5 ways to stay fit while working from home

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Published: October 14, 2019

Working from home is very convenient. You don’t have to waste time getting to work, sit in uncomfortable office chairs, worry about someone stealing your lunch from the communal kitchen… There are so many great things about it. There is, however, also one problem. Working from home makes it incredibly easy to get incredibly lazy. After all, if no one is even going to see you, who should you do your makeup or put on clothes or get out of bed? This kind of mindset quickly makes you give up on going to the gym and exercising. But there is no reason why you shouldn’t stay fit while working from home! And with a good home workout and some discipline, it’s not even that hard. So strap in: we’re about to teach you how to enjoy working from home and stay in shape at the same time.

#1: Stay fit while working from home by committing to a workout and diet routine

The first thing you need to do in order to maintain fitness even while working from home is to commit to your goal. Don’t treat working out as optional! It’s not just something you do when you have a slow day at work or if you feel like it. Instead, make it a regular part of your routine. Set aside enough time every day to go jogging or do some at-home exercises. If you don’t think that will be enough to keep you fit and healthy, then hire one of the best personal trainers in Dubai to make sure you’re getting exactly the kind and amount of exercise you need. Most importantly, stay dedicated to working out regularly. You will need that commitment more than ever now that you’re working from home.

Woman working out in order to stay fit while working from home.
Don’t take exercise lightly – it’s mandatory!

#2: Use exercise apps as a reminder to be active regularly

If you want to stay fit while working from home, it is crucial to exercise regularly. Depending on your level of fitness and your workout goals, this may mean anything from an hour every other day to a couple of hours every day. But one thing is certain: you need to stay active. It may be a good idea to install one of the best workout apps to remind yourself of this. You can set up alarms to go off at certain intervals or if you’ve been inactive for too long. Using a fitness app has the added benefit of motivating you as most will track your progress, set up competitions, and reward you for achieving your goals in some way.

#3: Keeping a schedule will make it easier to stay fit while working from home

One of the ways in which working from home messes with our lives is by getting rid of a strict routine. When you have to be in the office at 9 in the morning, you will get up early and commute to work because that’s what you have to do. Without this outside pressure, many of us succumb to the wiles of a warm bed and simply wake up 5 minutes before we need to log into the company server. This makes it harder to maintain a routine of working out, especially if you scheduled your gym sessions to make them conveniently fit into your work commute.

Schedule and laptop on a desk.
Setting a schedule will make it easier to stick to a routine.

In order to maintain the structure and stay fit while working from home, make a schedule and stick to it. Set your alarm for the same time every morning, have coffee in the kitchen while you catch up on the news, prepare your meals for the day and take your lunch breaks at the same time every day. If you struggle with maintaining a routine, use a calendar app. This will make your routine feel more official and easier to follow.

Pro tip: model your schedule after the schedule you kept while working in an office

Scheduling your own life can be difficult at first. Luckily, you already have a blueprint – just use the routine you had before you started working from home! You are already used to waking up early enough to make the commute. So use that to your advantage and keep waking up at that time. Use the time you would have spent commuting for a walk or a jog. When you’ve finished working for the day, take some time to unwind. Go out for some fresh air and a bit of exercise in the time it would’ve taken you to come home from work. It will be easier to maintain a routine you already have than start a brand new one!

#4: Rely on a support system to inspire you to stay fit while working from home

Sometimes doing it yourself is hard. There’s no shame in that. So why don’t you try relying on a support system to keep you working out? It will be so much easier to stay fit while working from home when you have someone to keep you accountable! This is one of the top reasons for people to hire a personal trainer. But it is also one of the key advantages of group workouts. It can be just a couple of your friends getting together at the gym. Or it can be an organized group training. It can even be a team sport you pick up out of boredom. But having a group that notices when you’re not there will make you feel worse about missing training sessions. This, in turn, makes it easier to force yourself to maintain a level of fitness even while working from home.

Group of people doing yoga.
Being a part of a group will make it easier to maintain a workout routine.

#5: Do not let yourself become a slob: get out of bed, get dressed and go out

Last but not least: do not fall prey to the temptation of becoming a shut-in or a slob just because you’re working from home. For many of us, work or school is what forces us out of bed in the morning and into society. Without it, we don’t have a routine and don’t really see the reason for one. This can have severely negative effects when it ruins the separation between work and home. So don’t let this happen to you!

The only way you’ll continue feeling normal and stay fit while working from home is if you do what you normally would. Get out of bed! Dress in something other than PJ’s and oversized hoodies! Go out every day, socialize, and exercise. You’ll find that physical activity is greatly beneficial to mental health as well. This, in turn, will make working from home easier. Instead of falling into a vicious cycle, you’ll end up in a magically uplifting one!

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