Best 10-minute workouts for busy moms

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Published: May 30, 2019

The moment your little precious bundle of joy changed your life, any chances you’d make that 60-minute aerobics class went out the window. Having children means arranging your life around little pockets of time that are always related to them. Lunchtime, bath time, naptime, cartoon-time. That last one is called mommy vacation. Well, we have good news for you trying to find the best workout routine that fits in between all your responsibilities. That little pocket of time is all you need to perform one of our 10-minute workouts for busy moms.

Plan an effective busy mom workout schedule

First of all, you will need to give yourself the time and space to prioritize your health. If you don’t commit to being the best version of yourself, then you cannot be energized and always there for your children. If this is a possibility, hire a personal trainer, and now there are even options to get a personal trainer for kids, so you can monitor their health as well. The first step to planning a good workout schedule is to honor your needs by preparing a proper nutrition plan and make exercise a priority, you can make your weight loss goal a reality.

A girl doing crunches on a black mat in all bleck workout gear
Tabata as an exercise strategy has many benefits. It works at strengthening your muscles and improving your cardiovascular system.

Best way to torch calories is to use resistance weights or bands

These can go a long way when you’re trying to squeeze some workouts for busy moms in a short amount of time. Intense resistance workouts give you strength, better-defined muscle mass, and let’s not forget the fat loss. Resistance workouts for busy moms balance your blood pressure and have a de-aging effect on a genetic level. You have to do several sets and repetitions of arm curls, chest raises and squats with hand weights. Our female fitness trainers are here to help you achieve your perfect summer body with skilled guidance. In spite of you having to dedicate most of your time to your kids, you can still work every muscle and sweat off that weight. We bet we can help you rotate through two to three different exercises during the week.

Our secret weapon to building effective 10-minute workouts for busy moms

Tabata! This routine can be done daily for as little as 10 minutes. But we get it, you are responsible, and at times overwhelmed mom, so the trick is, you can do it for as little as 5 minutes, and it will work! We promise. Just stay consistent, balance your diet and exercise and in two months you’ll see great changes. Not only will your body look better – your muscles defined, your stomach toned but you will regain that self-confident glow! In addition to all of that, you will be happier. Exercising stimulates the production of all of the happiness hormones in our brain and that is why it is addictive to most people. Once you start exercising and skip a day, you miss it more than chocolate! OK, maybe not more, but certainly as much as chocolate.

Girl in sweats on the running track prepared to do one of workouts for busy moms
No more running to finish all obligations and maybe create a window of opportunity to hit the gym for 45 minutes, once every two months! As a multitasking mom, you can do Tabata squats while the kids splash around in the bathtub.

But wait, what is Tabata?

Tabata is an intensive workout that features 8 rounds of 20 seconds sets of all-out exercise, followed by 10 seconds of rest. This quick workout lasts five minutes, but if you do two Tabata for full impact, it will only take 10 minutes of your precious time. Wow, who would have known you could achieve so much in so little time?

Tabata is one of the most high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts for busy moms achieve the following for you:

  • Alternates different fast and intense exercises (e.g. jumping and squatting)
  • Elevates your heart rate, but allows periods of rest that keep you going
  • Burns fuel at a faster rate even after you finish the workout, for up to 48 hours

Doesn’t all of this sound amazing already?

And what a healthy addiction it is. HIIT is not only great for your look (read weight loss) but does wonder for cardiovascular health. Furthermore, you can do Tabatas without equipment. You can practice it at home, at the park, at the gym or in your hotel room. As if you needed any more persuasion, this sort of training can blend into just about any lifestyle. But you will need determination first. That’s the only downside, as with any new habit. You have to decide to do it, commit to it, and there is no magic wand that can make you persistently work out. No one can take these steps instead of you.

There are countless ways to do a HIIT workout. Once you get a hang of it, you can experiment with many different movements and exercises. We encourage you to find the style that suits you best. Tabata is one of the methods we recommend the most because of its simplicity and time effectiveness.

Girl in sweats stretching on grass
If you’re doing the Tabata correctly with full intensity, those 4 minutes will seem like the longest 4 minutes of your life.

Example of ten minutes Tabata workouts for busy moms

The workout we’ve prepared here contains two rounds of Tabata. It also incorporates two of the classic bodyweight exercises. Classic means proved to be most effective – the squat and the push-up.

  1. Start with doing squats. You will always do 8 rounds of 20 seconds of all-out work and give yourself just 10 seconds of rest. Eight is the magic number in Tabata. So after 8 rounds of 20+10 work and rest alternating, rest a full minute. Might even sound too easy – on paper! Make sure you breathe during the exercises because when you start pushing yourself, you might forget to inhale. We don’t want oxygen-derived muscles, so pay attention to your breathing. If you are feeling good while doing squats, you shouldn’t. It should be hard, so try adding weight at your chest for a more advanced squat.
  2. Do push-ups for 20 seconds, then rest for 10 seconds. After you do 8 repetitions of that, you can jump for joy because you’re finished for the day! Of course, if this seems too simple, do burpees. That should get your blood pumping. Like we said, experiment and find the unique combination that works for you.

Why are different Tabata such great workouts for busy moms?

You’ll always be pushing new limits, regardless of how ridiculous this time frame may seem. 10-minutes. That’s less than what it takes for the muffins to bake and the kids are happily waiting for them, sitting in front of the oven. That’s less than their favorite cartoon. While they do that – you use your body weight as a tool. Give your maximum effort and it will be over before you know it. And you’ll still receive the benefits of putting your body to work. In just 10 minutes, over a span of a few months, you can transform your mindset and your body.

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