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Published: November 6, 2019

Learning about other cultures around the world can be rather interesting. And capoeira training can be a great way to learn something new. If you are not sure what is capoeira, we will explain to you the basics of this rather interesting discipline. What you need to know is that if you decide to learn and train capoeira, it can be a great way to meet new people in Dubai. And, while you are doing that you will exercise your body and your mind. All you need is a little bit of a positive attitude and an open mind to try new types of training.

What is capoeira? And, what is capoeira training?

Capoeira is an Afro-Brazilian martial art that combines different things. It combines elements of dance, acrobatics, and music. So, as you can see you can be sure that your body and mind will be active during capoeira training! You probably have seen people doing it, but you did not know the name of the discipline. Capoeira is based on flowing movements, rather than on a fixed position. It is often involving hands-on the grounds and inverted kicks that will help you exercise every muscle in your body.

people doing capoeira training
Capoeira training can be great for you

And, as you might assume by know capoeira training is something that will show you all the varieties this martial art discipline can provide you. It is important to know that this discipline was developed by slaves who used it to hide the fact that they are learning combat moves. It usually is “played” in a circle that is called roda. And, there will always be music. So capoeira training is a great way to move your whole body and meet new people.

How to know if capoeira is right for you?

We advise you to look at some videos online of capoeira. How it looks. And, the most important thing is not to be afraid since you are not gymnast or acrobat. As a beginner, you will learn some basic and beginner moves. Don’t be scared of what you will see and give it a try. The best thing that you can do to determine is this for you is to go and try it. And if you like it, you will be amazed by what you will be able to do in just a couple of months of training capoeira. You will improve your muscles’ strength, and you will see how your body is changing.

What are the benefits of capoeira training?

Since this is a very active discipline, benefits are numerous. The most important ones are that you will improve your mental and physical strength. You will be able to gain strength, while at the same time this can be an activity for the whole family. A great advantage of capoeira training is that there is no age limit – everyone can try it and practice it. Capoeira is also great for people who want to lose weight. This is one of the best exercises to lose belly fat, and by doing so to gain a lot of strength. 

kids doing capoeira training
Capoeira doesn’t have an age limit, everyone can try it!

Your body will be stronger

Capoeira can help you in a lot of aspects. One of them is that your body will be stronger. You will develop more strength and endurance. And at the same time, you will be getting more agility and balance. You will get much more agility from capoeira than in the training of boxing Dubai. The base for capoeira is based on the constant movement of the body. You will be moving your body side-to-side and front to back, and you will be defining muscles much faster than with regular activities.

It is better than regular cardio

Yes, if you are a fan of cardio training than capoeira training is for you! If you are wondering how we can tell you that one hour of capoeira burns more than 700 calories. You can ask your female physical trainer how much calories you burn with your standard training and you will understand why capoeira is better than regular cardio.

apple with a meter
With capoeira, you will lose a lot of calories and body fat

Capoeira training will reduce stress

In the world we live in, stress is a very common thing and a silent killer. To avoid that, and stay fit and healthy – capoeira should be your choice. And the mechanism is quite simple. Capoeira training can be intense and very positive and with really interesting music. And with an atmosphere like that and your physical activity, your body will release endorphins. They are feel-good hormones that will leave you with great feeling, better mood. And by training capoeira, you will burn a lot of calories and at the same time – your body will produce more endorphins. And all of this will lead to reducing stress.

You will gain more confidence with capoeira

Capoeira is much more than simple training. It is we can freely say an art form. As we mentioned, capoeira was made to express freedom. And since then it helps a lot of people to express their individuality. This is also a martial art, and as most of them – it teaches you to believe in yourself. In the beginning, you might feel clumsy. But after a couple of training, your confidence will grow. And as you grow more confidence in martial arts, you will be more confident in your life. You will feel free to express your voice and your opinion.

girl with a positive attitude
Capoeira busts your confidence

You will learn something new

This is one of the most important and interesting facts about capoeira training at the same time. Capoeira will teach you a lot since it still maintains all of its traditions and roots. If you do a little research, you will understand the capoeira history, and why this martial art has a unique meaning, and a soul itself. You will hear a lot of new music, learn a lot about history and at the same time, you will be improving your body and mind. It seems like an ideal combination!


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