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Are you wondering what are the benefits of hiking? There are plenty, believe it or not! Whether you have 20 or 40 years, you should take care of your physical and mental health as well! Hiking can improve your overall health and it helps with some health conditions that we have to deal with every day. However, if you are looking for some cardio exercises, jumping rope is the best solution, but hiking is not far away either. And on top of that, it can also be fun! Today, we will talk about the benefits of hiking! Let’s get started!

What Are the Benefits of Hiking?

Do you want to be healthy? Of course, you do! Everyone does! But we all have some bad habits, right? In order to be healthy, you should start eating properly, drinking a lot of water and try to avoid some of the ugly habits that most of us have. Reduce consuming alcohol to a minimum and avoid using cigarettes since both of those things are very bad for our health. If you want to start with exercises but you are not sure how and what to do, you should hire a personal fitness trainer in Dubai to assist you. However, if spending time outdoors is what you like the most, you should call your friends and go hiking! Let’s find out what are the benefits of hiking:

  • Hiking Increases Fitness
  • Be in Control of Your Workouts
  • Tones the Whole Body
  • Preventing and Controlling Diabetes
  • Reducing Blood Pressure and Cholesterol
  • Hiking is a Social Activity
hiking, group of people
Wanna have fun hiking? Bring your friends with you!

Hiking Increases Fitness

Did you know that one hour of trekking can burn up to 500 calories? It depends on the weight of the backpack you are carrying and the angle you are climbing of courses. Asphalt and concrete are a little bit harder on your joints while hiking trails are softer which makes hiking one of the best exercises. For great weight loss results, you should head to the hills. Climbing up to the hill will burn a significant amount of calories.

Be in Control of Your Workouts

Don’t want to listen to your bossy fitness trainer telling you to work harder? Wanna go to the woods? Wanna go for the afternoon hike? For a long or short-distance hiking experience? You name it! You will be able to set up your own course, pace and distance as well!

However, if you like to work out in the gym but you have no time to drive back and forth every day, you should build a home gym on a budget! It’s worth it! You will be able to work out 20 minutes more instead of wasting that time in a car, driving.

Benefits of Hiking – Tones the Whole Body

Hiking will help you to work your whole body, especially the lower part. Hiking affects glutes, hamstring and quads the most, but if you are carrying a heavy backpack, you will challenge the endurance and strength of your upper body too! Just regular walk will get your butt in better shape. However, climbing over rocks, and taking on sharp angles will work your whole body. However, a lot of different sports are also good for building your muscles and toning your body. If you like water sports the most, these are the most popular water sports in Dubai for you! Swimming is very good for toning your body, building your muscles and improving your physical and mental health as well.

running trail
Hiking affects glutes, hamstring and quads the most!

Preventing and Controlling Diabetes

Regular hiking can help you to prevent or control diabetes. Hiking helps with lowering body sugar levels and preventing this, common and unfortunately,  uncomfortable illness. How does hiking help with diabetes? Hiking is better than running because it’s a workout for the whole body. While you are hiking, all of your muscles are working out. Your body will start using glucose for energy and remove it from your bloodstream. Even an easy walk lowers a blood sugar levels in your body. If you have no time to hike, take a small walk every day.

Reducing Blood Pressure and Cholesterol

Along with the other benefits of hiking, your cholesterol levels will see a definite improvement as well as blood pressure. You can reduce both by hiking regularly, which will reduce the chances of you getting heart disease, any kinds of strokes and even diabetes! If you really want to improve your tolerance to glucose while removing blood sugar, you should try hiking downhill!

measuring blood pressure
Want to lower blood pressure and cholesterol? Go hiking!

Benefits of Hiking – It’s A Social Activity

If there is one thing that almost every hiker will recommend it is this one: get a hiking buddy or fifteen. If you plan hiking trips with your buddies and perhaps have something regular going on, such as a weekend meetup, you will get much more mileage out of it. You will be forging bonds left and right all the while enjoying the activity. Also, being a part of a hiking community will encourage your hiking even more. It may become a lifestyle choice, as opposed to a chore.

Everything is better when you have company. Even if you do not really like talking to people, you are not alone! There are many more just like you and who would be extremely happy to have a silent hiking partner. And think of the added security as opposed to hiking alone! All in all, you should definitely try to get people to hike with you. It is really easy today, just find some online hiking community, such as UAE Trekkers, join up and Bob’s your uncle!

With all these benefits and social opportunities, you do not really have many reasons to avoid hiking. Sure, it may be a bit difficult to get used to if you are completely new at it but the payout is immense. As long as you do not set yourself up for unrealistic hikes, you will be good to go!

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