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Published: February 9, 2020

Some people simply live a lifestyle that leaves little to no room for non-work related activities. Given the day and age we live in, this is becoming more and more frequent. This is one of the key reasons for obesity and an unhealthy lifestyle. It’s not because people do not wish to take care of their health, it’s the fact that they no longer have time to do so. Some, more fortunate people, were able to engage in building a home gym on a budget, for example. This is why we feel the need to talk about the best exercise equipment for home.

a gym ball and some weights and a workout mat
Essential home workout equipment!

Given the very dynamic lifestyle we are all a part of, we have realized just how much working out from home is on the rise. And this is a splendid thing! People can’t have any time to go to the gym. This, I can understand. So, in order to bypass this, people started looking for alternative solutions. Working out from home is an amazing way to deal with this. Plus, there are countless exercise tips when working out from home. Granted, you won’t get your full-pledged gym experience, but you will get enough to keep yourself in shape. However, in order for this to be possible, you need at least some exercise equipment for home. So what is it? How do you know which is good, which you need and which is just an overkill? Well, let’s take a look.

Exercise equipment for home – which should you focus on?

Well, one thing remains certain – you could technically do a home workout without any equipment at all. Will it be as good as if you had some gear – definitely not. But can it be done?  Definitely yes! But, if you wish to do it on a higher level, then you need to look at some exercise equipment for home.  This will do a world of difference in your workout routine, as well as with the number of different exercises you can do. It simply enhances the entire experience. And given, that you won’t have access to a gym, you will need as many enhancers as you can get.

So, in light of this, we will try to help with the choice of the home workout equipment that is for you. Looking at said equipment can sometimes be stressful and overwhelming, so we tried to sum it up in a way where it will either tell you what you need or at least be a good search starting point.

Gym mat is the most important exercise equipment for your home you can get

The thing is, you could almost surely get away with having only a gym mat. The number of exercises you can do with one is almost limitless. Plus, it is important you have it in order to protect your knees and joints whilst you workout. If you own one in your home, your workout could go anywhere from doing yoga all the way to doing core strength exercises. Be as it may, a home workout is almost impossible without a gym mat.

Doorway chin-up bar

Another amazing thing to have, without having it kill all your free space in the house is a doorway chin-up bar. This little guy can be installed in any doorway you have (always optimize with one that is least used). You are able to do a limited set of exercises using this little guy, but those exercises are amazingly useful for your body. The most important thing you are looking at when getting exercise equipment for home is:

  • how much space will it take
  • how many exercises you can do with it
  • can you do without it
  • how much does it cost (value vs price)
weights and a matt
Working out from home takes about 20 minutes per workout.

A doorway chin-up bar gives positive answers to almost all of these. The only negative thing about it is can you do without it? Yes, you can. But its price and space consumption is minimal, so you might as well get it.

An exercise ball

This one is priceless. Quite honestly, if you ask me now, today, I’d say that you can’t do without it. An exercise ball is simply amazing for everything. It can provide support for numerous types of workouts, plus you can use it to sit on it when you are working, reading or eating. After using this wonder for quite some time now, I quite frankly can’t remember how I lived without one. I have two in my home and one in my office.

Indoor bicycle

Now, if you are looking at just smashing some cardio without any complex workouts, you won’t make a bad choice. Frequent, light cardio is a brilliant thing you can do for your body. Not all people wish to do body shaping exercises, and this is fine.

Indoor bicycle
Indoor bikes are brilliant!

If you wish to keep a nice body figure and control your weight either by taking it down or keeping it as it is, getting an indoor bicycle is an amazing idea. Plus, when compared to a treadmill, an indoor bicycle is much more fun, and much healthier for your joints (especially if you are overweight).

Working out from home

In essence, it doesn’t matter which exercise equipment for the home you get. It is important that you do your exercises, no matter what type they are. We here at DubaiPT can’t stress enough just how important it is to start working out. It can be 15-20 minutes or 2 hours. The important thing is to start doing it. And don’t wait for tomorrow or next week. Nothing is stopping you from starting now.

Go get them!

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