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Published: May 18, 2022

Personal trainers will teach you how to reach your exercise goals and create a customized workout and meal plans based on your fitness needs. Learning how to perform specific exercises and establishing a workout routine will allow you to view that body transformation you have always desired. Personal training is not simply for the ones who want to get a toned body. Many people can benefit from working with a freelance personal trainer in Dubai and create surprising effects from their outputs.  Furthermore, we at DubaiPT are here to present you with the benefits of hiring a freelance personal trainer. Once you have understood the advantages of hiring a personal trainer and exercising in the warmth of your home, you can easily decide whether it is worth the investment.

Is hiring a freelance personal trainer the best option for you?

Hiring a freelance personal trainer is much more than simply having someone show you exercises. Depending on your needs, schedule, and goals you wish to achieve, freelance trainers in Dubai can assist you in many ways. They will provide one-on-one workout sessions whenever it is convenient for you. The first thing you need to ask yourself before hiring one is: what do you want to achieve in the long run? Moreover, if you agree with the following statements, then this is a perfect choice for you.

  • You plan to lose weight, tone your body or have health issues.
  • You don’t have time to commit to the group workout sessions.
  • Working out in the comfort of your home or neighborhood is better for you.
  • Training in your apartment gym is what you need but you don’t know how to start.
  • You lack motivation in reaching your fitness goals.
A woman stretshing after a workout in her backyard
Personal trainers are flexible and can assist you in almost any location you wish.

Define your fitness goals efficiently with the help of a personal trainer

If you wish to create and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you do not have to sign up for the gym and spend hours lifting weights You can do it comfortably in your home, backyard, or a nearby park while performing your own workout sessions. A freelance personal trainer in Dubai will aid you in defining your fitness goals and focusing on what you want to accomplish in a certain period of time. You will probably focus on smaller goals since they are more realistic and attainable and strive for bigger ones. You will learn how to perform exercises in the right way and avoid any injuries that might occur. Once you get trained properly, you will continue with your fitness session effectively on your own in your free time. Regular sessions with a personal trainer ensure consistency and boost your confidence and motivation to ensure that you don’t give up so easily.

A woman exercising at the beach with the help of a freelance personal trainer in Dubai
Make most of your free time and hire a freelance personal trainer in Dubai to create a fitness routine.

A personal trainer will ensure consistency and create a tailored plan for you

There will always be some exercises that you don’t prefer to do and some that you enjoy. You may want to engage in a yoga session all day long and not wish to try anything new. Just because you think you cannot do something, that doesn’t mean you are not capable of it. A freelance personal trainer in Dubai will be able to tailor a workout plan for you and encourage you to do exercises that are the best for you. Everybody is different and that means that every person has different requirements. If you have an injury or medical condition, you will be doing different exercises than your neighbor or colleague. This is why personal training can make a huge difference to your workout program. Having an educated and experienced trainer next to you ensures invaluable technique and the best possible results.

You will have nutritional guidance and keep on track with your healthy habits

It can take days and weeks to form great habits and even longer break the bad ones you are used to. A  personal trainer will be with you and help you to set and achieve your daily or weekly goals regarding nutrition. From a daily step goal you need to hit, water consumption to having a week without any heavily processed food. Whether you have embarked on this journey for weight loss or simply to improve your posture, a healthy diet is crucial. A personal trainer has a clear grasp of a balanced diet, nutrition, and managing weight and will influence your food choices as well. It is their role to help your body perform its best and provide your advice and tips on nutrition having a clear understanding of how it might affect your diet and life.

A blue plate with meal plan blocks written
Start your healthy journey and create your healthy meals with the help of a professional.

Accommodate your workout schedule in terms of hours

Living in and working in Dubai often means spending a lot of time commuting home, or attending meetings, without a lot of free time. It doesn’t matter that your only free time to work out is one hour before going to work or before your lunch break. A personal trainer understands that you have different availabilities and they create an appointment at any time that suits you. Flexibility is a key factor when hiring a freelance trainer and it is an amazing option when you have a busy lifestyle and struggle to attend the gym or a Zumba class.  Additionally, accommodating your schedule and having regular sessions with your new trainer will save you all that money you spent on missed classes because you did not have time to commit to a certain appointment. Moreover, you can add classes when you feel the need to train more and ask for an additional recovery day if not feeling in the mood to work out. Keeping in touch with your personal trainer is essential when trying to meet your fitness target.

Workout in the comfort of your own home with a freelance personal trainer

Not everyone prefers to work out in a crowded gym or have to wait for an empty ring to attend their boxing session. One of the benefits of hiring a freelance personal trainer in Dubai is that you are not limited to working out where the equipment is. However, most personal trainers have their own equipment that they bring with them. You can simply choose the location where you want to exercise. If it is the comfort of your own home then that’s perfect! If you feel like you’re being watched in public places, it is perfectly possible to achieve your goals in your own apartment. First of all, you will save time packing your gym bag and you will have all the privacy and comfort you are striving for. Additionally, it is pretty easy to give up on going to the gym.  But when a personal trainer shows up at your door, all your excuses are gone. Your personal trainer will motivate you to exercise and you will learn to be fit anywhere – even in your own bedroom.

A waterbottle, yoga mat and weights on the floor
Work out without any limitations and achieve your fitness goals in the warmth of your own home.

Add fresh air and sunshine to your outdoor workout session

If you wish to escape from the confines of the walls and add fresh air to your fitness routine, working out in the park is amazing. Additionally, a freelance personal trainer in Dubai can perform workout sessions with you even in your own backyard. Outdoor sessions require less equipment and they are easier to adapt regarding your fitness level. With the warm weather, you can simply head to the park or your backyard and engage in a full workout with your new trainer. One of the exercises you can perform are park-bench dips and push-ups, jumping jacks, running high knees, or even performing full strength training where you will burn a lot of calories. Possibilities are endless and you can even have a one-on-one football session with your personal trainer. Moreover, working out outside lowers your blood pressure and reduces the level of stress.

Take full advantage of your apartment gym with the help of your new personal trainer

Paying for a gym membership or a karate session doesn’t only money extra costs, but rather leaving your home and traveling to the gym. If your busy schedule doesn’t allow you this luxury, why don’t use the full advantage of your apartment gym with your freelance personal trainer? You will be able to go whenever you want and your trainer will be waiting for you there. If you struggle with motivation, then this easy access is perfect for you. Additionally, there won’t be so many people as in the local gym. You probably feel better working out next to your neighbors or friends. When hiring a freelance trainer you can expect him/her to join you wherever you want and you simply need to choose the best location. After finishing exhaustive training, you will be seconds away from your shower and bed to rest. If your work limits you in a sense of time, this option is great for you!

A man working out in the gym in his building
Apartment gyms often limit their space to residents and you will have a lot of space for your personal training session.

Freelance personal training helps with your mental health

Having a personal trainer can be quite beneficial for many aspects of mental health. A lot of times, we don’t feel quite good hitting the gym or committing to a training session we have arranged. Skipping sessions disrupt your workout routine and affect your overall mood and mental health. If you hire a freelance personal trainer in Dubai, you will be able to schedule a session whenever you will up to it. You can create your own personalized schedule. Besides, your trainer will assist you in developing great healthy habits. Starting small and adding up is essential and effective.  Your trainer can help you make those changes by supporting you. A great trainer will take interest in your life and an amazing workout session has a positive effect on mental health and physical activity.

Work out safely and reduce injuries with the help of a personal trainer

When you are training alone, it is quite easy to make mistakes and perform exercises in the wrong way. This is one of the most common reasons why injuries occur at home which could stop you from reaching your fitness goals. Additionally, there are many exercises that you cannot perform on your own and you need assistance. A personal trainer will be able to explain and demonstrate all the exercises correctly and safely. They observe the way you work out and point out mistakes that can lead to injuries. Moreover, if you suffer from an injury or a condition, it is essential to work with a professional. Nothing can stop you from embarking on this journey and working out daily or weekly. A lot of pregnant women work around with their personal trainer in their own home. Remember, freelance personal trainers, are at your disposal first thing in the morning before you go to work. As well as, the last thing in the evening before hitting your bed.

A woman being motivated by a personal trainer to work out
Personal trainers provide motivational support and engage their clients to be confident.

How to find a great freelance personal trainer?

There is no reason to delay hiring a freelance personal trainer in Dubai. Sure, you need time to find the right one that fits your needs. But you won’t make a wrong choice by embarking on this journey. Working out in your own environment with a great professional will boost your mood and motivate you to do anything. Dubai is full of amazing personal trainers waiting to assist you so choose your trainer wisely. Ask for recommendations from your friends and neighbors or simply look online for great professionals. You can also ask people from your apartment gym if they have a reference for the trainers. Talk to them before settling on one, explain your schedule and what you need and can offer, and decide on the best one. Once you find one, working out will become your favorite habit and you won’t mind doing it every day.



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