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Published: April 16, 2020

With a large number of different diets available to you, it is possible that you do not know which one to choose. It is certainly not a good idea to starve yourself in order to get your body to perfection. Since your goal is losing your weight, you should think about the Chrono diet. There are just a few rules you will have to follow. Should you go for it, you will certainly not going to regret it. The results will be there before you know it! Here are some basic principles about the Chrono diet!

Pay special attention to timing

The key to successfully reaching your goal through the Chrono diet is timing. That is, the results depend on eating regular meals at the time when your body is at the height of its ability to process it. It means that your meals are four to six hours apart. Your breakfast should be early in the morning, lunch five hours later and dinner also five hours after lunch.

Timing is of paramount importance when the Chrono diet is in question

However, you should remember that there also should be a small snack between lunch and dinner. As you can see, this is a really simple schedule. It targets your body’s production of cortisol, insulin, and digestion enzymes. In case you do not have a habit of having breakfast or not having dinner, you will have to change that. This kind of diet is all about a healthy lifestyle.

Breakfast according to the Chrono diet

Breakfast is probably the meal you will always look forward to. The reason for this is that it is the biggest meal you will have throughout a day. When we say ‘the biggest’ it means that it is going to be filled with carbs, protein, and fat. When it comes to sugar, you will have to avoid it unless sweeteners like honey and fruit are in question. Your breakfast is going to be different because you will have to abstain from wheat and corn. If this was your usual breakfast, you should replace it with oats. Of course, it also matters what you are having them with. This means that you should use either water or non-dairy milk. In addition to this, you should know that you are allowed to eat meat- just make sure you buy meat with no additives.

What to pay attention to when it comes to lunch

As we have already noted, you should have lunch five hours after breakfast. It can be quite a long time in the beginning, but you will soon get used to it. Plus, you will have enough time to prepare your lunch. The main focus of this meal is protein. You are free to take your pick- lamb, pork, beef, and veal are all allowed.

Raw beef as a part of a Chrono diet
It is all about protein during lunch-time

However, you should not include any kind of carbs, which means- no bread! If this is something you are not used to, you can eat vegetables. You can have a side of fresh salad with every single lunch. This will be of great help for you when you start doing your fat loss workout later. The weight will be reduced in no time!

Snack time

Even if you are allowed to have a snack, it does not mean that you should go overboard. Since you can have some sugar, it is advisable to have a small piece of dark chocolate or some dried fruit. Not only will you be full until dinner comes but you will also have the energy for your workout. Since there also are some top low-calorie pre-workout snack options, you will finish working out without feeling too much tired. There is nothing to worry about even if some of them include sugar. You will not eat a lot and you will burn them during your workout.

Dinner according to the Chrono diet

The bad news is that you will have to say goodbye to the big roast, baked goods and any carbs at all. The main function of dinner in this situation is to fill your stomach and not to go to bed hungry. You should eat a lot of green vegetables for dinner. Also, if you would not like to lose your weight, you should feel free to add a piece of cheese. Just remember that this is the smallest meal you should have.

Foods you should forget about

As with all the other diets, the Chrono diet also does not approve of sugar. Since excess sugar is bad for you, it is better to limit its use. Yes, you can eat chocolate as a snack, but it should be dark and you should have just a small piece. Also, you should avoid carbonated drinks at all costs.

Pastries are no longer going to be part of your daily routine

They can upset the acid in your stomach that is vital for processing food. In addition to this, you should also abstain from using milk, cheese, yogurt, margarine and vegetable fats.

There is no doubt that the Chrono diet has many good sides. Of course, you will probably have to change some of your habits to see the results. Should you do this, you can be sure that you are not going to regret it. Just remember that this is not a quick fix and that the results will appear after only a few days. You have to be dedicated and persistent. Yes, it may be hard in the beginning, but you will get used to it more quickly than you think. You will notice soon that you are not hungry at all and that you are full of energy!

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