A high-protein diet plan to improve health and lose weight

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Leading a healthy life and being fit is something we all want to have. It is a phrase that sounds so good that it probably invokes the image of your perfect self in your brain every time you hear it. In theory, it can sound quite simple to set up that aim, but the reality is that it is often not something that one can achieve that easily. There are many elements that come into play when creating a healthy lifestyle plan. From physical training and a healthy diet to maintaining a proper sleeping schedule, drinking enough water, and scheduling all of that, things can be quite complex. But, worry not. Power yoga Dubai professionals are here to help you out with our series of tips for a high-protein diet plan to improve health and lose weight.

A high-protein diet plan to improve health and lose weight step 1 – You need a healthy (sleeping) schedule

We live in a new world. With the ever faster development of technology, we are yet to grasp its full impact on our lives. Crossfit training, while extremely healthy for your body is simply not enough. Especially so, because one of the things that modern lifestyle has changed is the average person’s biorhythm. Generally speaking, we are going to bed later than we used to and more and more people are pushing their bedtime later with every passing day.

a woman sleeping
Sleep is the first, crucial step towards a healthy life

This is bad for two reasons:

  1. It is not healthy – Our bodies are naturally inclined to go to bed around 9 to 10 pm. Depending on your body the specific amount of time you need to sleep will vary, but around 7.5 to 8 hours of sleep is what our bodies need. Moving our bedtime throws our body out of sync with our natural biorhythm and that has all sorts of bad effects on it. Among others, the digestive system doesn’t operate on its 100%.
  2. It complicates the rest of the day – By staying up too late, you will get up late. That can often mean waking up in an awkward ‘no man’s land between breakfast time and lunch. You will then eat and move your lunch closer to dinner time and push dinner even farther or, even worse, you will skip the third meal altogether. Any dietary plan that you make will be at a greater risk of being abandoned. That is why this is, simply put, something you must avoid if you want to improve your health and lose weight. Instead, you need to reel back your biorhythm towards the more normal sleeping schedule. This will result in a couple of key health boosts to your body which will, among other things, speed up weight loss.

A high-protein diet plan to improve health and lose weight step 2 – Water

Drinking water is another really big thing that often gets forgotten about. Water is the source of life and as such, it plays a role in our bodies that cannot be overstated. It can help with brain and body power, constipation, and headaches. However, water also helps with nutrient absorption. You will more easily dissolve vitamins, minerals, and all the other elements when there is enough water in your organism. Furthermore, by drinking water 30 minutes before a meal, you will feel a natural inclination to eat less as you will feel more full when you start your meal. Any good personal coach Dubai has will definitely tell you the same.

a woman drinking water
Water is healthy in a variety of ways and it also helps with your diet

A high-protein diet plan to improve health and lose weight step 3 – What to exclude?

Before we talk about the foods that you should exclude from your diet, we first need to establish what you need to avoid. Refined sugar is one of the things that you really need to avoid. Things such as candies, baked products, and sodas (especially sparkling sodas) are a big no-no. While it can be useful to eat a candy bar before or during training, there are better, healthier alternatives. Ask one of your male fitness trainers for their personal recommendations to get some personalized ideas. What you also want to avoid are highly processed foods. Also, be on the lookout when grocery shopping about “diet products” as they often contain extra sweeteners.

A high-protein diet plan to improve health and lose weight step 4 – What to include?

And now, the fun part. There are many protein foods out there and they are super tasty. For breakfast you can eat eggs, oats, quinoa, lentils, fruits, protein shakes made of whey or plant, for starters. Dairy products made of cow’s milk, cheese, and things such as Greek yogurt are all amazing additions to a breakfast meal. For lunch, meat is always a great choice. Beef, chicken, and turkey breasts are super popular among female fitness trainers in Dubai as essential parts of lunch. Beans, fish, and vegetables such as broccoli or green salad, along with rice form a great combination with various sorts of meat. For dinner, vegetable salads with some chicken breast and a bit of cheese are strong protein meals that will definitely keep you full until breakfast.

A high-protein diet plan to improve health and lose weight includes meat and vegetables
Meat and vegetables are always a winning combination

How to apply these to your life?

This is where we take all of the above and combine them together. We need a good, consistent sleeping schedule from which we can build upwards. So, get your sleeping schedule under control first. Then, you need to think about your daily routines such as work that form the majority of your schedule. Look for the openings among them and see what is the best way to fit the meals. Remember, you need all three main meals, but leave room for a little snack between them. The key here is rationing. Do not pack more food than fits into one portion. If you do bring excessive food with you to work, for instance, you will eat it. What you want is to keep it light. Protein food is strong and nutrient, so overeating is really something to avoid at all costs.

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