7 Gym equipment alternatives you already have at home?

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Published: June 22, 2021

Leading a healthy lifestyle is a popular phrase nowadays. There are countless diets out there that are suitable to certain types of body (or at least are supposed to be) or are suitable for whatever the person wants to exactly accomplish with their body. There are also more and more fitness courses and training programs. It feels like new gyms are opening almost daily and more and more people are using them. However, if you want to lead a healthy lifestyle, while it is great to have constant access to the tips and advice of one of the many fitness instructor Dubai offers, you can also do a lot of work at your home. A lot of people are actually not aware of how much work you can do with the things that you have in your home. So, here are 7 gym equipment alternatives you already have at home.

Do you have access to stairs at your home?

Let’s start with an easy one. Stairs are one of the most common gym equipment alternatives you already have at home. If you do not live on the first floor, then using stairs is a really good exercise. However, since buildings or multi-floor houses often have an elevator, a majority of people use it rather than the stairs. If you want to work out, instead of an elevator, using stairs is one of the best things you can do for your home workouts. Taking the stairs is overall a much healthier option compared to the elevator. 

person walking on stairs
Stairs a great tool for working on cardio

Elevators are there to spare us the effort, but often that effort is not really an effort, and we just got spoiled. So, whenever you can, use the stairs wherever you may be. This will improve your overall cardio status, especially if you start climbing to higher floors regularly. You can also use them for building up the leg musculature without having to put in too much thought into exercises specifically. Of course, you can always use the stairs for working on the quads with specific exercises.

Bags of food

Bags of food can be a great substitute for many heavy exercises. You can do things such as barbell curls, bench pressing, and overhead extensions. You can use them for deadlifts and squats. Adding a large bag (or two) to these common exercises truly elevates them to gym-level quality workouts. Just make sure that you distribute the weight equally.  

The medicine ball – any larger ball

For medicine ball exercises you can use balls from other sports whether it Dubai football ball or a basketball one. As long as you are dealing abs, legs or arms, without going hardcore, these balls will do. If you are going for a larger medicine ball, then you can use something like a detergent. Just be careful in the beginning (at least) until you get acquainted with how the weight of it is distributed. 

A filled backpack instead of a weighted vest

A weighted vest is a popular gym tool that can be used in many exercises. It adds extra weight to your body which makes your body work extra hard. Your heart rate goes up, your muscles are more engaged and overall the workout is more effective. You can easily replace the weighted vest with a backpack. Fill it with water bottles, books, or even clothes. A great thing about this option is that you can easily manipulate the weight.

backpack and tools
Great thing about using backpacks is that you can easily manipulate weight

If the weight is too much, take out a portion. If it is not heavy enough, adds more. You can combine this with the stairs, for example, and make your quad and gluteus exercises more effective. There are many exercises that you can do with the weighted vest, so if you are not an expert you can check out one of the personal trainer courses Dubai gyms offer or do your own Internet research about this. 

Your couch is low-key one of the best gym equipment alternatives you already have at home

A couch (or a sofa) can be a really useful tool for exercising at home. First of all, you can use the couch for the tricep dip and even incline/decline planks and push-ups. There are many sub-options for exercises with these, so get creative. Furthermore, one of the most effective exercises that you can do with a couch is the “pistol” or the sit-squats. If you are looking for leg exercises, then the sit-squats and pistol squats are the ones for you. Do them onto and off the couch. What makes a couch or a sofa so great for this type of exercise is that going low enough to touch the cushion with your bottom is by itself a nice well-rounded repetition while you are also having the safety of soft padding in case you fall. 

Kettlebells – water jugs 

Kettlebells are among the most versatile examples of gym equipment. There are countless exercises where they can contribute, and every gym is incomplete without them. You can easily replace them with water jugs. The weight is appropriate as well as their shape and the center of gravity. Remember to take it easy at first while you figure them out first so that you do not hurt yourself.

There are 7 great gym equipment alternatives you already have at home.
You can use water mugs instead of kettlebells

Dumbbells – Bags of food or water bottles  

The final of our 7 gym equipment alternatives you already have at home is whatever you can use for simulating light dumbbells. Bags of rice are an outstanding solution due to their weight and weight distribution. Bags of other things such as beans can also do a very good job. Water bottles are also potentially good solutions because you can find them in different sizes while they are literally designed to fit well in your hands. 

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