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Published: April 10, 2020

The new coronavirus pandemic has completely reshaped the world. We are advised to stay inside and spend some quality time with our families – for the time being. But quarantine is especially difficult for kids who are little balls of energy. Besides, if your children are used to going out, socializing, and being active, keeping them entertained throughout the day might be a challenge. But don’t worry – all you need are the following activities for kids during quarantine that will keep the entire family busy and entertained. Happiness and fun are a mandatory part of a healthy lifestyle, and there’s no need to give that up even while spending weeks in quarantine.

Top 5 activities for kids during the quarantine

Bear in mind that there aren’t only five activities you could all do – there are dozens of them. However, the following five are the ones that promise to be fun for the entire family, and not just for kids. Nothing wrong with parents having a little fun, right?

1. A game of Charades

As a simple yet effective parlor game, Charades are the first choice when it comes to entertaining large groups of people. Sure, they are a frequent occurrence during dinner parties. But there is no reason why you couldn’t be able to adjust the game to fit the age group of your kids.

A woman holding a hat.
A hat is all the props you need for a game of Charades.

To create your own game of Charades, write down different terms on index cards. Have the age of your kids in mind and write down different animals, actions, toys, etc. Now mix all of those index cards in a hat and draw them out. Act these words out and see who can get the most answers correctly. A game of Charades will not only keep the kids busy, but it will also help the parents relax after a long day. Trust us – working from home can be much more tiring than working in an office.

2. Hula hoop

If you try to remember your childhood, we are pretty sure you will remember good old hula hoop. Unfortunately, with the rise of technology, some people have forgotten to pass down the memory of these great activities to their kids. But the quarantine is the right time to change that! All you need are as many hula hoops as you have family members. Gather around and see who can keep going the most. One of the best things about hula hoop is that this is an activity for children during quarantine that can be done both outside and inside. If you have a backyard or a larger balcony, then you have all the space you need!

Another good thing about the hula hoop is that it is a physical activity that will help with the sedentary lifestyle that’s bound to happen during the quarantine. If you are worried about your kids not being active, you can always hire an online personal trainer for kids. Or you can just hula hoop the day away!

3. Hide and Seek

Are you worried about your kids demolishing the house during quarantine? If you want to keep them entertained and busy while helping them burn out the energy, all you need to do is participate in a game of Hide and Seek. It’s another activity today’s adults have grown up with, so you already know how fun this game can be. Count to ten and give your children enough time to hide around the house. Then start looking for them and repeat the game for as many times as you want once you find the winner. Running around the house and being physically active will help your kids strengthen their immune systems, as regular activity helps all of the bodily processes.

A boy playing hide and seek - one of the best activities for kids during quarantine.
Give your kids the freedom to roam around the house!

4. Building a fort

If you are looking for activities for kids during quarantine that will keep them occupied from morning till night, this could be the perfect one for you. Building a fort sounds simple – but it rarely is so. You first need to assemble enough pillows and sheets. Then you need to put them in some sort of formation and then quite possibly start all over again, as pillow forts aren’t known for their stability. But once you do get right, the entire family will be able to relish in the fruits of your labor. Not to mention that by this point, your kids will have been occupied for hours.

If you happen to have a projector, then you can count yourself as lucky. You can pretend that you are going camping and spend the night stargazing. Of course, if you have a backyard then you can stargaze for real.

5. Dance it out

In the end, there’s no reason for you to try to invent any complicated games. All you need to do to keep your kids entertained is to put on some good music and just dance it out.  Like most of the previous activities for kids during quarantine, this one will also combine fun with much-needed physical activity. And you are going to see the benefits of that as soon as bedtime comes.

A little ballerina.
Rare are those kids that don’t like this dance it out every once in a while.

There is a bunch of activities that will keep your kids busy during the quarantine

Besides the five ideas we just gave you, we are sure you can easily find at least five other ideas that will be just as great. The bad news is that this quarantine might last for a couple of weeks. But the good news is that you get to spend all this quality time with your loved ones. This is the right time to get your children interested in sports by targeting physically challenging activities for kids during the quarantine. On the other hand, you can also get them interested in arts or music with the other specter of activities. Use this time well and we are sure you won’t even notice when the quarantine ends.


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