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Published: April 5, 2021

Dancing is often more than just enjoying music. It is a way to learn to listen to your body and explore its limits. As we talk about dancing classes in Ala Satwa you will learn how various dances improve your overall health and body language. On the other hand, if you are looking for more physical activity and intensive training, we suggest opting for Muay Thai training Dubai. Dancing is the perfect combination of balance, agility and muscle strength. More importantly, dancing helps a person feel more confident and allows them to listen to their body. As you progress further with dancing classes, you will realize that your body is capable of more than you could ever imagine.

What can dancing classes in Ala Satwa do for you?

Dancing is a type of workout that focuses more on your agility and balance rather than muscle strength and raw energy. Moreover, it helps you unleash all the negative energy and turn it into something positive. You can even hire some of the best personal trainers in Dubai to coach you and help you adapt and overcome many obstacles.

a woman dancing by herself after dancing classes in Ala Satwa
Dancing will help you feel more confident, improve your agility and coordination and help relieve stress

Dancing uses music to help a person relax their mind and body and create movements that go with the music. As such, it makes it a perfect combination of exercise and soul healing therapy.

  • Dancing helps maintain and improve the condition
  • It can help you gain more balance and agility
  • Dancing is a great stress reliever
  • A perfect way to remain active without too much work

Dancing as an exercise

Many people view dancing as something that is fun and nothing more. However, dancing can be the perfect exercise for those who might lack a condition. For instance, it can also be a perfect workout routine as it can burn as many calories as jogging. Not only does this type of exercise help you maintain agility, coordination and balance, it is also good for your heart. Of course, the intensity of the workout depends solely on what type of dancing you prefer to do. One of the biggest issues people might face when starting dancing lessons is the lack of confidence. However, as time goes on, not only will you learn to let go, but you will also see a lot of health benefits to it. With proper trainers, as well as the feeling for the music, one will quickly adapt to it.

Dancing as a stress reliever

Stress is a common issue in the everyday life of most people. However, a little dancing can help change that. Namely, as a combination of exercise, connection with people and relaxation, dancing is considered a natural stress reliever. The biggest advantage of dancing is that it is very fun. Most of the times, people are enjoying themselves so much they barely realize they are exercising as well.

a dance teacher showing her student the proper posture for a dance move
The more fun you are having while dancing, the more you will exercise

Like most cardio exercises, it has the power to calm people down and has mood-enhancing benefits. A study has shown that dancing helps your brain release endorphins – which is a chemical that acts as a natural pain killer. On top of that, it can improve your sleeping ability and directly reduce the stress you feel.

Dancing classes in Ala Satwa

As we established what benefits dancing can provide for you, we want to talk about some of the classes you can take. The classes we will talk about will not focus solely on dancing, but will often incorporate it as a part of the regular fitness or cardio routine.

Pharaohs Club

This club is a world-class health club that is quite family-friendly. You can find a variety of different exercises and classes there and create your own, unique fitness experience. From CrossFit sessions, yoga, tennis, karate and Zumba dancing classes, you and your family will surely enjoy the time you spend here. If you feel uncomfortable dancing in front of other people, you can opt for a private trainer to join you in a private session.

Shiamak Dubai – Fitness First Burjuman

A dance studio that incorporates dancing with fitness is a perfect choice for anyone from four to eighty-four years. You can find all sorts of dancing classes in Ala Satwa, lead by some of the best Shaimak trainers in multiple locations across the city. It is a perfect opportunity for people to gain more condition and learn to express themselves in a creative way. However, to ensure your comfort, choose the clothes you are most comfortable in to achieve maximum results.

Eco Yoga Sanctuary (For Women Only)

If you are looking for Yoga, Zumba, belly dancing or Gong meditation classes – look no further. A studio designed especially for ladies who seek a place to escape from everyday issues and stresses. A relaxing atmosphere and feminine energy are something that makes this studio a perfect place to chill out, release the tension and stress using various training and dancing classes.

two women sitting on exercise matts talking to eachother
As time goes by, you will feel more and more confident about yourself

This spacious and luxurious studio will help women feel more confident while dancing. Which makes it perfect for all women, rookies or not, to join in.

Dancing classes in Ala Satwa: Step n Groove Dance Studio – Bur Dubai

This dance academy focuses solely on dancing. Both as a form of expression and as a form of exercise. So, whether you are looking for a place for an abs workout or to simply dance your worries away this is the place for you. You can find a variety of different dancing styles and techniques such as:

  • Hip hop
  • Jazz
  • Ballet
  • Salsa
  • Twist
  • Tango, etc.

A friendly and relaxing atmosphere in the studio will help you relax and enjoy yourself every time you join some of the classes. On top of that, there are adequate facilities for each dancing technique you choose.


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