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Published: April 13, 2021

Did you try to fit in one of your favorite dresses from when you were young? It seems that it doesn’t work so perfectly as it did back then? Do not worry, as everyone has been in that situation. Losing a few inches from your belly can be reasonably achievable with some easy-to-learn exercises for a thinner waist. The best advice for everyone wanting to strengthen their core muscles is to incorporate high-intensity workouts into their daily routine. A good choice would be to join power yoga Dubai-based classes. A stronger core will help you work your way towards toned abs and ultimately a thinner waist. After a few months of dedicated work, that old college dress will fit like a glove.

There is a long list of exercises for a thinner waist

When starting a new routine, the essential thing is appropriately understanding how it works and which group of muscles it affects. If your budget allows you, the best thing would be to hire a personal coach in Dubai to lead you on your fitness path. That way, you could get tailor-made advice on how to proceed with your workouts, what exercises to incorporate and which routines to avoid. However, there are plenty of exercises for a thinner waist that you can do at home, at your own pace. The list is a long one:

  • Heel touches
  • Toe touches
  • Triangle crunch
  • Starfish crunch
  • Donkey kick
  • Sideband with dumbbell

Heel touches are an excellent exercise for your abdominal muscles

To do this exercise, you should lie on your yoga mat. Bend your knees and extend your arms. Your palms should be facing out. Start by crunching your abdominal muscles to the left to touch your left heel. Return to the starting position. Now, turn your torso towards your right heel and touch it. Repeat 15-30 times, each side.

woman rolling a yoga mat
Some of the best exercises for a thinner waist require you to have only a yoga mat

Toe touches tone your lower abs

The starting position is like the one you take when doing heel touches. Lie on your back and extend your legs. Move your legs upright and slightly bend the knees. Now, reach with your arms to touch your toes, holding a dumbbell. Do it by lifting your shoulders off the ground. Repeat this exercise 15-30 times. You can do multiple repetitions if you want.

Triangle crunch is an excellent exercise for your obliques

The initial position for this exercise starts on your yoga mat. You should kneel on your right knee and place your right hand on the floor. Your left-hand goes behind your head, and your left leg should be extended touching the mat. When in this position, you should bring your left knee towards your left elbow. Hold for a few seconds and return to the initial position. After 15-30 repetitions, you can switch sides and repeat.

Starfish crunch is a perfect core exercise

To do this exercise, you need your yoga mat. Lie on it and make an X sign, extending your arms and legs. Now lift both your elbows and your knees, trying to meet them in one position. Hold for a few seconds and return to the initial pose. Repeat 15-30 times.

Donkey kick is excellent both for your abs and your glutes

This exercise is good for straitening the spine, as well. However, if you have back problems, you should seek advice from some female fitness trainers in Dubai. Put your palms and your knees on your yoga mat. Your hands should be in line with your shoulders. When in this position, raise your right leg keeping your knee bent. Make a kick with your leg. Your hips should remain grounded, and you should use your glutes to make the kick. Your neck and spine should be straight. Repeat 15-30 times.

woman doing excercises for thinner waist
Donkey kicks are an excellent exercise for your back as well as your core muscles and glutes

Sideband with a dumbbell is targeting your obliques

This exercise requires you to stand with your legs slightly apart, shoulder-length/ Take a hand weight dumbbell in your right hand with your palms facing your body. Bend to the right side, however far you can. Repeat 15-30 times, and then switch the dumbbell in your other hand. Now, work your left side the same way.

Few extra pieces of advice when doing exercises for a thinner waist

Before doing any activity, be sure to warm up your core. Keep on breathing correctly throughout the whole workout session. When you crunch, you should bread out. When you finish your routine, do a little bit of stretching. Accompany this session with cardio workouts, upper body, and lower body workouts. Introduce regular exercising at least three times a week. Drink plenty of water and eat healthily.

Regular exercise keeps you healthy

As mentioned above, there are plenty of exercises for a thinner waist. The key is to incorporate them into your daily routine and exercise a little every day. Doing a little bit of cardio will also be of great significance if you want to slim down. With the proper diet, cardio and a workout for your core, your belly will start to tone up. To get the best results, you can choose among Dubai female or male fitness trainers who can help you reach your goals. Putting yourself in the capable hands of trained professionals is sometimes the best way to reduce body fat and introduce regular physical activity into your everyday life.

woman smiling while excercising
Making healthy life choices puts a smile on your face

A strong core is paramount for a toned-up belly

Slimming down your waistline should be a product of constant and regular work on your core muscles. A strong core can help you achieve better balance and a better posture. Consulting a fitness expert or hiring a personal coach can be one way to master an efficient waistline routine. If you prefer to do it all by yourself, there are always good resources online that you can look for reference. If you keep your diet healthy and your cardio workouts regularly, introducing a few new exercises for a thinner waist should be a problem. The important thing is to listen to your body and do what best suits your physical condition. Your goals are perfectly achievable, but it takes time and commitment to reach them.


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