5 Essential Qualities to Look for in a Good Fitness Trainer

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Published: October 29, 2020

Whether you’re an avid gym-goer or a complete beginner, having a good personal trainer is what makes or breaks your progress. When it comes to working out experience can help you manage your own workouts. However, having someone assess your form and keep you accountable is good for progress. It’s much harder to slack off in both diet and exercise when you have a muscular person breathing down your neck at all times. But all jokes aside, your personal trainer is not there to simply tell you what to do, they are there to motivate you as well. There are some essential qualities to look for in a good fitness trainer when looking for a personal trainer Dubai, while on the quest to start or upgrade your routine.

A woman working out with her personal trainer feeling motivated because she chose a trainer that posesses all essential qualities to look for in a good personal trainer.
A good personal trainer can motivate you to push yourself harder and achieve your goals!

Essential qualities to look for in a good fitness trainer – the classics & the-not-so-classics

When looking for a personal trainer there are some qualities that pop into your head immediately. These include things like knowledge about the human body, knowledge regarding workouts and proper diet, and success rates, just to name a few. However, there are some not-so-obvious qualities that are often overlooked but definitely needed in a good trainer. It is absolutely possible to find a fitness trainer in Dubai near you with all these characteristics, you just have to know what you’re looking for.

Gender is not necessarily one of the traits you should specifically look for in a trainer. That is unless you have a personal preference.  Some people, usually newbies, believe that they have to have a fitness instructor that’s of the same gender as them. This is false! Choosing a male or a female personal trainer can depend on what gender you feel most comfortable with. It can also depend on what gender you feel can offer the most to you. However, gender is just not one of the things you should pay too much attention to unless you have a personal reason.

1. Practice what they preach, and do it successfully

Never trust a bald barber or a skinny chef. A silly little saying used by people to playfully depict the idea of one’s actions or appearance reflecting their claims. This exact principle applies to personal trainers. If your trainer says one thing to you but does another you have to ask yourself, why? Is it a thing they themself wouldn’t do because it’s not the best, or are they just not ready to put their money where their mouth is which speaks volumes of their character?

There are, of course, exceptions to the rule, but it’s up to you to be the judge of whether or not a certain behavior is acceptable. If your personal trainer currently has a busted knee and doesn’t do squats in his workout routine, it doesn’t automatically make squats bad. Although, if your trainer wants you to do an exercise that seems harmful but doesn’t do it himself, that’s a sure red flag.

2. They are punctual and respect your time

There’s little worse than being disrespected. Being late might not seem like a big deal if it happens occasionally. However, if your trainer is often late that means they have little to no respect for you or your time. This also includes canceling appointments. Canceling completely is arguable even worse since it can change your whole schedule for that day.

It’s important to note that being late here and there doesn’t instantaneously mean disrespect from your trainer. Being an understanding client is also important. If your trainer has a serious issue that needs attending to promptly, cancelation is the only natural solution. However, if being late or canceling becomes a habit you should at least bring it up with your trainer and talk about it. It’s important to note that this goes both ways! Be mindful of your fitness trainer’s time and be punctual.

3. They promote healthy habits

Fitness can sometimes slip out of the boundaries of what’s considered healthy. Striving for perfection can push people to starve themselves, overwork their bodies, or use unconventional methods to attain what’s considered to be the perfect body by today’s society’s standards. When a trainer you trust tells you to do something you usually do it. And you’re even more likely to do so if you like his or her physique and are striving to look just like that. For that reason, it’s easy to slip into unhealthy habits if a trainer you trust is promoting them. There are always healthy ways to lose weight and healthy ways to gain weight, but attaining the desired body can’t be done in a day and a good trainer will let you know that.

A boul of healthy food.
A personal trainer you choose should promote healthy habits!

4. They give you their full attention when working with you

We all know that trainer. They are strutting around saying hi to everybody and stopping to chat with everybody. They’re also constantly checking their phone. Absentmindedness is definitely not one of the essential qualities to look for in a good fitness trainer. Quite the opposite actually, since this too shows some disrespect towards a client. When your trainer is with you, he or she should be 100% percent focused on you. Not only because it’s polite, but also because doing exercises incorrectly can lead to injury. By being present when with you, your trainer is not only showing good manners but also looking out for your health and well-being.

5. They are supportive and reassuring

This might not seem as important as the other points on the list, but oh man, is it important. Going to a gym is hard work especially in the beginning. Finding a trainer that will help you persevere through rough patches is a trainer that will get you to your goal. Motivation and consistency is at least half of the job when it comes to exercising and dieting. And for that reason finding a trainer that will motivate you is extremely important.

It is also chief to find a trainer that won’t body shame you or make fun of you! You should strive to improve yourself, but learn to love your body regardless of its fitness level. Your personal trainer should be the greatest support on your fitness journey, and that doesn’t include feeling ashamed.

A woman talking to her personal trainer after her workout.
Receiving support from your trainer and feeling safe is what will motivate you to work hard!

Are essential qualities to look for in a good fitness trainer actually findable?

Of course! But don’t forget these are just core essential qualities to look for in a good trainer. Being a personal trainer is so much more than just being polite and knowing your stuff. Exercising is a great way to relax after a long day. And for that reason, it should always be enjoyable, and that includes a good trainer you’ll trust and feel comfortable with.

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