7 Great food combos that can double your weight loss

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Published: March 17, 2022

Except for fruit and some pieces of meat or fish, most of the time we don’t consume food separately. Mixing nutrients and including different sorts of food and vegetables in our diet can help us lose weight. Numerous studies have shown that the combination of certain foods helps us to stay on our weight loss journey while improving our overall health. It is possible to combine certain foods so that they affect the way nutrients are absorbed. There are some great food combos that can double your weight loss. By mixing them, we affect blood sugar, digestion, and the digestive tract. DubaiPT can help you choose the best healthy foods and provide tips on how to include them in your daily life.

It’s easy to make healthy food choices

Moderation is the key to a healthy diet. You should eat a variety of mostly healthy foods but in a balanced way. Consuming healthy nutrients and obsessing over calories, serving sizes, and ‘clean eating’ are two very different things. Healthy living goes beyond looking good or losing weight. We recommend that you try healthy meal plans Dubai Trainers offer and stop overthinking your every meal. There are many benefits you can get with our meal plans:

  • you will feel stronger and healthier
  • your energy levels will be up the roof
  • you will improve your immune system
  • eat food combos that can double your weight loss
  • you will lower the risk of developing diabetes or cardiovascular disease.
Avocado is one of the food combos that can double your weight loss
Mixing and combining nutrients is simpler than you think

7 food combos that can double your weight loss

For a belly fat-burning diet, you must combine the right foods on one plate. These mighty duos below can either fry fat, beat bloating, or ignite your metabolism, thanks to their complementary nutrients. Isn’t it better to eat two better-body foods and double the weight loss?

Avocado oil + spinach

Avocado oil is rich in omega-9 fatty acids that help improve cholesterol levels and get rid of hunger. It also contains vitamins B and E and potassium, which relieves swelling. On the other hand, spinach is quite filling without providing too many calories. There are plenty of dishes where you can include both and it’s easy to implement in your diet plan.

Tuna + ginger

Tuna with ginger is a perfect combo for losing weight. The root speeds up gastric emptying, which helps to quickly reduce feelings of bloatedness. It also blocks certain genes and enzymes that promote inflammation. Tuna is an oily fish filled with proteins and a type of omega-3 that protects us from excessive fat storage in the abdomen. We always try to include tuna in our weight loss diet plan, as it’s beneficial to build muscle tissue and it’s a great addition to your heart health.

Plated tuna fish
Choosing tuna canned in water is a great way to boost your protein intake

Corn + legumes

Legumes are a family of beans, peas, and peanuts. A hypocaloric diet that includes a plate of legumes a week is more effective for losing weight than one with the same calories but without legumes. Adding corn increases the slimming effect. Like bananas or cold pasta, corn contains resistant starch, making the body unable to absorb as much of its calories and glucose.

Melon + red grapes

A fruit salad with melon and grapes is perfect for summer. Both fruits can help reduce swelling. Melon is a natural diuretic that helps prevent fluid retention. Red grapes contain an antioxidant that helps reduce fat accumulation. Both grapes and melons have a high water content, so besides being great for fat loss, they can be a source of hydration. Additionally, these fruits will be a great substitute for unhealthy desserts.

Egg + lettuce

A hard-boiled egg is a common ingredient in salads, but it is not always present in our daily meals, and we would advise that you add it more to your diet. Eggs can make the body better absorb carotenoids, the pigments that give vegetables their color, and are also a great ally against weight gain. Eggs’ health benefits are many. They are proven to improve your heart and eye health. Lettuce is extremely low in calories, and it’s rich in fiber. It’s also inexpensive! Try including it daily, as it’s easy to prepare and even easier to eat.

A person chopping a lettuce
Lettuce is first on the list of food combos that can double your weight loss, as they are low in calories and mix great with other ingredients

Potatoes + pepper

Because they are rich in carbohydrates, potatoes are practically prohibited in any weight loss diet, but people could be making a mistake. A team of researchers has discovered that potatoes are actually more satiating than whole grains and are also rich in potassium. If you are already on our vegan meal plan, you know how diverse our plans are.  Of course, if we want to lose weight we must eat them cooked or roasted and never accompanied by butter. Season them with pepper, as they are a natural metabolic booster, filled with vitamins and minerals. Plus, your food will taste amazing!

Chicken + Cayenne Pepper

High-protein foods, like chicken, help us stay fuller for a longer period of time. It’s important to pair chicken with correct nutrients, such as broccoli or cayenne pepper. Cayenne pepper accelerates fat burning thanks to capsaicin, a compound that also suppresses appetite. It’s very spicy, but if you live in Dubai, you are already used to it!

More great drink and food combos that can double your weight loss

When you are on a diet, you should take into consideration everything you eat and drink in a day. For example,  cinnamon, in addition to sweetening coffee without providing hardly any calories, contains powerful antioxidants that reduce belly fat. Caffeine reduces appetite. If you are trying to lose weight, there is no better drink to start the day. If you are not a coffee lover, you can drink a warm tea with lemon and honey. Both are among food combos that can double your weight loss.



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