7 Best weight loss diets for 2022 – according to dietitians

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Published: March 10, 2022

If you would try to lose weight only 30 or even 20 years ago, you would get a lot of odd and sometimes contradictory advice about what you should eat and could even get some prescription drugs along the way. Luckily, nowadays, scientists know much more about the processes that go around in our bodies when it comes to storing and losing fat. And it is very simple – it all comes down to eating the right amount of healthy foods.  Of course, every person is different. We all have different characteristics, health issues, tastes, and goals. That is why it is important to choose the right diet. And in the following article, DubaiPT will show you the 7 best weight loss diets for 2022. Take a look and choose the one that suits you.

Before you start following a certain weight loss diet there are certain things that you need to know

Weight loss can hurt your health – visit a physician before you get on a diet

Excessive weight can cause a lot of health issues. That is why, before you go on a diet, it would be smart to visit your physician and do a thorough checkup. Especially if you are obese and have been for a long time. Of course, if you have only a small amount of excess weight that you accumulated over winter, you shouldn’t worry too much.

a doctor checking data
Visit your doctor before you start losing weight

Ask a professional nutritionist to help you create a suitable meal plan

Bear in mind that creating a proper meal plan that will satisfy all your bodily needs is not easy. If you do not have experience, you could easily end up doing more harm than good. That is why we suggest that you visit a professional nutritionist that will provide you with a good weight loss diets plan that will guarantee that you are getting all the vitamins and minerals you need to stay healthy.

Persistence is the key

There aren’t many secrets when it comes to weight loss. Look for healthy meal plans Dubai experts recommend and you will get all the information that you need to lose excess weight. So it all comes down to your determination and persistence. Whether you will manage to follow your diet properly or not. Also, bear in mind that even though short-term diets may deliver quick results,  it is totally ineffective in the long run and not good for your health.

Moreover, because of the so-called yo-yo effect, after following a short-term diet and getting great results quickly, you will end up weighing more than before you went on a diet. That is why the only way to lose weight and maintain that state is to find a diet that you will be able to follow forever. And down below you will find some of the best weight-loss diets for 2022 that can serve that purpose.

Burn more calories by exercising

Don’t forget that, even though an excess weight has a lot to do with what and how much we eat it has a lot to do with how much we move as well. Excess weight is the result of getting more calories than we need to perform our daily tasks. Generally, we say that men need 2,500 and women 2,000 calories per day. That is how many calories the human body needs on a daily basis when we are performing normal everyday tasks. If you are getting more calories you will gain weight, if you are getting less, you will lose weight. If you want to eat more and do not gain weight along the way, you need to find a way to burn more calories. And the best way to do it is to make exercise your daily habit.

What are the best weight loss diets for 2022?

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best weight loss diets recommended by professional dietitians. Remember to consult with your doctor before you start following a certain diet.

Mediterranean diet

This is probably one of the healthiest diets in the world. People that live in the Mediterranean region are known to live long and healthy lives. This diet mostly consists of, olive oil, nuts, vegetables, whole grains, and various seafood. The Mediterranean diet lowers the risks of heart disease but is also great for weight loss. The great thing about this diet is that you will eat tasty foods and you will have no problems following it long term.

Mediterranean plate
Mediterranean diet is easy to follow

Intermittent fasting

One of the most popular diets in recent years, and also in 2022, is intermittent fasting. Essentially, you are eating whatever and how much you want within a certain time frame. Now there are a few ways to do this and it all depends on your preferences. Some people eat normally 5 days a week and then limit themselves to a very low number of calories during the weekend. Others will eat only during an 8-hour window during the day. Great solution if you cannot say goodbye to certain foods.

Vegan diet

In 2022, the Vegan diet is still a popular way to lose weight. As you probably already know, you will have to renounce all animal products, including dairy, eggs, and even honey.  This diet is known to have many health benefits if applied correctly. Of course, weight loss is just one of the results that you can expect after going vegan.

Flexitarian diet

If the Vegan diet is a little bit too extreme for you, maybe you would like a Flexitarian diet. This diet is similar to the Vegan diet where you are eating mostly plant-based food, however, you are allowed to eat a chicken breast or even a hot dog every now and then. Similar health and weight loss benefits to a vegan diet, only a little bit easier to follow.

Plant-based diet

The plant-based diet is another similar diet to vegan and Flexitarian diets. In this case, you will be eating mostly plant-based food as well but you will be also eating meat, eggs, and dairy products in smaller amounts.  This diet also has guaranteed health and weight loss benefits, especially in the long run.

Seafood plate
Try Pescatarian diet if you like seafood

The Pescatarian diet is one of the best weight loss diets in 2022. This diet is based on eating plant-based meals with the addition of seafood. This is a tasty diet that you can easily follow if you are living in The United Arab Emirates. Expect huge health and weight loss benefits from the Pescatarian diet.

DASH diet

One of the diets that weren’t originally designed for weight loss but have proven to be effective in this field as well, is the DASH diet. This diet revolves around restricting your sodium intake, which causes high blood pressure. If you decide on a DASH diet you will be eating mostly fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and nonfat dairy, which will limit the saturated fat and cholesterol that can create serious health problems.

Choose a good diet and stick with it

Those are the 7 best weight loss diets for 2022. Choose the one that you will be able to follow long-term. That is the only way to stay healthy and avoid weight problems in the future.

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