7 Tips for Creating a Meal Plan Your Clients Will Follow

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Published: June 30, 2022

Running a fitness business and helping people to live a healthy life is not always easy. You have to compete for their attention while constantly coming up with new engaging ideas. One of the best ideas is meal planning and giving your clients a list of foods to avoid and eat. Meal planning will help them to stay on track and guide them through this healthy journey. However, creating a meal plan your clients will follow requires a lot of thought. That is why DubaiPT is here to give you 7 simple tips for your new clients. Let’s ensure that your clients achieve desired results and have fun along the way.

Talk to your clients to understand them and their desires better

Before you actually create meal plans in Dubai for your clients, you need to conduct an assessment. Every individual is different and they all have different goals and fitness needs. You need to make sure you take the time to understand your clients better. This includes their lifestyle, fitness goals, food preferences, etc. Asking them the right questions is essential before creating a perfect meal plan. You should ask them about any possible allergies, food preferences, and the type of food they would like to try. Moreover, it is important to know about their grocery budget and how much time they have to prepare these meals every day. Only then, you will be successful in creating a meal plan your clients will follow.

A nutritionist talking to the client about meal planning
Understanding your clients’ needs is essential when taking care of their progress.

A meal plan needs to be realistic and fun at the same time

The second thing you need to do is to figure out the format and length of the meal plan. For example, if your client wants to build muscles – then start with the 7 day meal plan for muscle gain. This will be easy to follow and will not overwhelm them. Include three meals and snacks that are realistic and they can easily prepare at home. The recipes should be simple with easy ingredients and minimal cooking time. Moreover, if they are working, they need to be able to pack those meals for work. Incorporate ingredients that are fresh and seasonal, and ensure that they have fun while making these meals.

Include supplements in the meals that will boost their performance

A lot of female fitness trainers in Dubai and others advise supplements for achieving goals. If you want your client to benefit from their nutrition, include various dietary supplements. Collagen supplements are wonderful for recovery and muscle repair. Additionally, they can aid in detoxifying their body and making their skin feel flexible. Another great supplement is vitamin D which is great for bone health and skin as well. If your client combines them with a diet and meal plan full of healthy fats, they will see amazing results. Creating a meal plan your clients will follow needs to focus on their health primarily.

Creating a meal plan your clients will follow includes various vegetables and fruits
Creating a meal plan your clients will follow means incorporating various healthy options.

Help your clients by creating a grocery list for their weekly meal plan

Once they receive their meal plan, clients will have to buy all the ingredients they need. Sometimes this can be challenging for them, especially if they follow a vegan meal plan Dubai. They will need to figure out what they need for each meal and lose time and money buying unnecessary ingredients. You can help them out by creating a grocery list for them. Organize all the ingredients they need in categories such as vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc. This way, they can save time and buy everything they need in one grocery shopping. Also, make sure you include quantities, so your client doesn’t throw away food or create leftovers.

Create a meal prep guide for your clients especially if they are new

A lot of beginners will struggle in figuring out when and how to prepare food. A meal prep guide will be a great resource to understand how to follow the kcal meal plan Dubai best. They will learn how to prepare food in advance and what their next step should be. You can instruct them to prepare their breakfast in the morning and snacks for work. Moreover, they will learn what to do with leftovers and how to organize their entire day. They will find this process much easier and they will want to stick to this plan for a longer period of time.

A family cooking together in the kitchen
Engage your children in preparing different fun meals and cooking together.

Adjust meal plans over time and introduce new ingredients each time

If your client’s goal is to lose weight, then this is already a big change for them. With the correct meal plan and exercises to lose belly fat, they are on the right track. If you want your clients to follow meal plans, they add changes once in a while. They should feel enthusiastic about meal prep and not feel bored or full. Each time, include something different. Each season brings new items, and they should feel like they are progressing. Don’t let them feel like this is something they have to do, instead, they should enjoy in this new lifestyle.

Follow up on their progress and listen to their feedback

Your goal is not only to create a meal plan for your client. You should also follow up with them after a few days or weeks and listen to their feedback. Changing an eating routine is quite difficult and a lot of clients will struggle in the beginning. That is why you need to talk to them and figure out if this is something that works for them or not. As your business expands, you will learn how to connect best with your clients and how to progress in creating a meal plan your clients will follow. Planning meals is an amazing skill that will get easier over time. Moreover, it is a chance to transform people’s bodies and change their lives.


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