7 reasons why sport is important in early childhood

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Published: July 3, 2021

Sports activities are usually associated with school-age kids. However, there are plenty of recreational activities kids can enjoy during their early years. Whether it’s yoga, martial arts, or basketball, there are many reasons why sport is important in early childhood. After a child turns 3 years old, parents should consider engaging them in sports for a few reasons. Sports activities at this age benefit both the physical and mental health of children. Some parents decide to hire a personal trainer for kids, while others choose group sports activities. With so many options, it’s not easy to choose the right sport for your kids. Take a look at our list of reasons why sport is important in early childhood.

When is the best time to engage your child in sports activities?

From the day a child is born, they instinctively move and learn different skills. Around the second year, some of the basic motor skills are developed, and children start learning about things they can physically achieve. Sport is important in early childhood for more than one reason. First, healthy physical development is a priority is this age. Second, children start to learn about social bonding, self-esteem, and capabilities from different physical activities. From the age of 3-5 years old, kids learn how to run, jump and throw. These are already good signs that your child is ready to start with sports activities.

kid playing
Even during the earliest years, children have the need to develop their physical strength. Sports activities are the best way to develop motor skills and have fun at the same time.

We could freely say that sports activities can mean more to kids than adults. While parents choose a sport like power yoga Dubai to stay fit or lose weight, children perceive these activities as the most fun part of the day! So, if you are wondering when is the best time to enroll your child in sports, have in mind the following. 

Depending on personal preferences and your child’s unique character, you can always consult a personal trainer Dubai has to offer. Most trainers will advise a free class for your child in order to test their physical skills. If your kid seems to love a certain sport, consider it as a recommendation.

7 reasons why sport is important in early childhood

If you are still not sure whether sports activities are the best choice for your child, take a look at our list of upsides:

  • Character development. Children learn about themselves from different influences. During early childhood, sport can help them develop different skills and realize what they are capable of. Building character happens through discipline and steady routine, which is why this is one of the reasons why sport is important in early childhood.
  • Motor skills development. It’s a known fact that sports activities develop motor and cognitive skills at a young age. With a proper choice of activity, your child can improve the way they move, improve posture and gain physical strength.
little boy on the grass
In case your child has any physical difficulties, make sure to consult a professional sports trainer.
  • Balancing energy levels. In early childhood, kids often don’t know how to vent their sudden energy bursts.  If you think your child is hyperactive, then engaging them in sports is the right choice!
  • Learning about fair play. Learning how to compromise, be fair and be empathetic with others are just some of the benefits of playing sports at a young age. Fair play helps a child respect their teammates while enforcing a positive attitude.
  • Building team spirit. Whether your kid is the only child or they have siblings, building team spirit will be very important.
  • Learning respect for their trainers and teammates. Learning respect and empathy is one of the main goals of parenting, and sports activities are the best way to start. Early childhood is the time when kids learn how to socialize, work together and respect each other.
  • Boosting confidence and self-esteem. Not all kids are out-going and brave. Engaging in sports activities helps children boost their confidence and self-worth.

How to choose the right sport for your child?

This may sound like an easy choice, especially if your child is already passionate about a certain sport. However, there are a few factors you should consider before making this decision:

kids playing football because sport is important in early childhood
Learning how to compromise, be fair and be empathetic with others are just some of the benefits of playing sports at a young age.
  • What types of sports activities are available in your city? You should consider a few options before your child starts training.
  • How much of your engagement is required? Ask your child’s future trainer about your role in the sports activity (sports equipment, competitions…)
  • Does your child have a specific physical issue? One of the reasons why sport is important in early childhood is that it helps resolve certain physical development issues.
  • Individual or group sports activities? Every child is different, which is why you should consider both options. Individual sports like martial arts, gymnastics, or yoga are great for kids who lack self-confidence. On the other hand, team sports help children develop social skills, learn respect and patience.
  • Is your child mentally prepared to engage in sports? Both psychological and emotional maturity is important aspects of every training. Make sure to ask your child’s trainer whether your kid is ready to handle this activity. Following their development will be the key to achieving long-term results. 

These, and many other factors will determine the best sport for your child. No matter which one you choose, keep in mind that a workout routine should be the most fun time of your kid’s day. So, make sure to pay close attention to the child’s behavior in their early childhood. Even if you don’t choose well, you can always switch to a new sports activity. Most parents who engage their kids in physical activities realize that sport is important in early childhood. Every moment in your child’s early development is important, which is why sports should be a part of their everyday life!

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