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Published: October 5, 2022

Being fit is not only about physical appearance. If you work out and eat moderately, your health will also improve. Deciding to start working out is pretty easy and many people make this decision almost every week. However, many people give up only after a week or two. You can’t expect to see results only after one week of training. Just like you won’t lose weight after one salad, you also won’t gain weight after one piece of cake. No matter how much your training program is good, you won’t see results without consistency. The best way to stay consistent with your training is if you hire a personal trainer Dubai to guide you. If you didn’t have luck with your current regime, you should try CrossFit. Therefore, here are tips to become a CrossFit Pro.

How to become a CrossFit Pro?

Before you become a pro, you should first know what is a CrossFit. CrossFit is a very popular training regime that was invented in 2000. It’s high-intensity interval training which means that you perform a certain workout at a high-intensity level. CrossFit workouts are great if you want to lose weight or gain muscle. Additionally, it’s not a boring workout as you will train on different equipment such as speed ropes, kettlebells, medicine balls, rowers and bikes, rings, and plyo boxes. Now, you are probably wondering if you are capable of doing such an intensive workout. Well, according to experts, anyone from a child to grow up can do CrossFit without worry. You don’t have to be ripped or have many years of training behind you. There are beginner classes from which you will progress to more advanced ones until you become a pro.

cropped woman holding a weights
You can’t become a pro without hard work and consistency

What does it mean to be consistent with training?

As you know, consistency is the key to many things. However, consistency is especially important in training. You won’t see results after only a week or two of training. Additionally, you can lose a lot of weight with a fat loss workout. However, if you stop training and go back to your old habits, you will quickly gain all that weight. For this reason, you should always be consistent and never give up. Now, you are probably wondering what consistency really means when you are training in the CrossFit program. Well, it depends upon the regime and personal trainers. Usually, most personal trainers recommend at least 3 days of workout in a week. You should do 2 hours of intense physical activity combined with 2 days of strength training. Of course, doing one training per week is better than nothing. But this way, you won’t become a pro.

What kind of workout should you do?

CrossFit incorporates a lot of different exercises from basic ones like a squat and the deadlift, pull-ups, push-ups, and burpees, to advance ones. The main goal of CrossFit is that you do a certain exercise at a high-intensity level in a short time frame. For this reason, you might be confused at first and spent the first couple of months learning what should you do. Your main goal is not to try doing advanced exercises right away, but to get stronger and increase your stamina. The cardio exercises are very good for building stamina. These exercises speed up your pulse and breathing which leads to your muscles getting more oxygen. Over time, you will have more strength and you won’t get tired easily. Therefore, you should do exercises such as the following:

  • Running
  • Biking
  • Aerobics
  • Jogging
man running on treadmill
You need to build stamina to become a CrossFit Pro

Does CrossFit have targeted exercises?

Every CrossFit training consists of a couple of stages. Usually, you will start with a warm-up. You shouldn’t start any training session without warming up. Usual warm-up exercises are light cardio, mobility work, etc. Warm-up lasts from 5 to 15 min. The next stage is strength training. The main exercises in this stage are front squats, back squats, deadlift, bench, snatch and clean and jerk. Which one and how long you will do it will depend if you are a beginner or not. Beginners usually focus on perfecting the form while advanced lifters try to increase the intensity. The next stage is WOD which stands for workout of the day. For example, you can do arm workouts for women to build strength in your arm and gain muscle. The last stage is cool down where you usually do stretches and breathing drills.

What you eat is also very important

If you expect to lose weight only with training, you got it wrong. Eating junk food every day is not a way to become a pro, lose or maintain your weight. In the CrossFit program, you will also get a meal plan. As CrossFit focuses on muscle gain, you would probably get a meal plan for muscle gain from your trainers or nutritionists who works there. Usually, if you want to gain muscle, your diet should be centered around high protein foods and healthy, natural carbohydrates. You will need strength to exercise and you can’t have strength if you cut off all carbohydrates. Additionally, you should be consistent with your diet as well.

Rest is important as exercise

Your body needs time to recover from exercise. As you know, micro ruptures happen on your muscles during training. You will need to rest so that your muscles can repair. For this reason, rest days are equally important as training. Also, it’s very important to sleep at least 8 hours every day which is almost impossible for most people. However, if you don’t get enough sleep or rest, you will become mentally and physically exhausted which will only result in injuries.

you need to sleep to become a CrossFit Pro
Resting is also an important part of becoming a pro

Don’t give up

You can’t become a CrossFit Pro without regular training, a good diet, and enough rest. It will be hard at the beginning, but you will soon see results in your shape. For this reason, you should be consistent with your training and don’t give up when it becomes hard. CrossFit is a great way to lose weight and gain the muscles that you always wanted.


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