7 Great exercises for people with diabetes

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Published: October 29, 2021

Living with diabetes is not simple. You have to pay attention to a lot of aspects of your life. You need to think about your diet, pay attention to what you eat, make sure you get enough sleep, and always take care of your medicine. However, there is one thing that has been determined to be the best way to make your life much easier with diabetes. That is physical activity. The thing is, people with diabetes shouldn’t try to exercise on their own without consulting professionals Here are 7 great exercises for people with diabetes to try.

You will probably like them since they are adapted for people who are only at the beginning stages of working out. Try them and make sure you already talked to a physician. You will feel the benefits of physical activity within days.

Out of 7 great exercises for people with diabetes, walking is the best

It’s plain and simple. Walking doesn’t require you to have any kind of special equipment, a place where you can do it, or even a personal coach. Of course, it would be ideal if you could hire a good and affordable personal coach Dubai could offer. A good coach will track your progress and give you advice on how to properly do long walks, at what tempo and how long should you walk.

So, even without a gym membership you already have a great way to keep your health at a good level. Just make sure you are consistent. Do it every day if you can. Half an hour is good but an hour would be even better. Just make sure your breathing is correct so you don’t have problems with your heart and blood pressure.

A woman is walking in a forest with a lake behind her.
Walking is the best way to combat any kind of disease, as long as you have enough energy. It makes your blood, muscles, and lungs recover.

Cycling is another excellent way to stay healthy by yourself

If you have type 2 diabetes, cycling on a daily basis is one of the 7 great exercises for people with diabetes. It can help you make your blood sugar levels come to an optimal value and it can help you lose excessive weight. Cycling will help you reduce your risk of heart attack as well. Cycling does the same with stroke. It will also reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, and overall make your whole body heal.

You can do it alone, which is a great way to make yourself relax while having physical activity, but it’s even better if you can find a cheap personal trainer Dubai has to offer. Such a good and affordable trainer will keep track of your health, progress, and everything else you do to make sure that your health improves.

Try swimming to improve your health and develop your muscles

Any kind of water activity provides another joint-friendly exercise option. That means there’s more than just one benefit of doing such an activity. That’s why it’s among the 7 great exercises for people with diabetes. For example, water aerobics, pool yoga, swimming, aqua jogging, and other similar activities can give your spine, lungs, heart, and muscles a good workout, while minimalizing the amount of stress your joints have to endure, and that’s why they are a part of a healthy lifestyle. Swimming also cleans your blood and makes it circulate throughout the body in a much nicer flow, which lowers the risk of cancer and many other diseases.

A man is swimming in a pool.
Swimming is a great way to improve your health since your muscles get to develop and joints don’t experience any pressure.

Team sports are the best motivation

Often the hardest part of exercising is the lack of motivation. If that’s the case, join a recreational sports team and it will really give you a boost. A chance to socialize with other people with similar interests and the commitment you show to everyone else in the team will provide you with the motivation you need to show up every time you need to do so. There is a strong link between osteoarthritis and diabetes. Team sports are just as good as walking and swimming in combating this disease. That’s why team sports are among the 7 great exercises for people with diabetes.

Aerobic dance is really unusual but highly effective

If you hire a really good affordable personal trainer Dubai they can show you how to properly do the aerobic dance. Yes, it is strange and unusual, but it’s very effective. You can develop a lot of your muscles and physique using this type of exercise.

You will also reach your fitness goals easier if you sign up for some kind of aerobic dance or fitness class. For example, Zumba would be a great pick for a fitness program. Zumba combines thorough aerobic movements and dancing and creates a fast-paced workout.

Studies from a few years ago found that people who suffer from type 2 diabetes were more motivated to exercise after taking Zumba classes for 4 months. Their aerobic fitness improved as well and they lost weight. So, no matter how strange and exotic it seems, it’s a very effective activity and brings a lot of fun with it.

A man is lifting weights.
7 Great exercises for people with diabetes include lifting weights because weightlifting is helpful in building muscle mass.

Weighlifting is beneficial

Strengthening exercises usually help build one’s muscle mass. Weighlifting does the same. That means it can increase the number of calories you burn on a daily basis. Strength training also helps improve levels of sugar in your blood and your control over them. It’s not easy to incorporate weightlifting into your weekly or even daily routine. Try to use weight machines. If you can’t access those, free weights or even heavy household objects, such as water gallons or canned goods will do the work.

Make sure that you know how to lift weights safely and effectively. Consider joining a weightlifting class if there is an opportunity for you to do so or ask a professional fitness trainer to help you out. You can find an affordable one and some might even do it for free. But, be careful and don’t try weightlifting by yourself if you have no experience under any circumstances. You can easily get hurt that way, create damage on your spine and make a mess out of your body. Weighlifting is one of the 7 great exercises for people with diabetes only if you know how to do it.


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