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Published: August 23, 2019

We know that every parent can agree with us on this. Older generations had a more ‘active’ childhood than the current digital generation! And if you are reading this, then you’ve been wondering for a while if your child is getting enough exercise. It is an important question, so don’t worry! Our personal trainer for kids will help you with some amazing, addictive exercise games for kids you can try at home!

With the predominance of digital gadgets, sometimes it’s a huge problem to get children off the screen. And now you have the additional challenge to get them to go out and play actively. And with so many attention-grabbing games and activities online, we can’t put the responsibility on our kids, can we!

Don’t go cold turkey straight away!

Kid yelling at a microphone in black and white about best exercise games for kids
So what then? If you put a ban on everything digital, we’re pretty sure that will have a more negative impact! It can only add to the rebellious behavior of your kids.

But we can’t let our children grow up to become obese and unhealthy. Therefore what we can do is make the physical activity so attractive to the kids so that they have more fun running around or playing Dubai football than looking at the screen all day. Creating best exercise games for kids that will be as exciting as a video game is not that difficult. And we’ll show you how the endorphins that rush through your brain during exercise can make exercise games for kids more fun than video games.

Best exercise games for kids will prevent health problems from a young age.

When generations that preceded TV sets and video games were young, a term like ‘Best exercise games for kids’ didn’t exist. All they had was outdoor games of tags, chase, climbing trees… Therefore the only option they had was to play with friends. All of these physical games are not only good for the physical state of your body but for one’s mental well-being as well! Get your kids outside and it will teach them social skills, how to be a good team player but it can also teach them important leadership skills.

We have a few fun activities and games we’d like you to try with your children. They are very easy to get your child involved in order to keep their physical health in check. And we haven’t only focused on outdoor games. We have ideas for some indoor fun, too, so take a look!

9 best exercise games for kids that will get them fit & healthy quickly:

1. Races:

Set up races with a small prize at the finish line for your kids and their friends. Use your or someone else’s yard. You can get quite creative with inventing what type of race will excite them. You can organize a three-legged race, a one-legged race, a crab walk race, etc. Jump rope (skipping rope) races are really fun, as well. Plus, you’ll get maximum leg exercise intertwined with the best cardio workout!

Girl in a field of flowers
Whether it’s going for a picnic or simply to play and stroll in the park, it’s always good to spend time in the great outdoors. If possible, plan a picnic once every couple of weeks. Play with a ball, a frisbee, and a skipping rope instead of taking out your cell phones and tablets.

2. Sports:

  • Every child almost as a rule will show a natural tendency towards a favorite sport. You can tell easily if you pay attention to what they watch or if they really love a player. There are also sport video games so maybe they’ll ask you to buy a certain game for them.
  • Play a game of their favorite sport with them as often as you can. Support them and enroll them in a class, tell them they can try out for their school team later on.
  • There are also some generally beneficial sports like swimming that you can encourage your child to try. Swimming is fun and they should develop an inclination towards the sport in no time!
  • Make a super fun day out of it and your kids will be excited about spending the day with you. You can, also,  find an indoor pool at a hotel if it’s winter.

3. Obstacle courses are one of the most fun exercise games for kids:

Use some furniture indoors or chalk outdoors to draw out a cool, as complicated as a possible obstacle course. If you have a house, start inside and stretch the obstacles to the garden or corridor outside. Add as many challenges you can think of to make it more enjoyable. You can add sort of a puzzle-obstacle here and there that the kids will need to solve. Set up a large area where the floor is lava! It’s our favorite childhood game!

4. Hunt!

This can, also, be both indoor or outdoor exercise games for kids! Organize a hunt that spreads toys or treats around the house or the yard. Hide them in different places around the course and send your kids off to a fun adventure. Each treasure spot should have a puzzle for the next location.

5. Dance!

Get your kid addicted to one of the simplest and the most fun activity and away from the screen! Do your daily cardio workout by dancing with them and they’ll follow your lead. Put on your favorite music and get your kids interested in moving to the rhythm. Host your own dance party anytime, anywhere. Make family time with your children super fun dancing to the beats.

6. Walk:

Walking is great if you have a dog, you can divide responsibilities and combine daily obligations with exercise games for kids. Get some exercise by walking to the park or to the grocery store with your furry family member and your child.

7. Hula Hooping is one of the top exercise games for kids:

Kids love hula hoops, so this is a pretty natural game for kids. You won’t have to get them used to it, they’ll even teach you some tricks! Gift your children hula hoops and try hooping with them. Pretend you are competing with them and we promise you that they won’t be able to get enough of the game. The look on their faces when they beat you will be priceless.

Boy on a tricycle
If there’s one thing kids love the most, it’s letting their creativity flow by doing something that other people would also thoroughly enjoy with them.

8. Encourage tantrums!

This one sounds crazy, right? But how used to are you by now to the tantrums of your kids? Instead of getting them to stop when they can’t get their own way, ask them to temper tantrums on purpose! Throwing a fit when they’re in a good mood is beneficial both psychologically and physically. Not only they’ll get tired from spending all that energy jumping, shouting and but they will also start to outgrow this behavior because it helps them get out all their pent up anger without them even realizing it. Therefore, you both can get a great laugh at the end of it, as well.

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