7 workout essentials that you need in your gym bag

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Published: July 17, 2021

Committing to a workout can be a big decision, which is why most of us are concerned about which items to pack in a gym bag. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Zumba dance class or a session with a personal trainer – you will need some essentials every time you visit the gym. Comfortable clothes, protein bars, and clean pair of sneakers will be just some of the essentials you should get. If you want to pack for the gym like a pro, take a look at the following guide. Here is our pick for 7 workout essentials that you need in your gym bag.

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Before packing your gym bag, you should make sure to choose the best workout routine for your needs. One of the best (and most responsible) things you can do is to find a trainer to monitor your progress. Having a professional to guide you through the best exercises for your body has many benefits. For starters, it’s not easy to stay motivated at the beginning of a new workout routine.

No matter what your long-term goals are, you should search for some of the best personal trainers in Dubai. A licensed personal trainer will help you make a plan for each workout routine in order to get the best results. In case you have any chronic pain or other health issues, a professional will know how to keep you safe and healthy during the training.

person holding a gym bag
If you want to pack light for the gym, you should pack only the essentials.

7 essentials that you need in your gym bag

Having everything you need for a workout is important for many reasons. First, if you work out in comfortable clothes, your session will be easier. Also, having water, towels and other essentials will make your time in the gym way more efficient. In order to enjoy the time you spend in the gym, take a look at 7 workout essentials that you need in your gym bag:

  • A reusable water bottle. No matter how often you plan to visit the gym, a reusable water bottle will be the best solution. During a workout, you will probably drink a lot more water than usual. Using a few plastic bottles for every session is not the eco-friendliest solution.
  • Clean sneakers for a workout routine. It goes without saying that you should train in clean pair of shoes. In case you are planning outdoor training with your trainer, you can bring spare running shoes in your gym bag.
  • Wet wipes and a hand sanitizer. Due to Covid-19, last year was a hard one for gym owners. In order to keep their clients safe and healthy, different measures were taken. Hand sanitizer is one of the most important workout essentials you need in your gym bag.
  • Comfortable gym clothes. Depending on the type of training you are interested in, it’s always good to keep a spare set of gym clothes.
  • Towels and toiletries. Most gym facilities in Dubai have showers that are free to use. In order to refresh after heavy abs workout, you will need to bring your own towels and toiletries.
  • Snack bars. It’s not recommendable to eat meals inside the gym, but bringing a protein bar or another small snack is a good idea.
  • Flip flops for showering. Just like towels and toiletries, flip-flops are a must for taking a shower inside the gym.
plastic water bottle
A reusable water bottle is always better than a plastic one.

Items you should avoid bringing to the gym

Besides some of the workout essentials that you need in your gym bag, there are some items you should avoid packing. Here are some of them:

  • Too many gadgets. You can bring as many as you like, but all they’ll do is distract you during a workout.
  • Dirty shoes. Before entering a fitness hall, you should take off the shoes you came in.
  • Full meals. In case you don’t have a lunch break during the day, you might feel tempted to eat inside the gym. This is not a good idea, primarily because of hygienic reasons. Just imagine eating a sandwich beside a person doing a kettlebell workout. It’s always better to leave the gym facility and eat one hour after training.

If you are not familiar with different policies and rules inside the gym, there will always be someone to help you out. Gym staff will help you make a list of other essentials that could be useful for your training sessions.

How to choose the best workout routine for your needs?

Starting a new workout routine is not easy, especially if you don’t know what you are getting yourself into. There are many options to choose from, but not all of them are the best solution for everyone. Depending on what your long-term goals are, you might want to consult a personal trainer and ask for advice. Keep in mind that the best workout routine for you will be the one that motivates you to commit. If you feel like you want to give up after one or two sessions, give yourself a little bit more time. It takes time to adjust to a new workout routine that shows results.

person holding a gym bag
Packing for your first training? Ask your trainer for advice.

Whether you are a pro athlete or you want to start going to the gym, it’s important that you bring the proper equipment. Hopefully, now you’ll have a better idea of the workout essentials that you need in your gym bag. With a good workout plan and all the essential items, your workout routine will be way more efficient.


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