7 great exercises for preschool kids

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Published: November 12, 2021

Motivating your kids to exercise can be pretty challenging at times. According to our DubaiPT, exercising should be fun for kids. They should not think of it as working out, but rather a game exercise. It is well known that children learn quickly through having fun and games, so exercising should be set up the same way. The more fun it is, the more they will enjoy it. There are many great exercises for preschool kids. Contact DubaiPT to find your own affordable personal trainer Dubai. That way you can find out more about which exercises you can implement in your kid’s routine.

children doing some great exercises for preschool kids
Exercising is very important for preschoolers

Exercising is important for your kid’s development

Regular exercising is an important part of a healthy lifestyle for kids since it lays the foundation for any future healthy habits. It is good for decreasing the risk of your kid becoming overweight in adulthood. Or developing type 2 diabetes.

Early targeting certain muscle groups while exercising can also prepare your kids for more complex motor skills such as dribbling a ball or even riding a bicycle. According to some studies, preschoolers (3-6 years) should exercise around 120 minutes on daily basis.

Be careful not to overexercise your kids. Parents should pay close attention to signs of overexercising such as loss of interest in a certain activity, fatigue, depression, or stress fractures. These recommendations may seem intimidating, but do not worry. Kids can meet them through childhood games and imaginative play.

7 great exercises for preschool kids

Exercising is important on so many levels. Especially for young kids, since it helps them develop a different set of skills. Besides helping them develop healthy habits and motor skills, it helps them improve on a psychological level. It will help them improve at school, academically, and behaviorally.

The 7 great exercises for your preschool kid are:

  • running
  • jumping
  • skipping
  • bear crawls
  • crab walks
  • squats
  • yoga

If you are having trouble incorporating these exercises into your kid’s daily routine, find help. Do not hesitate to contact our personal trainer for kids, and they will help you make exercise a part of your kid’s day.

Exercise or not running is always fun

Running can boost cognitive capacity, emotional health, and academic success in addition to helping youngsters grow healthy hearts, lungs, and coordination.

How to do it: Young children enjoy activities like tag or freeze that encourage running by pursuing each other. Older children may choose games that require more strategy, such as capture the flag, in which two competing teams attempt to capture each other’s flag and return it to their respective home bases.

mother and daughter running in the woods
You can find some great exercises for preschool kids

Jumping all the way

Jumping, like running, improves balance and coordination while also developing leg and core muscles.

How to do it: Here are some entertaining ways to get your youngster to jump, according to our personal trainer Dubai. Participate in games such as jumping like a frog or kangaroo with your child at home or outside. Try playing freeze jump instead of freeze dance. Play some music and jump when it starts and stop when it finishes.

Skipping is a great way for improving healthy habits

Skipping is a more coordinated movement that builds on running and jumping skills. This exercise also helps with balance, coordination, timing, and proprioception (the ability to detect your body’s location and movements).

How to do it: You can encourage your children to skip by doing the following:

In tag or freeze games, skip instead of running. Have your kids compete in a skipping race across a field or in your own backyard. Play freeze skips in the same way you would freeze jump, however this time skip while the music is playing.

Bear claws – great imaginative exercises for preschoolers

Bear crawls are full-body motions that help build strength and coordination. The following muscle groups are targeted:

  • Shoulders, chest, and arms are among the upper body muscles.
  • Quadriceps and hamstrings in the legs are examples of lower body muscles.

Small children can be encouraged to do bear crawls by using their imaginations. Allow your children to act like bears, rummaging through a forest in search of food or attempting to catch another animal.

How to do it: Begin on your hands and knees, with both hands and feet on the ground. Maintain a shoulder-width stance with your arms shoulder-width apart and your hips raised in the air. Start with your right hand and left foot, then move to your left hand and right foot.

A muscle-strengthening exercise – crab walks

Crab walks are another muscle-strengthening activity that can help with coordination. Crab walks, like bear crawls, target a variety of muscular groups, including:

  • Triceps
  • Hamstrings
  • Shoulders
  • Glutes
  • Abdominals.

Like bear crawls, these encourage active play that relies on the imagination of the youngster. Younger children may like pretending to be crabs walking over a beach’s sand.

How to do it: Begin by sitting up straight with your knees bent and your feet flat on the floor. Placing your hands flat on the floor and slightly behind your back is a good place to start. Raise your hips off the ground and take a step backward.

Squats – great exercise for preschool kids

Squats engage various lower body muscle groups, including glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, calves, hip flexors.

How to do it: Here are some suggestions for getting youngsters to squat:

Place a toy on the ground in front of a small child or toddler while they are standing. This may motivate them to squat to get a better look.

For peace of mind – yoga exercises for preschool kids

Yoga is a terrific way to increase strength, flexibility, and cultivate awareness and deep breathing, all of which can help you relax.

How to do it: If you are doing yoga yourself, set up an extra mat, since little kids like to imitate everything, you do. Other ways to motivate your kid to do yoga are to look up online for some kid-friendly yoga videos or hire an affordable personal trainer in Dubai.

mother and child doing yoga at home
Yoga is a great exercise for your preschool kid

If you are looking for professional help or a cheap personal trainer Dubai, feel free to contact us. These exercises for preschool kids are a great start, but sometimes you might need professional advice. Our trainers at DubaiPT will guide you on how to motivate your preschoolers to exercise.



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