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Published: February 13, 2019

The biceps may not be the biggest or the strongest muscle group in your body, but are very visible, and are basically your “show off” muscles. They flex the elbow, and we use them every day, but building them takes a lot more work. In this text, you’ll get the opportunity to find best arm workouts for women, but for men as well. Follow our guide to create your best bicep workouts and keep an eye out for that special forearm workout!

Congrats on starting a muscle-building program. One of the key body parts that many people want to build is the biceps. Arms tend to be a highly noticed body part, so you want to be on top of your workout game.

It is important to work the triceps muscle too since they make a very large part of the arm. Never neglect your bicep workouts, nor your forearm workout with our experienced tricks. Also working the triceps will give you that perfect balance in order to see optimal results.

Bicep workouts: Barbell Curl

A classic. Play around with your grip width to reduce the discomfort that some people experience with a barbell, and to emphasize a different part of the biceps. A narrower grip will emphasize the long head of the muscle, while a wider grip will emphasize the short head of the muscle.

Barbell biceps curls will allow you to overload those biceps with a heavyweight. Most people respond better and are a little bit stronger when lifting a barbell versus a set of dumbbells. But the best way to really grow your biceps would be to hire kickboxing personal trainer Dubai, as it is one of the best ways for maximum strength development. It also gives a killer forearm workout. Maximize your workout with our effective tips.

Maximize your workout with our effective tips.

When doing this exercise, the primary thing to focus on is not cutting the movement short. It’s important not to allow momentum to cause you to lean back as you hoist the weight upwards.

Because those are the most common mistakes with this exercise. But if you perform it in a slow and controlled manner, that should reduce the chances of injuries. You control how high the intensity within the muscle fibers will be.

Bicep workouts: Incline Dumbbell Hammer Curl

When aiming for maximum size, another important point to note is that lifting heavy must be placed as a priority. Build your workout as a combination of heavy lifting, enough volume, and plenty of calories. That’s why you should focus on exercises that will allow you to lift the heaviest weight possible.

For most people exercises like rows and lat-pulldowns do the job. Both of these target the biceps muscles too. If you include them regularly in your program and then add other bicep workouts, you should be right on track for developing the best arms you can.

That’s why Inclined Dumbbell hammer curls rank high in our choices. The incline bench position increases the stretch on the long head of the biceps muscle. It amazingly locks your body against the bench so you can’t rock backward during reps with more weight. Another benefit to hammers is that your wrist and elbow are less likely to strain.

A girl flexing her arms.
Rows and lateral-pull downs plus these bicep workouts really do the job.

Bicep workouts: Incline Inner-Biceps Curl

Nowadays, you have a great number of exercises available to you. You can bring out every vein, bulge, and peak in your biceps muscle. We are giving you the best of them. Read away to find out what is the most effective forearm workout.

Incline inner-biceps curl exercise stretches the long head of the biceps. The more horizontal the bench during your workout, the more the long head of the muscle will be stretched during repetitions. This is a great one to add to your isolation workout because they really isolate the biceps muscle!

Standing Dumbbell Curl

These are also called concentration curls. Place your arm in front of the body with a bent elbow and rotate the shoulder. It increases biceps thickness and peak by activating surrounding muscles. Support your body weight with your free hand on your off leg. Then you can switch over to a hammer grip and burn out a few extra reps.

Forearm workout: Wide-Grip Standing Barbell Curl

This is generally one of the most common ways to hit this muscle group. Taking a wider-than-normal grip will create a rotation at the shoulder, so your upper arm changes its position. It takes a lot of strength from the forearm, depending on how much weight you’re lifting. It takes more involvement from the short head of the biceps muscle. Kettlebells are a great switch up when you want to build the fiber. Overload during your workout by using bands, chains, or a partner for forced reps, for maximum effect. Standing concentration curls increase biceps thickness and peak.

A man holding dumbbells.
Standing concentration curls increase biceps thickness and peak.

The Ultimate forearm workout

The forearms are made up of a bunch of smaller muscles that you’re probably building without even realizing it. Any exercise that involves gripping and more specifically pulling, is going to place huge pressure on the flexors of the fingers and wrists, which activate a great forearm workout.

The pull-up bar hang helps build not just your wrist and finger muscles, but it’s a great lead-in to all pull-up variations. Stretch your arms and shoulders thoroughly after, of course stretching your whole body. Hang at a pull-up bar with a shoulder-width grip, palms facing forward. Do that for 30 seconds with your arms straight and your ankles crossed behind you. Then rest and repeat.

Best arm workouts: Hammer Curl

The hammer is your strongest curl during a biceps workout. All of our elbow flexors are actively involved, and the forearm and wrist are in a power position. Do this movement like a concentration curl or preacher curl (on a preacher bench). That way this forearm workout will maximize muscle recruitment during the workout.

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