Sweet, sour, or the wonderful mix of the two, they are just a simply delicious pleasure to eat. However, they are also extremely healthy. Through them, you will get vitamin C and potassium as well as loads of antioxidants

person's hands holding three apples
Apples are the standard standout fruits

They are also a great source of pectin. Pectin is a soluble fiber that recent studies have shown to be useful for reducing the required food intake and thus contribute to losing weight. Furthermore, they are a complete allrounder when it comes to mixing and matching. You can eat them in so many ways that it is practically impossible to get tired of them. Eating them raw is quick, sweet, and effortless, but you can always combine with other fruits, or slice them up and pair them with cream cheese or yogurt. 

Chia seeds – The “superfood” 

Chia seeds are one of the more and more popular foods for those aiming to shred their belly. They are super healthy as they are choke-full of nutrients. Soluble fiber, calcium, magnesium, and manganese combined with high levels of protein are excellent for boosting your strength. Also, thanks to these, your appetite is going to be put in control as you will feel full unexpectedly quickly. A great example of the power of the chia seeds is that runners often use them as fuel for longer-distance races, which is why they are also called “runners’ food”.  You can use chia seeds as an addition to your smoothies or with oatmeals. This will greatly enrich the nutritive value as well as the taste of your meal. 

And to round off our list of delicious foods that will help you fight belly fat – Sauerkraut

Maybe you wouldn’t expect this as a recommendation from female fitness trainers in Dubai, but sauerkraut is definitely deserving of a place on our list. This food made of salted and fermented cabbage is one of the most delicious things you can eat on your way to losing extra body fat. It is also worth noting that there is a Korean cuisine equivalent of sauerkraut, called Kimchi. It is made of cabbage and radish, and it is a great way to mix it up a bit if you get tired of sauerkraut (not that that is likely to happen).

person holding a meal of meat with sauce and sauerkraut
Don’t hesitate to experiment with sauerkraut

Both of these are first and foremost, besides being deliciously sour, excellent sources of probiotics. Probiotics are a greatly beneficial type of bacteria that resides in your gut and having a steady influx of them is extremely important and healthy. You can find sauerkraut in the refrigerated sections of grocery stores and supermarkets. It goes really well with burgers and alongside sausages. This is an especially great pairing for the vegan varieties. The best part though is that you can combine it with all sorts of foods, so feel free to experiment. 



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