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Published: November 8, 2020

Yoga is good for everyone, it helps you learn breathing techniques and relax. Knowing how to breathe and relax will help all new moms to be to have an easier pregnancy, labor, and birth. Yoga will calm your mind and you can relax easier. That is important to future mothers and that is the main reason they are researching the best place for pregnancy yoga Dubai has to offer. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of pregnancy yoga we advise you to continue reading our article. We will help you understand the importance of it. Moreover, yoga will help you have an easier pregnancy and labor. Also, you will have less stress adjusting to motherhood yourself. Without any further ado let us start.

Benefits of Pregnancy Yoga

Prenatal yoga can have a lot of benefits not only for pregnant women it will have benefits for their baby. Like many other childbirth-preparation classes yoga will help you focus on your breathing among other benefits. If you haven’t started it yet we advise you to contact one of the best personal trainers Dubai has to offer and ask for yoga classes. Yoga will help you a lot with your pregnancy. Moreover, here are some of the benefits of pregnancy yoga:

  • Doing yoga will prove your sleeping – A lot of pregnant ladies have problems with sleeping. All of the extra weight of another human being inside of you can make you have trouble with that. Also, babies can kick and turn while you are asleep. Yoga will help you regulate that and finally have a good sleep.
  • Yoga helps with flexibility and strength – You will need your muscles to be strong and enduring in order to have smooth childbirth. That can only be achieved by exercising during pregnancy. Therefore, yoga can help you with that and it is important to include it in your exercising routine.
  • Helps with back pain, headaches, and shortness of breath – Pregnancy Yoga is mainly about stretching and breathing. Therefore, it is the best thing to do to reduce back pain and shortness of breath. Breathing exercises will help you a lot during contractions and labor.
  • Yoga also helps you stay calm – Stress and anxiety are something all future moms have to avoid, and yoga is just the perfect thing to do. Among other things, you will be relaxed and your stress level will be lower if you continue to do yoga after childbirth.
Pregnant woman meditate
Yoga and meditation will help you relax

Why is important to do yoga while you are pregnant?

As we already say yoga will help you prepare for your childbirth in terms of making it easier. Moreover, it is recommended for pregnant women to have at least 30-minute physical activity during five if not every day of the week. Keep in mind that you will need to first talk to your doctor about doing yoga. Yoga is not recommended to some pregnant ladies with complicated pregnancies and some health conditions. Therefore before you can hire a private yoga instructor in Dubai you will need to talks to your doctor.

What pregnancy yoga class includes?

Yoga classes mainly include breathing, gentle stretching, posture exercises, and a few minutes for cool down and relaxation.  Before you can start doing any of them you should inform your personal trainer or yoga instructor which trimester you are in so they can show you perfect poses for you. That way you and your baby will be safe doing yoga. Moreover, this is important especially if you chose regular yoga classes instead of yoga classes made for pregnant ladies. You should also avoid poses that are done by lying down because that can reduce blood flow to your uterus.

3 pregnant ladies preparing for yoga class
Before you choose your yoga instructor make sure to visit the yoga class and that you are comfortable with everything

Other benefits of pregnancy yoga you should know about

The best thing about yoga is that you can also do it from home. However, there are some things you need to know when you set up your own home yoga studio. First of all, you should know all poses you should do at home and ask the instructor to have one on one online yoga class with you. This is especially good if you do not have a yoga studio near your home and you are in the last trimester of your pregnancy. Moreover, having an in-home yoga studio will help you continue practicing yoga after giving birth to your child.

All you will need is a yoga mat, yoga bolster, calming music, exercise plan, and space in your home. You can easily order your yoga mat and other equipment online. However, keep in mind that you will need a calm atmosphere and for that reason, we advise you to clear one room for that. Ask someone to help you when you are decluttering the room for an in-home yoga studio. After you prepare the room you can easily do yoga from home.

Which of the poses are safe for a pregnant woman?

If you are not sure which are the poses safe for you during your pregnancy we can guaranty you that the poses we choose for you are the best for pregnant women:

  • Cat-Cow pose 
  • Butterfly stretch
  • Side angle pose
  • Seated side-to-side rock –  You will need a stability ball for this one
  • Hip circle

You can also do this with chair support. Make sure you use the chair to support yourself, especially from the second trimester. Your center of gravity will shift during pregnancy and for that reason, it is important to support yourself while doing these poses:

  • Standing forward bend
  • Triangle pose
  • Clock Squat
  • Goodes pose

Make sure you include meditation with your yoga. It will help you relax and it will also reduce your stress. All of the yoga exercises are beneficial not only for you, they can benefit your child as well.

women practicing yoga with stability ball
Use a stability ball or a chair to support yourself when you are doing pregnancy yoga

Before you can explore all benefits of pregnancy yoga we advise you to visit some yoga classes and decide what works best for you. You need to trust your instructor and be comfortable with all poses your instructor show you.

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