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Published: June 22, 2020

Are you looking for a new and interesting form of exercise? Do you want to break some martial arts myths by taking new art to improve both your form and your physical shape? Then tai chi is perfect for you! This martial art deep roots in Chinese tradition, and helps you relax, balance, and find your focus, as well as give a variety of physical benefits. Find more about the benefits of tai chi in this article!

It can help you reduce your stress

One of the main reasons that people take karate classes Dubai and learn similar skills is to reduce their stress and anxiety. Tai chi is perfect for this as well! This is because the classes include meditation and there is a huge focus on breathing exercises.

stressed woman
Tai chi can do wonders with your stress level – it is relaxing and helps you focus!

2018 study showed that tai chi can even offer more benefits than a traditional set of exercise when it comes to reducing both stress and anxiety. 50 participants took tai chi classes for twelve weeks, and the results showed! There was a significant improvement over multiple fields in the majority of participants. However, a larger-scale study would be needed for an official response. Still, due to its unique set of exercises, many experts are recommending tai chi to people coping with a lot of stress.

Because of this, one of the many benefits of tai chi is its positive effect on your mood. Because this art can help fight anxiety and reduce stress, it will make you calmer overall. The movements and breathing exercises have a positive effect on your nerves. These might prompt your body to make mood-boosting hormones

The best of all – almost everyone can practice it! It is very accessible – and not as “hands-on” or tiring as other exercises. You can practice it cheaply and it is also very safe. So, if some of the other stress-management methods didn’t work for you, then this can be your solution!

Weight loss is one of the many benefits of tai chi

However, tai chi will not only affect your mood! Many look into this art in order to lose weight. This is because tai chi promotes weight loss in healthy and unique ways. Another study in 2015 tracked how weight in a group of adults was changing as they practiced tai chi five times each week – each day for 45 minutes.

bathroom scale
Tai chi can help you feel much better when you climb up on that bathroom scale!

After a 12 week period, all of them lost a little over a pound. What’s important to note is that their lifestyles didn’t change. Other than adding the short tai chi session, they kept living as they usually would. This goes to show that tai chi is not only beneficial for your inner peace – but for weight loss as well!

Even elders reap the benefits of tai chi

Yet another of the many benefits of tai chi is that everyone can practice it – from teens to elders! This is often one of the main things to stress when you are getting back in shape at 40 or at 80! Generally speaking, tai chi is a safe exercise – and there are little to no side effects. After practicing, you might feel some ache as a beginner. But as you get used to working out and practicing it, this pain will recede and help you start reaping all the benefits! That’s why you need to consult an instructor when starting out with tai chi.

As an elder, your balance will improve when you start practicing tai chi. The exercise has a huge effect on your balance and motor functions. After just 8 weeks of practicing tai chi, the risk of falling will drop. This number more than doubles after 16 weeks, which means the more you practice, the better it will be! That way, you can improve your quality of life. You will not get injuries and thus risks of illness will reduce too!

elders can reap the benefits of tai chi
Even elders will have a lot of benefits from tai chi exercises!

Furthermore, tai chi will improve cognition in elders as well. This is important since the mental faculties tend to get worse as we grow older. So, by doing regular exercises, you will be able to improve both your memory and your executive functioning skills. Paying attention will not be a problem anymore, and you will be able to carry out all complex tasks!

The difference between yoga and tai chi

Due to their many similarities, tai chi and yoga are often compared. However, it is an important distinction to make. You need to know whether you will want to ask for a yoga instructor Dubai or a tai chi one. The main difference to note is that tai chi has roots in Chinese culture and tradition. It uses fluid movements in order to get the best effect. Yoga, on the other hand, is more static. There is a lot of stretching involved as it focuses on poses. The origins of yoga are in Northern India.

The similarities, though, are also as important. Both of these do involve a lot of meditation and correcting your breathing techniques. Other benefits of tai chi and yoga include their relieving effect on stress, how they improve your mood, and your sleep patterns. This is how both can help you by a huge margin, and you should look into each before deciding

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