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Published: August 16, 2021

Like any industry, the fitness industry has many “suppliers” who offer their products at impossibly low prices. Many institutions offer their education and training programs. Therefore, it seems that becoming a personal trainer in 3 months is not as difficult as you think. On the other hand, it’s not easy to make the right decision when choosing the right institutions. The main criteria are the knowledge you acquire in that institution and practical work. We at DubaiPT offer exactly that. With us, you will learn how to turn your passion for exercise and nutrition into a source of income, and help others.

training in the gym
Becoming a personal trainer in 3 months requires effort and dedication.

Learn about the responsibilities of a personal trainer

The personal trainers usually have many duties, so they take on different roles. Nevertheless, there are essential ongoing responsibilities of any fitness trainer:

  • Helping people maintain or achieve a healthy lifestyle.
  • Educating about a healthy lifestyle.
  • They also help people achieve their fitness goals through nutrition and an effective workout routine.

Personal trainer career offers many opportunities

Most personal trainers find a job in this field working in various sectors in fitness and recreation centers, gyms, village clubs, exercise studios, resorts, and even universities.

There are several specific careers you can pursue as a personal trainer, such as:

  • Exercise physicist
  • Sports nutritionist
  • Group exercise instructor
  • Corrective exercise expert
  • Strength and conditioning coach

Many options are available in this industry because people want to lose weight or take healthy living seriously. More and more people need someone to guide them through healthy lifestyle tips. Other places where a personal trainer can find a job are wellness centers, in-house training, and nutrition.

The job of a personal trainer isn’t difficult

Fitness trainers and instructors can work nights, weekends, or holidays. Some even travel to different gyms or client homes to hold classes or hold personal training. Also, some group fitness instructors and personal fitness trainers have full-time jobs in other fields and teach fitness classes as well. Many of them conduct one-on-one workouts over the evening or weekend to supplement their income flow. Generally, being a personal trainer is not difficult. On the other hand, you should work hard if you want to become an expert in what you do. Also, put a little effort into the marketing aspect. After all, clients don’t just fall from the tree, therefore a promotion is always welcome.

One of the tasks of a personal trainer is to decide how much you needed to exercise. He also needs to know the obstacles that can happen along the way. Crises and blockages can happen to everyone who wants to change their lifestyle and habits. Then, above all, there should be adequate words of support, and understanding that the client can most easily continue on that path. To remind you where you have been, but even more – where you want to be.

people exercising
You have to work hard to become an expert and get more customers.

You will have to choose the right personal trainer course

To become a personal trainer, you need a valuable qualification. If you are passionate about exercise and want to help others, you’ll have to follow the tips and qualify in the right way on your way to a personal trainer. All personal trainer courses help you understand various aspects of training, client work, health and safety, and many more topics covered in your chosen course. Some of the basic topics covered in the personal trainer courses Dubai – based professionals highly recommend are:

  • designing exercise programs
  • anatomy and physiology
  • maintaining a safe environment for the client in the gym
  • planning and preparing programs for the client
  • nutrition

When choosing a course you want to attend, be sure to look at whether that course offers you the title of operations instructor or personal trainer. Usually, institutions that issue work licenses organize education according to the levels of training. Therefore there are 3 levels up to the title of a personal trainer. Quality education and practice will help you reach the highest levels at some point. Keep in mind that those with a college degree have an advantage. However, it is possible to make up for the knowledge with regular training.

a man training with a woman
Decide the best personal trainer career path for you.

Things to consider before you choose where will you educate yourself

If you have decided that becoming a personal trainer is your call, your first step is to get certified. Also, a personal trainer certificate can open the door to new fitness trails. Nutrition, fitness, performance, sports medicine are some of the opportunities. Therefore, it’s very important to know if the organization that issues certification is legit.

Here are some necessary questions that can help you research on any organization’s website before you register:

  • Is the certification nationally / internationally recognized? Keep in mind that becoming a personal trainer in just 3 months isn’t the only goal. You want to get a proper education and get a valuable certificate.
  • What do you need for the exam?
  • Do you need an exam to attend the workshop? Is it a home study program?
  • Can you take the exam online?
  • How much would it cost to attend this certification course?

Your education never stops

Never stop learning. Becoming a personal trainer in 3 months is actually just the beginning. The certificate you get is the path to much broader learning, not the end of your fitness education. The fitness industry is constantly changing and evolving. Clients want to change in line with each new trend. It is necessary to keep up with the changes, in order to provide ourselves with continuous professional development. These shorter courses help you learn new and specific skills that you can use in working with existing and new clients. Understand that your course is just the beginning of your journey. Once you find a course that suits you, a way of learning that suits your lifestyle, know that you are well on your way to become a great personal trainer.




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