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Published: November 10, 2020

It has always been a goal for both men and women to have toned and strong arms. Nowadays, many rely on weights to help them get to their goals. What they fail to realize is that you can still do arm exercises without weights. In this article, we will be explaining and going through some of them that will have the best effect on your muscles. Some of them might be more effective arm workouts for women and some more effective for men. Yet, that does not mean that they are not suitable for everyone.

Are arm exercises without weights just as good?

It is a misconception that weights are crucial in order for you to get toned muscles and in shape. A long time ago, people did not have weights or gyms yet they were always active and had spectacular muscle structure. This is a fact many female fitness trainers will stand behind. Why? Well, because there are a lot of women out there who do not want to work with weights and they still get the same result as any woman who exercises with weights. 

The point is that you must find appropriate exercises that suit you best. There are many common ones that do wonders for everyone and those are the ones we will be going through. If you do not think that you will be able to gain results on your own, you can always hire a personal trainer Dubai luckily offers. 

A woman getting warmed up in order to do some arm exercises without weights.
You can get great results without weights. Using them is not the only way to get toned arm muscles.

The best arm exercises without weights you can always rely on

The famous tricep dips

This exercise is actually quite complicated and not everyone can do it at first. It is not the most difficult out there but you might need some stamina, strength, and experience to start with. The exercise itself is simple but you must maintain the form and watch out. You can easily get hurt if you do not take it seriously. A chair will do fine or any other piece of furniture that is heavy enough. You will need to completely lean on it and you do not want it tumbling over you. 

Turn your back to the furniture you choose and place your palms on the end of it. Make sure they are shoulder-width. You must have enough space between the piece of furniture and your back so you can finish your dip at a 90-degree angle. In other words, so that your elbows do not go over the height of your shoulders and so that your bottom can almost sit on the floor but not touch it. Extend your legs and place your feet firmly on the floor. Start to go down, slowly, and when you reach the angle we mentioned, go back up. If you feel pressure in your tricep but not a pain in any other part, you are doing it properly.

The plank sidewalk

This one you will feel in your abs and legs as well, although the arms will get the most of it. You know what a plank is and if not, you know what is the starting position of a push-up. That is where you will start as well. Again, make sure that your arms are as wide as your shoulders to get the best effect, you want your legs to be no wider than your hips but the wider you go, the easier the exercise will be. We do not want it to be easy, now do we? Make sure that your back is straight and that your entire body is a straight line without pushing your bottom-up or allowing it to drop. You can get hurt.

Two women doing the plank sidewalk.
You can always exercise with a friend and make it more fun by helping each other out.

The point of this exercise is not to stay in the plank position but rather to move from the center to the left, back, to the right, and back. You want to move your left arm and left leg at the same time. The same applies to your right arm and right leg. Let us call this movement s ”step”. Take one, two, or more steps to the left, the same amount to get back to the starting position, and again, to the right. The number of steps depends on how much space you have. How many times you are going to do this or any other exercise depends on what you decide or your chosen trainer decides.

The ever so great shadow boxing

This one we assume you already know about but we will still explain it. Yet, before we continue, we would like to give you one very important piece of advice. Even though these exercises are without weights, it does not mean you will not experience muscle ache. Do try and avoid exercise burnout. Now, to continue. This is fairly simple but watches it, do not go overboard, you will pull a muscle. The entire point of this exercise is to throw punches without a punching bag. You must control the punches because you can easily dislocate your shoulder if you do not focus. 

You want your legs to be as wide as your hips, and your arms bent at a 45-degree angle, approximately. Try to match your body movement with the movement of the punch. When you throw one, you can make a step in the same direction for a better effect. Make sure you have an equal number of punches for both arms because it does not have a point any other way.

A woman practicing shadow boxing.
Shadow boxing is a great exercise for arms but you must focus your punches.

Those were some arm exercises without weights that we would recommend

As you can see, these are arm exercises without weights that you can do both at home with and without the help of a professional trainer. Although, it is always to have someone led you through a workout. If you wish to, you will easily find a personal trainer in the city of Dubai and if not, just be persistent and you will get to your goal surely. We wish you good luck!

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