7 Benefits of a dynamic warm-up for running

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Published: January 6, 2022

Running is an activity that is extremely beneficial for the whole body. Most people when planning to exercise have the idea that it is easiest to start running. If you are planning to run for fitness or to lose weight, you need to know some basic things. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced runner, it is important not to skip the warm-up before running. You can get the best advice on how to prepare well and run safely from experienced DubaiPT trainers. If you warm up well and follow some basic rules about running, it can become an easy and everyday activity for you. It will help you maintain ideal fitness because running is a workout for the whole body. So be sure to pay attention to the 7 benefits of dynamic warm-up for running. Only then will you get the best possible results.

The woman is running
Preparing for a run is important for successful running.

1. Dynamic warm-up before running is key to reducing the risk of injury

If you are just starting to run this is very important to know. Running in itself has many benefits, but if you don’t warm up properly you can easily get hurt, as with any other exercise. So set aside 5 to 10 minutes before running and dedicate it to dynamic warm-up for running. It can be cardio exercises for example. When running, the legs are the most loaded, but still, exercise the whole body. So don’t forget to warm up and stretch all the muscles. While this may seem like an unnecessary thing before running, warming up and stretching will allow your muscles to prepare for the load that follows. This reduces the chances of injury or sprains while running. Take full advantage of a good warm-up before running.

2. Warming up allows the body to give its maximum

One of the benefits of dynamic warm-up before running is improved performance. As you warm up, your muscles stretch and prepare for the effort that awaits them. That way when you start running they are ready to give their maximum. This will help make your running more productive and have a better effect. You will make the most of everything it can give you, and it will increase your endurance. So don’t skip the workout because who wouldn’t want to always give their best.

3. Warming-up increases muscle temperature

To make running more productive the muscles must warm up well. Dynamic warm-ups before running increase muscle temperature and allow your body to move much faster. The best way to warm up and increase muscle temperature is aerobic exerciseQuick exercises to warm up all muscle groups in the body will be pleasing to your body before running. By increasing the temperature of the muscles in the body, various processes occur – it reduces the viscosity of muscles and blood, so the muscles move faster. And certain enzymes are triggered which improves the overall work of your body.

A woman does a dynamic warm-up for running.
Aerobic exercises are a great way to warm up.

4. You increase blood flow and oxygen with a dynamic warm-up for running

A smart warm-up also implies respect for basic didactic principles: from slower to faster, from easier to harder, from general to specific, from smaller amplitudes of movement to larger ones, etc. First of all, you need to warm up those muscle groups that are dominant in a certain activity. That’s why when we talk about running, a dynamic warm-up is a right thing to do. You can try Crossfit training because this type of exercise allows you to warm up your whole body. After a proper warm-up, blood flows faster and cellular respiration is accelerated. When your body gets more oxygen, you can expect better results from your running.

5. Better range of motion

Body mobility is very important for successful training. For all muscles to work properly and actively exercise in training, they need to be warmed up. The same goes for successful running, especially if you are trying to lose weight. If you want to activate all parts of the body and exercise while running, it is important to warm up well. At the beginning of the training, pay special attention to those joints and muscles that you feel are not yet ready for the main part of the training – running. Fat-burning workouts can help you with that. After these exercises, you will have a better range of motion, and your running will be more successful and productive. Listen and feel your body during the dynamic warm-up for running.

6. Less muscle tension and pain after running

To avoid tension and muscle pain after running, do a good warm-up before you start. Do not do the warm-up mechanically just because you need to or because everyone does it. In addition to general principles, there are specifics that each individual should incorporate into their warm-up. The warm-up exercises change and you have to adjust them to yourself depending on the type of running and the terrain you are running on. This is the only way to prevent delayed onset muscle soreness. What they all have in common is that you need to go through some of the dynamic warm-ups before running as well as stretching exercises.

The woman stretches her legs
Stretching is very important after a dynamic warm-up for running.

7. Dynamic warm-up for running helps adrenaline release

Last but not least, good warm-up increases adrenaline in the blood. This makes you more resilient while running. However, this way you will enjoy running even more because your brain receives information about how you enjoy it and increases endorphin levels.

In this way running affects your body:

  •  increases the euphoric feeling
  • reduces depression
  • increases lung capacity and the amount of oxygen in the blood
  • produces growth hormone that affects the younger look
  • and many others benefits.

We have already emphasized that it is important to warm-up well before any physical activity and especially before running. Warming up should not be something that should last half the workout. Take 5 or 10 minutes for a dynamic warm-up to running and enjoy all the benefits it brings. Or seek the assistance of some of the professional coaches in Dubai and make it easier for yourself to train.


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