Advantages and Disadvantages to Using a Fitness Tracker

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Published: March 3, 2023

Opinions are indeed divided when it comes to using fitness trackers and other gym gadgets. Some people love having new gym equipment, matching gym sets, or cool gadgets, while others think that the most important thing is showing up and working out. An experienced personal trainer in Dubai would say that both sides have a point. However, whether you are a beginner or a veteran gym rat, you have to admit that sometimes, having a gadget like a fitness tracker can be pretty cool and helpful for several reasons. This is why in this article, we are going to go through some of the advantages and disadvantages to using a fitness tracker.

The advantages of using a fitness tracker

Besides looking good on your wrist and making you look like you are seriously into fitness, a fitness tracker can be beneficial for a couple of more reasons. By using one, you will be able to reap the following benefits:

  • Track your progress – If you have a specific goal, having a fitness tracker will help you see how far you have come.
  • Stay motivated – Seeing the number of calories you have burned in a workout session can help you stay motivated and consistent.
  • Train efficiently – If you turn on your fitness tracker while in a training session, there is less chance that you will procrastinate.

Measuring your progress toward your goals

Consulting a fitness tracker can be pretty beneficial when you are trying to achieve a specific goal. This gadget has been proven to be most advantageous to those who exercise to lose weight. Since their plan focuses on burning calories, tracking how many calories you burn in a workout session can help you monitor your progress. Weight loss focuses on the calories you take in and burn, so knowing these numbers can help you calculate your way to perfect results.

a person looking at and using a fitness tracker in a gym
The fitness community has gone crazy over these little gadgets. But what are the advantages and disadvantages of using a fitness tracker?

Staying motivated

Fitness trackers can help you stay motivated simply because they can show you how far you have come on your fitness journey. For example, runners will be able to see when their pace improves, and those with a top aerobic exercise routine will know when they have leveled up their abilities and increased the number of burned calories per session.

Training more efficiently

If you have a fitness tracker, there is a chance that you will get more out of your workout sessions. Why? Simply because when you have the timer on, you are less likely to procrastinate. You won’t walk around the gym, thinking about what to do next. Hence, a fitness tracker will help you perform the exercises and the best abs workout only with calculated pauses.

The disadvantages of using a fitness tracker

Of course, besides the above-listed reasons to get a fitness tracker, we need to also consider the reasons not to use one. Many people won’t reap the benefits of using this gadget simply because of the following reasons:

  • Fitness trackers can be expensive – The cost of these gadgets can add up, and it would be a shame if you gave up on fitness just because you can’t afford one.
  • You can get obsessed with numbers – Tracking your progress can have negative side effects because there is a risk of being obsessed with burned calories and other statistics.
  • They can show inaccurate results – Remember that a fitness tracker’s sensors are not as accurate as tools medical professionals use.

Fitness trackers can get expensive

We often see fitness influencers on social media wearing the most expensive fitness trackers, gym outfits, and other equipment, and some of us can get carried away by the aesthetics. However, note that you don’t need an overpriced fitness tracker to perform your best. There are plenty of affordable fitness trackers on the market. Furthermore, there are also many progress-tracking fitness apps you can download for free.

a woman holding a smartphone and using a fitness tracker outdoor
Seeing the results you were hoping for on your fitness tracker screen can help you stay motivated.

The number obsession

Sometimes, using a fitness tracker can get out of hand. People can become obsessed with tracking every single strep and every session. But doing this usually takes the joy out of working out. Not only that, but some people can tend to measure their self-worth by the numbers their gadgets are showing.

Remember, using a tracker is supposed to be beneficial and handy, not toxic to your mental health. Therefore, you don’t have to bring your tracker when you play football in Dubai. Just enjoy the game and share the fun with others without obsessing with numbers.

Fitness trackers can be inaccurate

Even the most expensive fitness trackers can show inaccurate results. Therefore, you shouldn’t trust them 100%. Use them to track your progress, but remember that the result is not certain or fixed. Consider the numbers as approximate values and just enjoy your workout.

assorted fitness equipment
Remember to use a fitness tracker only with a positive mindset to reap the benefits of using it.

Carefully weigh the pros and cons of fitness trackers

Hopefully, the advantages and disadvantages of using a fitness tracker we listed will help you decide whether you should use one or not. We highly recommend that you carefully consider them both. You should only get a fitness tracker if you are sure that it will benefit you. If you are going to use them with a positive mindset at your favorite open-air workout spots in Dubai, then, by all means, go for it. However, if you know you are the type of person that can get obsessed with tracking and numbers, consider an alternative option. There is nothing more important than your physical and mental health.

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