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Published: May 2, 2020

If you would like not only to lose fat but also to improve your fighting skills, shadow boxing cardio workout is something you should try. Boxing is a full-body workout which means that it is quite demanding. Through it, you will have to use balance and coordination of both the left and right sides as well as the upper and lower body. Shadowboxing means practicing without a partner or equipment. This makes it an ideal workout since you will be able to do it at home and at any time you want. Prepare yourself for some serious cardio workout!

Some simple pieces of advice on shadow boxing cardio

During your first workout, it is advisable to practice each move individually. This means that you should use both sides of your body and do not move on to the next one until you do it right. Since your goal is to be as successful at shadow boxing cardio as possible, focus on doing each practice properly. Of course, you should definitely do this in front of a mirror. This is the best way in which you can see whether you are going something wrong and you will be able to make it right.

Starting stance
The starting stance is quite important for shadow boxing cardio workout

Another thing you should also pay attention to is the speed. You should reduce it until you are sure that you are doing everything properly. After that, feel free to speed up and you will reach your goal in no time! Also, do not forget to change your diet, if necessary. In case you would like to boost your metabolism, there are certain foods that can help you.

Types of exercises in shadow boxing cardio workout

In order for you to do this successfully, there are several exercises you should pay special attention to. They are considered to be the basic exercises, which is why every beginner should do them first. Once you master them, you will get to make different combinations.

The starting stance is crucial

What you should do is to stand with your feet hip-width apart. Both knees should be soft, and you should put the dominant side’s leg back. Your elbows should be close to your body while your fists should be in front of your face, slightly forward from your mouth. Pay special attention to your chin and make sure you tuck it slightly. Also, remember that when you are in the stance, whichever foot is forward it is referred to as your ‘lead’.

Jab is the first you should work on

As you extend your lead arm, you should exhale and turn your fist to angle the knuckles down. Your rear hand should be by your face while you are going this. At the same time, your lead shoulder will round inward. In this way, it will create a protective barrier for your face. In order for you to return to the starting stance, you should reverse. Once you start, you will realize that this is not as hard as it may seem.

Cross is the next one

You should rotate forward on the ball of your back foot. As you are rotating your torso forward you should exhale and extend your rear arm. Turn your fist down so that the wrist is straight. During that time, keep your rear hand by your face. When you do this, reverse and return to the starting stance.

Feel free to ask for some professional help in case you are not sure whether you can do the exercises properly

Also, you should always bear in mind that, in case you need some help, you can always count on the best boxing Dubai has to offer.

The next on the list is the lead hook

The first thing you should do is to plant your rear foot and come up onto the ball of the lead foot. After that, rotate your torso and your feet while you bring your lead arm out in a semicircular strike. Your fist should end in front of your chest, and your palm should be facing your chest. Your rear hand should be kept by your face. In the end, feel free to reverse and return to the starting stance.

Prepare yourself for shadow boxing cardio circuit

Once you have mastered all the exercises, it is time to do something a bit more complex. We are talking about the shadowboxing circuit. This is a combination of boxing basics and two common body-weight moves, which is jumping rope and push-ups. The first round should last for 60 seconds. It consists of jab, cross, and hook with the dominant leg in the rear position. After that, get the jump rope and try to jump as long as 60 seconds. The third round should be exactly like the first one and the last round is saved for pushups. It should last for only 30 seconds.

Fried eggs
It is possible that you will have to change your diet a bit in order to reach your goal

In addition to paying attention to properly do all the exercises, you should also think about whether you should change your diet. If you would like to achieve a certain goal, such as burning fat and increasing muscle mass, you should know that protein is quite important for you.

As you have had a chance to see, shadow boxing cardio is not that demanding as it seems. The only thing you need in order to start exercising is the will. You do not need either a partner or equipment. This is something you can do while you are at home and you can feel free to choose the time. Start slowly and you will see the results quite quickly. There is nothing to worry about- this is perfectly safe and you will certainly have a lot of fun!

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