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Published: January 4, 2020

People who have been hitting the gym often know oh too well what high-intensity training is. It’s that brutal, rage training that takes everything you have. This is the training that, in most cases, either athletes or young people push every now and then. However, it is not sustainable to do it all the time, and it is not sustainable for everyone. The other side of the spectrum is low-intensity strength training. Slow strength training is training that everyone can do. It does not have an age restriction, nor do you have to be an experienced gym-goer or an athlete.

elite athlete heavy lifter
High-intensity training is not for everyone.

Simply put, low-intensity strength training is something that is good for everyone. This training has positive benefits and is recommended to a wide population of people working out. We will cover some most important benefits, as well as the target groups for this type of workout. There are some very valuable aspects of it. There are no people working out, as an amateur or as a pro that can’t benefit from this training.

Low-intensity strength training helps you build strength at a lesser cost

High-intensity training provides results, but they can end up taxing your body more than you would like. In contrast to this, low-intensity training provides results, maybe at a slower pace, but at a much lower tax. This means that you may still create desirable results that you are after, without the concern of taxing your body to the points of extreme discomfort. The main advantage of such training is the legitimate recovery time that you have between each exercise. Your body will not endure more than you would want it to. It will be comfortable and enjoyable, and will still provide with results if you have a proper diet alongside it. 

Also, if you are going to be doing only low-intensity strength training, you can do it more frequently as it will you will not need that much resting time. A common misconception is that – if you are not tired you are not making results. This is tremendously untrue. Low-intensity strength training provides as many results as any other training, just at a slower pace and at a much lower tax on your body.

It has no age restriction

This training is especially good for those who are no longer as young but wish to remain or get fit. Usually, people who are of age are not really best suited for high-intensity workouts. They are simply too taxing on the body, and your recovery time is increased compared to when you were a teen. And this is absolutely ok and normal. However, having this said, a little toned down workout is something that is well suited for young people as well as older. This means that you can get very good results, at any age, from this type of training.

a woman doing back training
This type of training is for people of all genders and ages.

It will allow your body to absorb the changes and it will not get you into bed for a longer period of time. Your everyday life routine will go undamaged, and you will not have too much soreness in your muscles. Simply brilliant for those who wish to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Low-intensity strength training is very beginner-friendly

This type of training benefits beginners the most. All beginners should, almost always, start their workout career with such training. This almost as good as cardio exercises for them. It is good for several reasons, all of which bring a lot to the table. First, it will allow beginners to learn how to do each exercise properly. It will give them time to think about every motion and help them grow and become able to do everything on their own. They can also experiment and track their muscle motion, seeing what could be good and what could be bad for them. This is an amazing foundation for future larger weight pushing.

Secondly, this will be great for beginners’ self-esteem. They will feel successful as they will be able to do each exercise properly since they have the ‘time’ to think about every movement they make. This is important because it will work as motivation to continue working out. The problem with beginners is the fact that a large percentile of them drops out after a month or two. This type of workout increases their odds of staying committed to the workout. 

This type of training is very kind to your joints

Another very important aspect of low-intensity strength training is the fact that it will be very kind to your joints. Usually, high-intensity workouts tend to be taxing on your body but mostly on your joints. This is especially important for those who have had previous injuries. Doing a workout at this pace will ensure that you keep yourself safe. Joint injuries are very dangerous. The only thing more dangerous is when they repeat themselves. This is why if this ever happened to you, you have to be extremely careful in order to prevent further injuries. We cannot emphasize enough just how dangerous these kinds of injuries are.

hurt knee
Low-intensity workouts are much kinder to your joints.

This is why low-intensity strength workout, now only prevents joint injuries but also makes the muscles holding the joints stronger. This is why you can often hear that such a workout is used as a recovery workout for even the elite athletes who suffered such injuries. In any case, even in the clash of male vs female personal trainer, all sides will agree on one thing – low-intensity strength training is good for all ages, genders, and levels of expertise in the gym. Try it out yourself, and you’ll see!





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