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Published: July 28, 2019

Judo is a martial arts form trained by millions of people around the world. It was first started hundreds of years ago in Japan. And has since grown, developed and spread throughout the world. In 1964 it officially became an Olympic sport. It’s much more than a fighting style. And there are many benefits to training judo. Both physical and psychological. And anyone who is interested in martial arts should definitely give judo a try

Benefits of training judo are more than just body fitness

Many people think that martial arts teach you how to fight. And make you more aggressive. But nothing could be further from the truth. Almost all martial arts forms emphasize patience and moderation in life. They teach students that even though they are capable, they should not show aggression. And mostly focus on self-defense and mental discipline. 

judo man that will teach you Benefits of training judo
Finding a good trainer who can teach you judo is beneficial!

It’s the same story with many other martial arts, like Karate, Aikido and even boxing. So, if you can’t find a judo trainer (called sensei), you can also look for karate trainer Dubai or take up boxing. There are many benefits of martial arts. And no shortage of people willing to work with you. And help you progress through all the stages

Psychological benefits of training judo

Before we begin with the physical benefits of training judo, we have to talk about psychological ones. They are the ones that are overlooked most often. Aside from all the mental health benefits of exercise, judo provides many benefits to your personality as well. And a lot of them have to do with mental discipline. Martial arts teach students that patience is an important virtue. That one should think before he or she acts. And so, training judo will help you control your feelings and emotions. And make so that you don’t react on impulse. It will also inspire you to show courage and compete fairly. As well as many other things.

Improved confidence is a clear benefit of training judo

If you lack confidence, both in personal relationships and in the work environment, then you are probably looking for ways to boost it. And there are hardly any better ways than martial arts. A mere fact that you know you can defend yourself will give you an enormous confidence boost. And your physical fitness will make you proud of your body. It’s just important to stay humble. 

man with a rock
Training judo will teach you patience and will give you immerse psychological strength

Training judo helps you become more humble

Being humble is a virtue that isn’t as important to people nowadays. But, it definitely should be. And through your judo training, you will experience many humbling moments. It’s especially beneficial for kids. For people who are just starting, it will probably be the first few sessions. You will learn that there are those who are better than you at something. But you will also learn that with hard work and dedication you can get to that level. And in the meantime, you will learn to be humble and respectful. 

Social interactions

Aside from making you a better person, judo also allows you to enjoy healthy social interaction and competition. You will have a chance to meet and socialize with many different people in the UAE. And you will learn that you are stronger when working together. 

judo man shaking hands as one of the  Benefits of training judo
Healthy competition is one of the most important aspects of judo

Judo is goal-oriented

We all sometimes need something to remind us to be more goal-oriented. That we can’t get what we want right away and without effort. And judo is a great martial arts form for that. Since it is very much goal-oriented so will you be? You will work hard and be patient. But in the end, that will pay off. 

Physical benefits of training judo

Aside from all the psychological benefits of training judo, there are even more physical benefits. It’s a great martial arts form that will help you improve your overall fitness. And adding it to your home workout will make you advance even faster. Not to mention strength and coordination that will definitely improve throughout your training

Improved fitness

There are many different exercises that you can do to stay in shape. Some target specific areas of the body. While others make your whole bodywork. And one of the benefits of training judo is that you will be able to stay fit while living in Dubai. Even if you don’t work out regularly, judo sessions will help make up for that. And you will be in good physical condition. 

Improved balance is one of the benefits of training judo

The less we are fit the worse our balance gets. Especially as we get old. So, we need to find a good exercise to help us maintain balance. And judo is one of them. There are many benefits to balance training. From improving flexibility and fitness to better coordination. You will not only be able to move around quickly without tripping. But you will also get a much better hand-eye coordination. And more confidence when you are on uneven ground. 

man balancing
Better balance is one of the best things that you will learn training judo

Self-defense is an important aspect of every martial arts form

Even though martial arts don’t emphasize aggression. And even give their best to negate it. It’s important that you know how to defend yourself. And judo is great at that. It uses the weight and momentum of your opponent against them. So, even if you are physically small and weak, you will be able to defend yourself against much larger opponents. 

Improved strength

There are many ways to improve your physical strength. From going to the gym. Hiring a good personal trainer in Dubai. But, if you want to skip that, one of the best benefits of training judo is improved strength. As you go through the course of your training you will have to work hard. Both mentally and physically. And over time your body will get much stronger. You will be able to do more, workout more and yes, lift more.

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