7 great food combos for losing weight

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Published: November 23, 2021

People usually believe that the only way they will lose weight is by exercising. But trust us when we say it’s a Sizif’s work unless you take good care of your diet. That’s why our DubaiPT knows all tips and tricks that will help you lose weight and stay fit in the long run. This time, we came up with some amazing food combos for losing weight you will definitely love. The water will come pouring right out of your mouth while you read our combos.

Good nutrition is crucial for losing weight

First of all, you probably heard of that saying – you are what you eat. Well, that’s true. In order to maintain balance in life, you need to watch carefully what you eat. Although many people know it on paper, most of them couldn’t care less to think of healthy food more than necessary. A lot of those who exercise and work out at least semi-professionally, go straight to fast food stands and eat burgers after their workout. That is a completely wrong mindset and literally negates all your previous work in the gym. However, let’s be honest, a lot of athletes actually take care of their nutrition. Those are the people whose food combos for losing weight inspired us to make our own list. Stay tuned to find out more.

Girl preparing food
You should definitely make your own food and plan your own meals.

Furthermore, it’s not only about what you eat, it’s also about when you eat it. There’s no point in eating healthy if you eat it at a different time every day. You need to straighten everything out and standardize it. Only then you will be able to make progress in your diet and overall performance. You develop a healthy lifestyle by synchronizing even the smallest details in your life.

Why should you pay more attention to what food you eat rather than exercise?

To be honest, a lot of people believe that exercise is much easier than maintaining your weight through a balanced diet. That is actually far from true. If you truly want to lose weight and stay healthy, you need to look after what you eat. Therefore, it’s really important to do whatever you can to create a meaningful lifestyle that will trigger your weight loss. There is an interesting myth that says that dieting and exercising are equally important for weight loss. Well, no. There is no exercise in the world that will help you lose weight if you go and grab a burger after your evening practice.

We would also like to reiterate that there is no need to visit nutritionists in order to find a proper diet. Establishing a quality meal plan is not hard at all. All it takes is some good organization and a pinch of dedication. Therefore, you better get to eating healthy, and then you can start with arm workouts for women. You will see why we say that.

Let’s plan out some awesome food combos for losing weight

Alright, so we will try to look into some interesting food combos for losing weight. Whether you like it or not, that’s as good as it gets. You can make your own twists and add some of your own ideas (that will make your diet even easier to follow). Therefore, we will first name some core ingredients that will help you make your own combos. We will give you some examples later on. But first, you need to include this in your nutrition:

  • Whole foods – These are foods that are either not processed or minimally processed. These include fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes.
  • Water – It’s important to drink as much water as your body requires it. However, it’s a myth that you need to drink 2, 3 or more litres per day. You should drink only as much as your body requires it.
  • Lean meats, fish, poultry, beans
Person eating shot from above
You should eat approximately each day at the same time.

Did you know that certain food combos definitely affect your weight loss?

There are also some great foods that boost your energy and help you burn fat. You will see that can truly kickstart your weight loss in no time. However, we need to tell you some of the best food combos for losing weight. We came up with the ultimate 7 ideas that will truly help you not only lose weight but also create an amazing lifestyle that can turn your life into an amazing one.

Here are the 7 food combos for losing weight:

  1. Homemade overnight oatmeal
  2. Salmon with rice and veggies
  3. Chicken and lentils soup with two slices of bread
  4. Tuna, brown rice, veggies
  5. Turkey casserole with rice
  6. Sweet potato, cod and peppers
  7. Chicken breast with rice and veggies

These are some of our food combos you can use for weight loss. We gave you some simple ideas that you could, later on, turn into your own meal plans. These are some of the best foods for weight loss and people who eat like this see a big change in a month already. Therefore, make sure you keep these ideas in mind but also you should be creative. You don’t need to make strict meals just the way we told you. Make your own plans and tell us more once you’re done. We are excited to find out.

Breakfast at the table
Start each day with a firm routine.

Game changers start with a good breakfast

Finally, we told you some of the most interesting and healthiest food combos for losing weight. It’s your turn to show us what you know and what you can do. All our previously listed examples are healthy and are not expensive on top of it all. Therefore, if you want to lose weight and be the healthiest person in the entire city of Dubai, do as we advise you. You will notice the first change already after two weeks. Combine these foods with exercise and you will set an example of how everyone should look and eat. Make sure you tell us all about your meal plan to see if we got it right.


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