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Published: April 3, 2019

For a long time running has been one of the most popular forms of exercise. Both for those who train hard, and those who just want to stay fit an active. And that’s no coincidence. There are many benefits of running. It’s easy to start and it doesn’t cost anything. You can do it at your own convenience. It gives a good boost to your metabolism and strengthens your muscles. So. there’s no need to postpone starting it. And if you are still unsure, here are some of the best reasons to start running now.

Benefits of running are often underrated

We all see people jogging through the park. And most people simply disregard all the benefits that running offers. Those benefits are not as simple as staying in shape and increasing your endurance. Running offers many more benefits that aren’t so obvious. It’s not only about maintaining our body. It’s also about taking good care of our mind. Research has found that the benefits of running also include mental health benefits. As an aerobic exercise, it lowers stress levels and helps alleviate symptoms of depression. It gives you time to unwind, feel good about yourself and properly process all the stress.

benefits of running a great
There are many benefits of running. From improved physical and mental health to weight loss.

There are many forms of running

Running, even though easy to learn, is not as straightforward as putting on your favorite pair of sneakers and going for a run. There are 3 distinct forms of running, and each type is targeted at certain muscle fibers, with distinct benefits.

  • Jogging is running at a gentle pace, bellow 10 kph. It’s great for people who don’t really enjoy running but want to stay in shape and get all the health benefits of running.
  • Distance running is more akin to actually running since it has a higher pace than jogging. It’s great for increasing your endurance since you are keeping the tempo up for a longer time.
  • Sprinting is the most demanding type of running. It’s great for those who already train and want to both increase endurance as well as strength. It’s often combined with other workouts in high-intensity training.

The type of running that you need depends on many factors. Most importantly, it depends on what you want to achieve by running. Find what’s best for you and incorporate it into your own workout routine. That way you will get the full benefits of running and achieve your goals faster.

responsible running with a warmup
It’s important to run responsibly. So, do a proper warm-up and don’t overdo it

Run responsibly

Just like with any other exercise, it’s important to be responsible. Sprained ankles are an obvious danger of running, especially if you are just starting. We all know what running on uneven terrain can cause injury. But, what most people do wrong is that they skip the warm-up. Therefore, pulled muscles are the second most common type of running injury. The best way to avoid most if not all of the running injuries is by hiring fitness instructor Dubai to help and guide you. That way you will avoid overuse injuries. He or she can guide you through the whole process, and explain it step by step. Professionals can show you how to warm-up, cool-down and do it properly. And as an added benefit, you will achieve your goal much faster.

Start now and get all the benefits of running

We all tend to overthink things. Especially when they involve physical activity. We weigh the pros and cons and postpone doing anything for months. And there lays the first big benefit of running – it’s easy to start and convenient. You don’t need to invest money in a gym membership. Running is an outdoor exercise that doesn’t require any special equipment. You don’t need to have special training. All you have to do is put on a pair of sneakers and go out. You can choose your own pace and gradually increase it as you gain strength.

Running can improve cardiovascular health

One of the most important benefits of running is that it improves your cardiovascular health. Runners, on average, have up to 45% percent lower risk of heart disease. That’s because running is especially beneficial to your heart muscles. Exercising just five to ten minutes a day can have a huge benefit to your over health and fitness.

Running is easy to learn

When you decide that you want to workout, you are probably wondering how to do it correctly. And there are many workouts that require a certain level of experience. But not running. One of the biggest benefits of running is that it is easy to learn. While it does take time to get to the point where it’s a breeze to jog for an hour, you don’t need any special skills to do it. You just have to take it slow, don’t overdo it and be responsible. A simple warm up before you start and sufficient cool-down period is all the skill you need.

Weight loss is one of the benefits of running

losing weight while running
Running is especially great if you want to lose some weight

Most people who aren’t yet into fitness start because they want to lose some weight. Some for aesthetic reasons and some of all the health benefits. And running is the best weight loss exercise for beginners. Seeing as how it’s easy to start and work from there, it’s no wonder. So, if you want to lose some weight running is a great way to start. You will make that important first step and build up your endurance. So, when you’re ready it will be much easier to switch to a more intense workout routine.

It’s interesting

One of the most overlooked benefits of running is that it is generally more interesting than regular exercise. When you are just starting, doing countless repetitions can be a bit dull. But, when running outdoors you get to have that variety and choice. You can jog in the park, on through your neighborhood. You can change directions, look at people and nature. And every run can be different.

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