5 reasons to keep exercising during holidays

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Published: December 31, 2019

It seems like whenever a festive season is upon us, we are all too quick to forget about our exercising regimens. And we are all too aware that getting up in the morning and exercising during holidays when all you want to do is fill up on delicious foods is difficult. Nevertheless, there are many reasons why you should convince yourself to get up and do any type of physical activity. If your finances allow it, you could train with a personal trainer Dubai at home, but you might have to hit the gym. Don’t worry, though – here are a couple of reasons that should motivate you to get into your fitness gear and burn all the calories you have consumed during last night’s feast.

1. Exercising during holidays helps you keep the stress away

It’s true that holidays are supposed to be a festive time – but this is also the time of great stress. Planning, preparing, organizing –  a lot has to be done and it all depends on you. So how can you combat that stress and not let it ruin the festivities? Experts say by working out, as physical activity is well known for making us happier and more energized. So if you are regularly attending boxing classes Dubai for gentlemen, try to find enough time to attend them during the holidays, as well.

A stressed out woman.
Do you want to keep stress at bay this holiday season? Then you better get to the gym.

Of course, any physical activity is good. As long as you get your heart rate up and dedicate at least half an hour to this activity, you will manage to stay relaxed during stressful times. And that will make your holidays even more joyful. It all seems to be connected.

If you prefer not leaving you home exercising alone in the comfort of your living room you can always as a trainer to help you with a home workout or find a great online tutorial.

2. Working out will help you drink plenty of water

Saying that regular exercise during the holidays will help you stay hydrated seems like an overstatement. After all, you surely feel like you are always having a glass in your hand. Drinking everything from juices to coffee and hot cocoa. But these aren’t the drinks that will help you stay hydrated. Only water can do that and water is the last thing we think about when we are presented with a plethora of seasonal drinks.

What every person should know by now is that without regular and sufficient water intake, we will never be able to improve our overall health. When you are dehydrated, it’s ludicrous to expect your organs to function properly. In our book, this should be reason enough for you to exercise during the holidays as physical activity will remind your organism that it needs more water intake than what it’s getting.

3. Exercising will give you the structure you need

Let’s be honest – there isn’t a person in the world that isn’t super excited about the upcoming days off. We can hardly wait for those mornings when we can sleep in and relaxing afternoons. But as a nation that is used to a fast-paced lifestyle, days like this one will quickly get boring. And when boredom ensues, so do seasonal depression and anxiety. 

A woman writing something in a planner.
Get the most out of your days by being regular at the gym.

Exercising, on the other hand, will give your day the structure that it needs. It will give you a reason to get out of your home and socialize. It will remind you to eat nutritious food and reach those mandatory 8 hours of sleep per night. So our suggestion to you is to organize your daily routine for the holidays and include both exercises and seasonal festivities. Trust us – this way, you will get the most out of your days and the season.

4. Exercising during holidays will help you keep the weight off

How many times have you reached for another plate of that delicious meal only to be met with judgmental looks? We all know about the fact that an average person almost necessarily has to gain a certain amount of weight. But how much weight does an average man and woman gain during the holidays? Well, statistics show that it’s not nearly as much as you think – it’s a mere 0.37 kg. That isn’t such a groundbreaking number, so what’s all the fuss about?

Well, while 0.37 kg won’t do you much harm, consistent weight gain will. And we all know that the holiday season is a long one. And if you start piling up weight, it might be hard to stop. Once again, what’s the easy way out here? Exercising. While no one is expecting you to have the eating habits of an athlete, it would be a good idea to continue being regular at the gym. It will certainly help you combat the bloatedness that comes with overeating, as well as keep the weight off. 

5. Avoid workout setbacks

Have all the squats you have been doing finally paid off? You have just started noticing the results when all of a sudden the holiday season came. And with it came overeating and skipped workouts. While one or two missed workouts won’t make you lose any gains, a practice of regularly skipping your workouts will. And there is nothing worse than experiencing setbacks in life, and it surely isn’t ideal to notice them on your body.

A man exercising during holidays.
Do not become a victim of the season, letting all of your hard work go to waste.

In order to respect the hard work you have been putting in for months, don’t let the holiday season deter you. Stay focused and continue exercising during holidays. Trust us – there will be nothing worse than ignoring the gym for weeks. And realizing you have set yourself back for months. Not only will this reflect negatively on your physique, but you also might lose the mental strength to continue to exercise. Depending on how mentally strong you are, this might put an end to your physical activities for a long period of time. All because you refused to go two or three times to your workouts while the holiday season was in full swing.

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