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    Just like younger people, seniors should also maintain an active lifestyle in order to remain fit and healthy. It carries a lot of benefits with it. And some of them are improved balance and strength. It will allow you to live a healthier life in your golden years. You will be able to walk more, travel and enjoy the life you’ve worked so hard to earn. So, in order to improve your overall health, you should look into exercises for seniors that will fit your current strength and ability. The range from really simple ones that you can do at home to more demanding ones that require a personal trainer in Dubai. Either way, you will feel a great improvement in your overall fitness.

    The importance of exercises for seniors

    There are many reasons why you should exercise regularly, no matter how old you are. The strength and vitality of the body play a major role in life expectancy. When you neglect your body, you are more likely to get sick, get outside less and socialize less. So, it’s very important to maintain your physical strength throughout your life. Even though old age prohibits you from doing more intense workouts, there are many exercises that will do wonders for you. If you have back pain, you can look into some of the best back pain exercises. And have a much easier time dealing with it. If you want to be able to walk more, you can start taking long walks in order to improve lower body strength.

    two seniors walking as part of exercises for seniors
    It is very important to stay healthy and fit even when you are a senior!

    They are also beneficial for the mind

    Exercises for seniors are not just beneficial for the body, but for the mind as well. As we grow old we tend to socialize less and close ourselves into our homes. We begin to lose balance and strength, and there is an ever greater chance of falling down. With regular exercise, you will not only get the strength needed to get out of the house. You will also get the much-needed self-confidence as well. You can start with walking exercises first. There are many benefits that come with it. Over time you will gain more balance and strength in your legs. And as you get stronger, your walks can get longer as well.

    Stretching exercises for seniors

    Stretching exercises are a great way to jump-start your body in the morning. It alleviates pain and makes you more agile and balanced. You can do some of them by yourself. But, for better results, you should find the best Pilates classes in Dubai and apply. Alongside physical benefits, it will also give you a great chance to socialize and meet new people. But, going out in public might be a tough first step. And you might want to start them by yourself. If so, here are some of the exercises for seniors that you can do at home.

    Upper back stretch

    One of the best ways to stretch your upper back is to begin seated with your shoulders relaxed. Then, extend your arms forward at shoulder height. Put your hand together and start pushing outwards. Make sure you are pulling your back and shoulders forward. Hold for about 10 seconds and release. You can repeat this a few times.

    Senior doing exercise
    Doing upper-back stretch can really help your backs!

    Sit and reach stretching

    This exercise is great for stretching your entire back. Sit relaxed on the edge of a stable chair. Extend your legs forward as long as you can while maintaining slightly bent knees. Make sure you keep your heels on the floor while keeping your toes in the air. Then, extend both arms and try to reach your toes. Slowly bend the waist while doing so. Hold that position for around 10 seconds and get some rest after it.

    Balance exercises for seniors

    It’s very important to maintain your balance no matter how old you are. But, as you get older your balance gets impeded. According to studies, good balance in one of the best ways of preventing falls when it comes to seniors. In order to improve it, there are many exercises for seniors that you can do. And here are some of them.

    Flamingo stand exercise

    For this exercise, you should stand with your feet pulled together and your arms hanging relaxed next to your body. If you find it hard to keep this position, you can hold on to a chair with one hand. Then, bend one knee in order to lift your foot slightly off the floor. Hold that position and try to balance on one leg. Hold up to 10 seconds and then switch to another leg. You can repeat this a few times. Just make sure you don’t overestimate your strength.

    Now add an extra challenge

    This next exercise is almost the same as the previous one, with one important change. Now, instead of having both of your arms free, one of them should be raised over your head. It will give an extra challenge of balancing on one leg. If you are standing on a left leg, make sure you raise your left arm and vice versa.  

    Other things to note when it comes to exercises for seniors

    Even though these exercises will improve your health, they are not always enough to maintain a fit body. Once you feel confident enough, you should start taking walks. And their length should increase as your strength increases. But, it’s important not to overestimate yourself. Walking in the park is great because there are many benches where you can sit and rest.

    old man walking on the beach
    Going for a walk can really help your health!

    Another important thing to have in mind is diet. No matter how fit you are and what exercises for seniors you are doing, you need to maintain a healthy diet. And that means avoiding greasy and heavy food, eating fruits and vegetables.

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