Benefits of Infant Exercises

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Published: September 23, 2019

While exercises are great for all ages, not many people think that they are beneficial for little children. But yes, there are many infant exercises that can benefit your little ones. And of course, you aren’t going to expect your infant to do push-ups. But, there are many other exercises that will help strengthen its neck, improve hand to eye coordination and allow it to develop faster. They aren’t too demanding. And are easy enough so anyone can learn them. Here are some of the biggest benefits of those exercises. 

What are infant exercises?

Many of you might be wondering what are infant exercises. You’ve probably heard about prenatal as well as postnatal exercises. But exercising with a baby might seem strange. Well, it shouldn’t. Many studies have found that there are many benefits to infant exercises. They help babies develop properly. It strengthens their neck, bones, and spine. It also forms a precious bond between an infant and a parent. 

infant exercises for healthy development
Infant exercises help your baby develop properly

Exercises for infants are based on their own moves

Most infant exercises are based on the moves and pose that babies already make. A great example of this is practicing yoga. In this case, infant yoga.  When you start learning about it, you will be surprised that your baby knows the moves and poses better than you. That’s because babies instinctively move and exercise so they can develop properly. And many infant exercises are actually derived from those moves and poses. Just a little improved. 

Are infant exercises necessary?

While people have grown and developed properly long before we figured out that babies should exercise, they are very beneficial. Even if you don’t work out with your infant, it will still exercise on its own. Many of the most popular exercises for infants are actually moves and poses that babies already make. And we are here just to help them do them better and more often. 

So, exercises are necessary for healthy development. But you don’t necessarily have to work with your child on them. That being said, it can have a great impact on how fast and how well your baby develops. It doesn’t take too much time and effort. So, why not try it?

How to start with infant exercises?

Before we start talking about all the benefits of infant exercises, many people want to know how to start. While babies learn at tremendous speed, explaining things to them isn’t easy. It will take time and patience. You can also hire a helper who can help speed up the process. As well as show you all the right moves and techniques. It’s just important to be patient, and not force your infant into something it’s not up to at the moment. Remember when you first started Zumba classes in Dubai? You probably didn’t know all the moves right away. And you were fully developed and aware of everything. Babies learn quickly. You just need to find creative ways to teach them. And in no time, the two of you will be exercising together. 

patience when exercising with an infant
It might be hard at first, but over time both you and your baby will get the hang of it

The biggest benefits of infant exercises

There are many great benefits to infant exercises. From helping your baby develop properly to bonding with it. It will also introduce your child to a healthy lifestyle from a very early age. Later on, you can continue this with the help of personal trainer for kids. As kids get older it will become harder and harder to regulate their exercise and diet. You will start introducing sports and other forms of exercise. Like hiking and swimming. So, start now on your own. And lead your child into a healthy lifestyle. And healthy physical and mental development. 

Exercises for babies increase their body awareness

Almost from the moment, it is born, your baby will start moving. It will try to touch everything around it. And feel the world. And in order to help it better understand itself, its body and the sense of touch you can start with infant exercises. That way your baby will quickly learn about its senses. And will develop faster.

infant exercises for better body awareness
Exercises help your baby develop its body awareness

Strength exercises

We could all use a little extra strength. It doesn’t matter if we are 1 or 100 years old. But none need more strength than the youngest ones. But in this case, your baby will not be powerlifting. It will just be moving around flexing its very young muscles. Their muscles are still not developed enough. That’s why they have trouble holding their heads up. Or when trying to stand up. So, to help your child develop faster and even start walking sooner, you can start with infant strength exercises.

Increased motor skills

Another great benefit of exercises for infants is increased motor skills. By moving in predictable patterns it will learn how to move its hands and feet properly. Which will, in turn, be very beneficial for motor skills. It will learn how far away things are. And it will be much easier for it to grab them.

Increased range of motion

When they are born, babies generally make only a few moves. And that’s because they literally don’t know how to move differently. But, with exercise, it will be able to move to a much bigger range. It will learn which muscles to use in order to do a certain move. Therefore proper infant exercises can help your children’s development in a healthy and safe way. 

Balance training

The biggest obstacle in walking for very young children, aside from strength, is the balance. It’s hard to stand on two feet and not fall down. It takes developed leg muscles. And even more, developed balance. Well, with infant exercises, your child will learn how to balance itself much faster. By doing many different moves and being in many different positions, the center of balance will be much clearer to it. 

infant exercises for better balance
Balance is very important for proper development

Other benefits

By working with your infant on these exercises you will also be bonding with your child. Eye contact and touches will help you both be closer to each other. Aside from that, it also helps with constipation or gas. Movement can help it relax and have a healthy bowel movement. And, it will also help your baby sleep better. By getting tired from exercises during the day, and being flexed, they will fall asleep quicker. And spend more time sleeping. 

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